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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Yes, it is 'La Guerre'

The first I heard of the Charlie Hebdo atrocity was early this morning in my Salzburg hotel room. Travelling back today, it's clear that Europe is still on high alert. Amongst the French front-pages was the simple statement 'La Guerre' - War. Catching up now on the global reaction makes it clear that it IS war - a war between free thought and free speech and the primitive, savage bigotry of Islamists who would stifle all debate and resist all dialogue. The mass of cartoons featuring pens, pencils and brushes that are now everywhere make clear that our response, the enlightened West's response, is not to cry for blood but for ink. And this is absolutely right.

If there's one thing our own history has taught us - and by God we were slow learners - it is that you cannot extinguish the light of truth with blood and darkness. And whilst I am proud of the great mass of peoples across the globe now affirming a human right to speak and be heard, I am also shamed by the residual scum amongst us who even now would defend the Islamists in their slaughter.

If the lives of those who died yesterday at Charlie Hebdo are worth defending, then so also is the right to depict, ridicule, belittle, satirise and cartoon the 'prophet' Mohammed. Satire, and cartoons, even savage ones, are a sign of our societal health. Yes, they can hurt, but Islamists need to get used to it, and get over it. It isn't going to stop.


G. Tingey said...

And no metaphorical, printed or written mercy for the Quislings, either ... like those who have, up until very very recently crawled to avoid "offending" islamists - like the "Jesus & Mo" T-shirt affair, or the oppression (there is no other appropriate word)against atheist students, because some followers of Dar-Ages camelherders' myths might be "offended".

Ed P said...

Predictably La Harman spouted nonsense today. She epitomises all that's wrong-headed, appeasing and disgusting about the (slightly to the) left in Britain.

Cascadian said...

The major problem being "the residual scum amongst us who even now would defend the Islamists" include all the major politicians in the western world, most of their church leaders, a considerable number of luvvies in the major media, and your future king.

A complete purge of these appeasers is required to effect anything worthwhile. Which is why PEGIDA is being villified, they understand this.

And while I agree that Islam and mohammed must be mocked incessantly, lets remember that mohammed is now the most popular name in England and mocking will not be enough to win this war.

Gatherings waving pens and leaving ridiculous and ugly candle shrines and teddy bears define you as the weak horse. Nonsense spouted by the likes of camoron define you as the prancing pony.

When all is said and done, more will said than done-be prepared.

Anonymous said...

Cascadian's "horse" reference is indeed apposite. All this bollox about Islam being the religion of peace is just appeasement by the politically correct Westminster village idiots. Islam is dark-ages, brutal regime that rapes young girls and subjugates women. Any pleasant face that may appear is nothing but a "Trojan horse".

Coney Island

Ravenscar. said...

A sobering post Raedwald, and every word of it is correct.

Mohammedism, its followers only understand one thing - steel.

I may have said it before, I say it again - there can be no accommodation with the way of the Mohammedan, thus, either they conform to our ways or choose another country to live in. Oh and............ the other alternative - choose perpetual darkness.

Tcheuchter said...

Well said Ravenscar. Enough of this Islam & Muslims: it is Mohammedism and Mohammedans.

Budgie said...

Absolutely right, Raedwald, it is essential to be able to freely mock religions. For our own good and theirs. And atheists, of course, which is so easy to do anyway.

Anonymous said...

I yield to no one in my islamophobia. And yes, the Koran is a staggeringly stupid book.

But before we announce the next crusade let's see where these petty crims got radicalised, shall we?

Not in mosques, but in French jails, run by the French state.

Thud said...

A phobia is an irrational fear, nothing irrational in my dislike of Islam, not much fear too.I fear their will be increasing amounts of deaths until we take steps to preserve our lives and our loved ones.

Cascadian said...

Anon 21:36

You are surely not suggesting the French state radicalised the jihadis.

Therefore the criminals who radicalised the jihadis were radicalised WHERE?

Answer-the mosques.

G. Tingey said...

Thud is correct
All the others, vilifying all muslims, are just playing into the hands of the murderous loonies.
MOST muslins are identical to most christians - talking to non-existent BigSkyFairy & (mostly, thank you Douglas Adams) harmless ...

Then there are the others, for whom no punishment can be swift & terrible enough - but - get it right, distinguish one from the other.
After all, quakers are christians, so are OSD & was Jean Calvin.

Anonymous said...

This is the consequence of our "political correctness" where no-one is allowed to be offended no matter how funny or light-hearted it is meant to be.

PC originated in the USSR where they thought that once they had controlled the way people think they were half-way there !

Rush is Right said...

"...I am proud of the great mass of peoples across the globe now affirming a human right to speak and be heard..."

Oh yeah? I think the pass was sold a long time ago. That bloke who got locked up a few months ago for quoting Churchill, and that woman on the bus who was arrested for "hate crime" for letting go on the bus were victims of laws that were designed to suppress their human right to speak and be heard.

All this posturing from Cameron and so on is just hot air. I want to see these laws repealed.

Cascadian said...

Awwwwww.....ain't that cute, one of the jihadists is associated with Finsbury Park mosque.

Nothing to see here, they are just misunderstood boys.

David camoron....."It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life"..spit.

DeeDee99 said...

Across the West, the response may well have been to pick up the pen.

Most of the media gave their response in cartoons.

But they did not reprint the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and they did not print cartoons satirising Islam and "the prophet."

Until they do, I'm afraid the Islamists will have succeeded in stifling free speech. And our cowardly political class encourage the appeasement by taking the line that we non-Muslims mustn't be "provocative."

Free speech is ALWAYS provocative - to people who deny the right to free speech.

Anonymous said...

Go to Steyne on line there you will see a crusader of free speech.

Anonymous said...

As "top" politician Nick Clegg stated...

We don't have a right to be "not offended".

He should know, he has offensively inflicted his presence on us for far too long...

But we must remain calm at such times.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to differentiate between cowardly murdering pigs and "moderate" "peaceful" muslims
until I see some clear water between them.

All we are getting is mealy mouthed condemnation and an obscene attempt to portray islam as somehow a victim in this.

We are at war. Sadly we have a Vichy government.

john cheshire said...

I think a lot of muslims are going to have to die before this war is over.

G. Tingey said...

So - you can't tell the difference between a quaker & a member of OSD, then?

haddock said...

I think that if you can see no difference between the muslim sky fairy and the Christian sky fairy it is you that is the 'wanker' ( although I would have used the word 'fuckwit' instead )

Anonymous said...

G Tingey ejaculated.....

Stick to muslims, they are the ones shooting, decapitating and blowing up people at the moment.

I had no idea the Quakers were such a radical sect but feel sure that they would have been more outward and visible in their condemnation if some of their members commited such atrocities.

As Haddock points out you are indeed a fuckwit , but as you are this site's historic old resident fuckwit I shouldn't expect you to change.

You're not George Galloway are you?