Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Child Protection: Another step backwards

We have commented before that more rigorous requirements in respect of child protection do not result in better effort or increased professionalism amongst those primarily charged with delivery, but merely to more tax money being thrown at the matter. Councillors, when faced with prosecution and prison if they fail to protect children, will simply transfer to this service all the money they can from libraries, roads, street lighting, refuse collection, street sweeping, parks and every other available budget. You know they will. And when voters complain about broken suspensions from running into potholes in the pitch dark, they will blame the government. 

Two of local government's greatest problems are that it's being run by the wrong people and it's too big and not democratic enough. The wrong people are the Common Purpose snouts in the trough self-serving freemasonry of Council bosses who segue seamlessly from one golden hello to another as they stuff their mouths with public gold. The wrong size and shape because Councils are now just a branch of central government; Whitehall tells them what to do. The Town Hall is now little more than a branch office of the DCLG. Decision taking is restricted by law to 10 councillors - the ten who will face prosecution under Cameron's new law. 

So now even more resources that could be used for real child protection will be used primarily for councillor, officer and social worker protection - for every worker in the field will be two on a review panel to ensure due diligence, with even more undertaking bottom line scrutiny and oversight, all geared at keeping Councillor Jobsworthy out of the dock. 

Richard North has the most convincing answer - the serial abusers, whose mugshots resemble those taken of rednecks in the states of the deep south in the 1920s to illustrate congenital birth defects and low intelligence from inbreeding, come predominantly from one ethno-cultural-linguistic cohort. Rotherham could do worse than recruit its next PCC from the senior ranks of the Indian Police Service well versed in dealing with such badmashes.  


DeeDee99 said...

Unfortunately, thanks to the HRA and our liberal Establishment, an Indian PCC will not be able to apply the right tactics in dealing with these inbred, Pakistani thugs.

Anonymous said...

Pandora's box, we all wanted to see the contents.

Society, awash with lies and half truths and political nobodies tell us it's all getting so much better while kids go off to behead people in some fly blown desert - "at least we have a cause" they bellow!

Dystopia and this is what happens when the vestige of social fabric and society is disappeared and very deliberately done at that.

In the end, perhaps it's better if the Salafist does take over, at least then in Sharia, there will be a form, a type of order.

Our so called authorities are clueless or complicit - which is it?

Indian, Sikh coppers with working knowledge of Punjabi, Kashmiri - a good idea.

Fundamentally this is a policing problem or lack of it.

Where the police have virtually given up on patrolling in Paki areas.
Coppers, need to get to know an area and all the bad arses in it, pimples and all, policing needs to be in their faces - literally. Coppers need to do some lots of leg work - that's what local intelligence is, not sitting behind some screen seeking hate crime thoughts on twitter. Problem is, the police force is too, utterly feminized and politically correct, equality fixated, crime stats beholden, to know which way is up - these days.

Ala the NHS with patient care. Until some bod in social services is made to be directly responsible for each child - a named charge assigned to a social worker, and all those senior to the lowest bod are thus linked to said named child. So that, when they have team meetings with line managers and discuss the requirements and needs of individually named children, they actually know and 'feel' their charges. Also contacts with, liaising with schools and headmasters and police if necessary.
Until, Social work will be just box ticking and totally a waste of time, therein an inanity of bureaucratic inertia and pointless effort.

Kids in care - in homes, need 24/7 supervision by people who know and respect kids, these children need watching like hawks would and should, a curfew to be imposed if necessary and transport to be made only by approved drivers who are preferably not local paki taxi drivers.
Guardians and 'parents' need to be shown how to take responsibility for their own lives and children.

None of the above will accrue and the problem will just go unnoticed and underground again and the abuse and serial grooming will carry on as per usual. because as a collective, the commonality has vanished.

Plus - as a society we don't regard, are solicitous of and respect kids enough. Alas but wider society has been ordered off - keeping a watchful eye on kids, a paranoia instilled by authority - ironically and fears of paedophilia have pushed young kids into the arms of the paedophiles.

Moral relativism, a hackneyed term but when society collapses who could be at all surprised? When all public probity and upright conduct in the public sphere has vanished: honesty and diligence actually are frowned upon.

A lack of focus on societal coherence, comportment - particularly demur behaviours of any sort.

The nadir is nigh and panem et circenses is all there is left.

Raedwald said...

Yep Sikh coppers - or even better, Gurkha coppers complete with Kukris - to patrol the present 'no go' areas, with turban-cams to refute the inevitable lies ....

Anonymous said...

Gurkhas doing some effective and proper police work?

Aye to that.

In certain areas and it would negate and silence the liberal twitterati "racist" refrain.

Anonymous said...

Any solutions coming from the architects of 'modern Britain' will be piecemeal and thus ineffective.

And in any case.

The followers of Muhammad in the West Midlands will go into full self-determination mode in about 20 years.


Something like "we don't need no stinkin' democracy, inshallah" will be heard in the streets of those old English mill towns.

That is all.


Ed P said...

Joanna Lumley, the Ghurkas' champion, could be the figurehead to make this happen. Is she on twatter? Perhaps someone could suggest it to her.

Anonymous said...

Ed P said @ 20:17

'Joanna Lumley, the Ghurkas' champion, could be the figurehead to make this happen. Is she on twatter? Perhaps someone could suggest it to her.'

Been to Aldershot lately?


john cheshire said...

One thing that would benefit us all would be to sack all social(ist) workers. They are not needed and probably do more harm than good.