Tuesday, 17 February 2015

TV luvvies sneer at the rest of us

The past week has seen our screens used by two quite separate pieces of political agitprop, neither of sufficient quality to have made it to the national schedule had we not been in a pre-election period. It's the metropolitan luvvies trying desperately to swing the vote for the dying incumbent parties, but managing only to sneer at the rest of us in the process.

The production of J.K.Rowling's The Casual Vacancy had all the high production values of Midsomer Murders - using the glories of the rural home counties in Summer as the star that supports the storyline. TV luvvies always set anything in the country in July. It preserves the Guardianista view of the country as a golden idyll polluted only by industrial farmers growing two-headed cows in factory sheds. This was easy on the eye and easier on the brain; a competent, simple morality tale for fourteen year-olds with two dimensional characterisation and every cultural stereotype in the book. It did a decent job of sneering at everyone who isn't a member of the metropolitan political class; Council tenants were thieves and skagheads, white van man was a thug, the middle classes were grovellingly aspirational and the upper classes predatory bottom feeders. 
Sneer factor:  ***

UKIP: The first 100 days by contrast was almost comedic; there were moments that had me laughing at the sheer, blatant ineptitude of the editing of a collage of old news clips with low-budget filler. At first I thought it was a Brass Eye type self-parody at the output of a not-terribly-capable production team, but then realised it was in reality the best output that a not-terribly-capable production team* could produce. The storyline was risible, the characterisation clumsy and parodic, with little depth and zero quality. It was the sort of thing that at any time other than a pre-election would make it no further than a 3pm slot on Dave. 
Sneer factor:  *****

*Channel 4 is coy on this - saying only it was produced by the same people as Cyberbully. Raw TV was the production company behind Cyberbully - a production house whose output is usually low-grade digital channel fodder on aliens, yeti and 'natural mysteries', with some karaoke tapes thrown in. Raw TV IMDB entry.


DeeDee99 said...

Breitbart has found that Chris Atkins, the director of the anti-UKIP propaganda piece aired on Channel 4 yesterday, is up before Southwark Crown Court on Friday answering a charge of Tax Fraud.

Says it all really .....

I doubt if Channel 4 will be including a story about that in its daily left-wing propaganda hour laughingly called Channel 4 News.


Bill Quango MP said...

I watched a bit of it. But it looked as if the jokes would be few, and the plot a meandering tour.

And I'd watched that Where are Tony Blair's expenses. That wasn't funny either.

I think C4 have lost the ability to make really good parody.

They never really replaced Rory Bremner. And although his show became very tired, much of the lines and content were very sharp.

C4 seem to lack the 'thick of it' style talent for political satire.

Anonymous said...

I still can't get over Welby saying he was a 'follower of Karl Marx'! Marx was a piss head who leached off his rich friend (Engels) - and he never did an honest days work in his life.

His bullshit ideology led directly to Communism, another death cult that's killed over 100 million worldwide.

And what about "Die Religion ... ist das Opium des Volkes", or in English: Religion is the opium of the people, so Mark wrote in 1843.

You really, really couldn't make this stuff up. Fucking world's gone mad.


the doctor said...

I am watching this" Programme " at the moment , I ,as an ethicist . have never seen such an unethical product on TV . It borders on incitement to violence against a legal British political party .
Channel Four should be taken off the air and the producers of this programme prosecuted
I am not a UKIP member .

Cascadian said...

Or you could lodge an official complaint with Ofcom, Guido has the link.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

It's actually quite heartening that the establishment is going to such lengths to smear UKIP.

It shows they are rattled.