Sunday, 15 February 2015

Five reasons to welcome driverless cars

  • Being able to visit country pubs again and get bladdered; for the trip home, just lay back and turn up the volume on REM

  • Collecting and delivering the Mother-In-Law on Christmas Day; on December 25th the roads will be crowded with little old ladies in DCs heading for their turkey

  • Collecting your 16 year old daughter from her rave at 3am on a wet and cold winter morning. Stay in bed.

  • An ageing population with deteriorating eyesight but from a generation used to motoring independence; imagine Clarkson at 85. DCs would allow them to stay on the road, albeit at a fraction of their former speed

  • Sending the dog to the vets. With the prospect of your Patterdale terrier overtaking a prune-wrinkled and half blind Jeremy Clarkson on the south circular.


Anonymous said...

You forgot getting in to a DC, issuing it with one's destination and have the machine inform you that this particular destination is not allowed today, the government has already decided that the area is too crowded... (or some such)...

Traffic shaping?

So yes many advantages, but handing ones itinerary and reasons to travel to a central database (probably), and run by government is bound to be strewn with hazards.

Mark said...

Don't confuse a driverless car that would be of use to you as a private, freedom loving citizen with what is being hyped to the skies at present.

What is intended is the control freak wet dream: You won't own these things yourself (I suspect it would probably be illegal) and they will only go on the approved "smart" roads.

I could write volumes on the specific restrictions likely but think of intentions for the "smart house" which monitors every microwatt you use and reports your "sins", switching off devices as it sees fit and you're probably nearer the mark.

A true driverless car will come I'm sure, but I strongly suspect that by the time it does, it will be too late.

Budgie said...

Hmm, Right_writes and Mark are both nearer the nasty truth, I think, than your whimsical picture, Raedwald. Already money is spent on traffic management rather than the roads themselves.

Anoneumouse said...

A perfect unmanned 'car bomb' delivery platform.

wacky akbar

mikebravo said...

The car would be fitted with alcohol detectors which would lock the doors and deliver you to the police station. Drunk in charge of a vehicle - Huge fines and not allowed inside your own vehicle again.
Lovely brave new world!

Mr Ecks said...

Driverless cars will turn private vehicles into public transport so far as state control goes.

You should drink less and think more Raedwald.

Anonymous said...

25% of Bradford's cars are already driverless............or is that 25% drive without a licence?

Dave_G said...

A boom for car jackers - simply stand in the road to impede its progress then mug the occupants.

G. Tingey said...

The "bomb" scenarios are already not on - or no different to a present-day carjacking, so forget that one.
So, they are "public transport" - so what?
Got a problem with that?
If so, why?
NOTE: I live in London, so although I own & drive a car ( A proper Land-Rover ) I also use public transport a lot ... something wrong with that, again?
If so, please specify.

Mr Ecks said...

Public transport is controlled by the scum of the state Tingey. They want to lock you down they just shut it down.

If the pukes control private cars they can track your every movement (much better than the ANPR cam crap) and they can shut down the driverless network(--like in the "Minority Report" movie). If there is somewhere they don't want you going--like a protest or a rally--or something they don't want you to see--lo and behold you can't get there--possibly openly ie lockdown --or covertly. Traffic is too heavy so you just can't get there.

Use your loaf.

English Pensioner said...

Any Muslims killed by security forces should be wrapped in pigskin and have their mouths stuffed with bacon before being buried in an unmarked grave.
In their eyes this would stop them going to paradise, and thus remove any suicide incentives.

Rossa said...

If a DC is involved in a crash due to the technology failing who is liable? If you're laid back with your eyes shut listening to REM I guess you'd check out feeling good if nothing else!