Monday, 30 March 2015

Ed speaks to the global corporates

Ed has taken four pages of the FT to speak Milibollox to the boards and shareholders of the global corporates, those mega-businesses behind the EU, to tell them that an EU referendum may be disadvantageous to their business aims. 

Had he actually wanted to speak to the UK's SMEs and micro enterprises, drivers of economic growth and innovation, he would have taken space in the Mail, Telegraph or Express. But then of course these businesses are all opposed to the EU. 

So it's just a clear punt to the globals to support a Labour/SNP coalition, then. Good. Glad that's clear. 


G. Tingey said...

Couldn't possibly have real actual DEMOCRACY
i.e. an referendum, could we?

cuffleyburgers said...

Trouble is Greg, as things are we would almost certainly lose a referendum.

What we need is a government that understands free markets, Adam Smith and so on, and none of the parties on offer, including UKIP show any sign of this.

The least bad, by some distance, seems to be Call me Dave's dismal tories - far from perfect, but probably open to persuasion. ANd least likely to F*ck the country up completely in the mean while.

THe others? Forget it.

Anonymous said...

As Marine Le Pen said when interveiwed recently "there is no 'left' or 'right', there are nationalists and globalists."

The 21st Century, writ large.


Dave_G said...

Making broad claims (assumptions) with no basis in fact or evidence to support them is typical of politicians today - made worse by media acceptance of such b0ll0x with nairy a comment on its validity.

Whatever happened to investigative reporters?

Anonymous said...

Dave_G said @ 15:28

'Whatever happened to investigative reporters?'

A. The Internet.

.. saves on shoe leather, hotel bills, travel costs, accuracy, etc.