Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bent Bent Bent

Of course we all knew damn well that the political class had hidden almost completely a sordid, evil and utterly perverted sex scandal at the heart of the establishment. We all knew at least some of the actors - such as the truly evil and loathsome Greville Janner, who was bitch-slapped by FM Ld Brammel in the Lords in '06. We knew because Simon Regan had published enough detail in Scallywag in the early 90s - not always accurate, and not always the right names - to convince us that there was a stench at the heart of the State. 

And of course we knew that plod, the spooks, the DPP, the Lord Chancellor, the Home Secretary and a score of senior civil servants who also knew all about the disgusting and wicked practices of the perverts had acted to cover it up, hide it, deny it and bury it - and make sure that Simon Regan was either silenced or discredited. They had all conspired in the murder of at least one rent-boy, so they were capable of anything. 

But we were powerless. We are powerless. They were and are bent and ruthless in protecting their self interest. With bent cops and bent spooks in their pockets, we are powerless against their depredations - there is no-one who will act for us, no-one who will protect us from their corrupt ire. 

I have no faith that this latest little bubble of publicity originating from within the Met will produce any results - the Cabinet Secretary, the man probably responsible for halting Chilcot, is rumoured to be trying his utmost to freeze this current enquiry. They will always protect eachother. 

But we know


Anonymous said...

I expect that the "charges" brought yesterday are probably like those old "institutionally racist" charges.

Designed to make it look like something is being done.

Meanwhile as you say, no stone will be left unturned ensuring that the culprits will never be "up before the beak".

In the same way that they would like us all to cringe when UKIP or Nigel Farage is mentioned, we are all supposed to be revolted by his patriotism... Far better to be inclusive and hand our affairs to a foreign power...

And he is the enemy... Apparently.

DeeDee99 said...

I predict that a few names will be thrown to the press. But only those who are safely dead and buried and who therefore can't reveal the names of the others.

I don't doubt that one dead Prime Minister is one of the paedophiles protected.

Anonymous said...

Are we referring to a well known traitor here DeeDee?

Anonymous said...

My usual blogging position is to defend fellow police officers-but not this time.
Any police officers who have covered up for these perverts should be prosecuted to the follow extent of the law.They have blackened all our names.
I do agree with the poster above that this enquiry will be a whitewash as it will undermine the establishment.

Anonymous said...

You link to a blog which constantly tells us, "there is nothing to see here".

Whereas, in British public schools for the prefects, "having a fag" - I thought it was compulsory.

No smoke without fire - eh?

And any Cambridge blue boys alumni they [even a cottaging PM] they were all at it - Ted and his mates.

Budgie said...

Social workers in the late 1980s and in the 1990s went after innocent parents, removing children from their homes. This occurred all over the UK: Nottingham, Rochdale and Orkney being the best known examples then. Of course they still do, and try to cover up when they blunder by imposing gagging orders, and using the secret family court.

The then allegations were later proved false but it did immense damage, not only to the families and children involved, but also to trust within families in the whole of the UK. The anti-family section of the establishment, by insinuating that ordinary biological parents were culprits, used this as a smokescreen to hide their own ongoing abuses of children and the abuses that went on in social worker run children's homes.

Unfortunately we have seen the establishment protect its own: corrupt politicians; incompetent LGOs; irresponsible bankers; politically motivated social workers; rotten police; its pet pc policies. I suspect, like others here, that we will get a token few prosecutions but not a proper clean up. No doubt "lessons will be learned" and all will go on as before.

Anonymous said...

No doubt "lessons will be learned" and all will go on as before.

Bulls eye.

G. Tingey said...

Yeah - safely dead, you've got it.

The police officers who did try to uncover this were threatened - even now, speaking to the Beeb (see below) he (?) has done so through intermediaries, feared of Official Secrets' Act prosecution.
I presume you mean the "Senior" officers who covered up - who will probably be safely dead by now?

Sickening but true.

Meanwhile, everyone, two small points.
1. Who has gone public with this?
The reviled BCC, that's who!
2. Who was actually in charge when Smith was arrested & then released & the cover-up made?
M Thatcher, that's who!

Now what?

Mr Ecks said...

Before the triumph of hysteria is complete it is most likely that this is all as big a pile of bollocks as the Jimmy Savile caper.

I stand second to no one in my hatred of the HOC and the scum within but really--MP's murdering children at parties and it all being covered up for decades?. Horseshit. This is the kind of cock that used to circulate in the Middle Ages about Jews stealing and eating babies or throwing them down wells. The great anti-religionist Tingey should at least be able to recognise the parallels.

All of this horseshit is a crazy snowball set loose by Radfem Marxist liars . Remember the Satanic Panic of 25 years ago?. Which 25 years after ruining the lives of assorted UK families was finally assessed on the basis of the evidence as absolutely without foundation--ie not only no "Satanism" but no child abuse either.

The femmis set off the Savile panic (knowing that legions of attention seeking nutters, celeb-sucking loonies and ordinary gold-digging psychopaths would come forward to keep it going). The CPS set off the Old Men from TV trials and failed miserably at first because they put up nutters without first ensuring that there were no inconvenient facts that could be checked against the nutters/gold diggers stories. After Roche it looked like Yewtree was heading down the pan--so they brought in Sasha Wass and all the CPS top female con-artists and it was made sure only "he said/she said" tales were told along with lots of emotion-based legal theatre to ensure convictions.

And now the femmis have developed a head of steam to crash their bandwagon into the HOC --with the same standards of evidence-free/ accusations only please bollocks. The HOC is already replete with self-serving attention seeking scum who will stab the rest in the back to advance themselves in the public eye. And the girlies will be the real winners. Why do you think the ugly fish-faced hag Theresa May has been peddling tough-talking tinpot tyranny and snooping in the media. Because, she thinks, she can establish herself as Thatcher 2 (as fucking if) once all the men are smeared/discredited by false accusation or guilt by association.

Yes--MPS are thieves, arrogant traitors and tinpot tyranny wannabes--but attendees at and participants in baby murder parties?. Bull-fucking-shit.

Budgie said...

Mr Ecks, I disagree that "the Satanic Panic of 25 years ago" is the equivalent of today's accounts of (covered up) child abuse by some members of the establishment. I Have already pointed out that the satanic "allegations were later proved false", but it seems very likely that some of the current allegations will prove true. That is a distinction with a very definite difference.

Budgie said...

G Tingey,

1. The people who have gone public are the victims and those helping them, including MPs.
2. The BBC could hardly help reporting this like many other news organisations have; in any case it deflects from the BBC's own complicity in enabling Savile and others in their employ to continue abuse.
3. If you have any actual evidence that M Thatcher suppressed any of this, I suggest you take it to the police; otherwise you are just washing your dirty prejudices in public.

Mr Ecks said...

Let the allegations be "investigated" by all means Budgie. But not by the Yewtree gang under the supervision of the hate-filled Radfems who comprise the Board of the NSPCC (along with a token mangina or two.

The allegations of Satanic abuse were not properly investigated --by proponents of reason--until long after the families accused had been broken up. The amount of bullshit now in the air will make it difficult to truly investigate anything. The radfems don't want logic and reason and evidence--those are evil and patriarchal--they want unqualified belief of accusations with zero regard for objective truth (again something evil and patriarchal and non-Marxist).

G. Tingey said...

Women who want to be treated as equals.
Sorry, not buying that one.

Certainly in the Orkney case, the original totally false allegations were made by members of a competing christian sect, to denigrate their "opponents" - & they had "Inside help in the local "authorities" at the time.

Well, the suppression of evidence must have come from a very high level indeed, mustn't it?
Now then, whom?

Budgie said...

Indeed Mr Ecks, I am very bitter about the snatching of allegedly abused children from innocent families by social workers which occurred in the early 1990s. The destruction of innocent families has continued since with social worker excesses, gagging orders and the secret Court of Protection, as Christopher Booker reports.

Budgie said...

G Tingey, would you care to substantiate your allegation "Certainly in the Orkney case, the original totally false allegations were made by members of a competing christian sect ..."?

It appears from my research that one small child from the "W" family (whose father had been jailed 4 years before for actual physical abuse) made comments which were taken up by social workers, among them Liz Maclean. From Wiki (similar to other sources): "Liz McLean, the social worker who led the interviews with the children, had also been involved in the 1990 Rochdale "Satanic Abuse" case. She was later sharply criticised by Lord Clyde in the official inquiry into the South Ronaldsay case, and in another investigation into similar allegations in Ayrshire."

I have not so far found any evidence that "members of a competing Christian sect" were responsible specifically for the Orkney case.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

In fairness to Tingey the entire "Satanic panic" was indeed got up by American lunatic born-again Christian nut-jobs. Why that bloody nonsense ever got off the ground should be a mystery to anyone who is capable of rational thought. But the Westminster paedo ring.. there is something to it, just like the Kincora scandal in Ulster. I wouldn't put it past elements of the deep state to use things like this to control people... "You'd better do as we say, old boy... wouldn't want this to come out, would ypu?"

Mr Ecks said...

Christian nut-jobs started the sacrificed babies trope/tripe--but radfems picked up and ran with the sex abuse angle. Commenter IanB is the man to read on this.

Tingey--if you think radfems= women who want to be equal--then you know so little about the topic you should stop commenting.

Anonymous said...



John M said...

I am rather curious that on one hand the Police agreed after "a bit of shouting at us" decided to drop all investigations and evidence of the alleged habitual noncing of Cyril Smith "because they told us to" and on the other hand that same organistation is steadfastly refusing to stop building and dismantle it's ID Database despite a number of rulings by the European Court some two years later!

I guess you pick your battles eh? Perhaps the spooks from the ministry should shout at them about dismantling the illegal database?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Rotten coppers eh?

They were and are bent and ruthless in protecting their self interest.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? clearly the UK public sector falls well short of what we really should reasonably expect in terms of determined rooting out of wrongdoing. Operation Countryman comes to mind - there are still a few honest and principled coppers out there. Time to task them with a cull and bang up the worst offenders?

O/T but relevant I think - I just re-watched Panorama's 2012 ITV Digital expose - Murdoch simply used what was there - News International aren't the problem - it's the utterly rotten state of the public sector that's the problem. Where there's no consequences for badness - badness "bent-ness" if you like - becomes a "norm"....

Anonymous said...

O/T but relevant I think - I just re-watched Panorama's 2012 ITV Digital expose - Murdoch simply used what was there - News International aren't the problem - it's the utterly rotten state of the public sector that's the problem. Where there's no consequences for badness - badness "bent-ness" if you like - becomes a "norm"....

Well said the tortoise on the fence and God [sorry Tingey] I hope you are correct in stating that, there are a few good coppers left - I will not dispute your assertion, all I will say - is that the evidence for it imho is scant.

G. Tingey said...

Yes, well, that is always a problem for any government or system anywhere isn't it?
One that has never really been satisfactorily resolved, as far as I can see.

But, you really think the "private" sector doesn't have its equal nasties?
Oh dear, how naive.

See your original quote, in fact.

Budgie said...

SW, Yes I do know that the USA origins of the panic were American Christian fundamentalists.

However I was asking about G Tingey's specific claim that "Certainly in the Orkney case, the original totally false allegations were made by members of a competing christian sect ..."

The reports in this case appear to me to indicate one small coerced child and out of control social workers, were the proximate cause, not "a competing christian sect".

Anonymous said...

If Mrs Thatcher had tried to supress this, someone in the Civil Service would have leaked it. It is much more likely to be senior Civil Servants and senior police officers protecting their friends. This is being stirred up now by the BBC and the Labour Party, probably in the hope of smearing the Conservative Party close to a general election. If the Labour Party win the election, all this will die down. Look out for a major exposure at the end of April.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

"always a problem for any government or system anywhere isn't it?
One that has never really been satisfactorily resolved, as far as I can see."

I dunno - not in any particular order:

Decimation in the Roman military sense.
Mutilation after the Byzantine fashion.
Admiral Byng?

and quite a few other examples are out there - "tutting" - is a cop out, a cowardly surrender to to the forces of the bent bullies.

We have a chronic condition - it won't be cured but it sure as hell can be mitigated with the correct treatment.