Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Two stories, little comment

The first story, about Islamist dog Choudhary, sees him telling British Muslims that voting and democracy are unislamic and they should refrain.

The second is that the overwhelming majority of British voters believe that Islam is not compatible with British values.

One can't really add much more to that.


Anonymous said...

We've been here before and there is no such entity, it is an absurdity to cobble British and Muslim in the same phrase - these are together incompatible and thus 'British' and 'Muslim' are not mutually applicable.
Muslims born in Britain are not by the fact of their birthplace marked as British, and are deemed thus only by the state not by their parents and creed.

Muslim society in Britain is set apart, it is insular and absolutely is not part of Britain in actuality. Muslims do not wish to integrate - no matter what the political claque will tell you, for the real truth of it is explosive - politically speaking and the authorities know it.
What money is generated in Pakis ghettoes is kept within their enclaves. Most wealth is generated by property dealing and fast food, but the biggest cash earners are peddling drugs, and young white girls sold as prostitutes - and ferried about Britain in 'legal' taxis - fact. All profits are recycled in 'the Muslim community' - very little if any comes back over the divide.Thus the Muslim enclaves remain almost totally removed from Britain but in Britain.
And like leeches, they suck us dry, taxpayers pump in benefits, they take advantage of free schools, housing, child benefit. All bolstered, cemented and augmented across the country by councils who falling over themselves to maintain 'the difference' viva DIVERSITY and MULTICULTURALISM'!!!

"Render unto Caesar" is anathema to a Muslim, they see it as everything is their's by rights because God deems it and Britain be fucked.

Period, there is nothing else to say.

Anonymous said...

Good and good, to both points.

Coney Island

Sackerson said...

There was a time when (some) Christians were the same. It's not about religion per se, it's about Puritanism. Plenty of Muslims in Britain are glad to be away from the looneytune fundamentalist-run countries they fled. Ditto in the US.

DeeDee99 said...

I'd be quite happy if they didn't vote.

I'm more concerned about the effects when they do .... ie Tower Hamlets.

Sebastian Weetabix said...


Conspicuous by their silence, aren't they? It is almost as though they are merely quiescent.

I do wonder about all those politicians shouting 'no islam to see here' at every opportunity. Are they really that stupid? Or are they just sticking their fingers in their ears shouting la-la-la because they have no fucking clue what to do about the mess they made, and are just hoping we don't end up with a civil war in 2050?

Ed P said...

But Saint Tony of Blair deliberately brought these people into Britain to vote for his party.

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Budgie said...

Not all immigrants are Muslim by a long way. Putting the problem of Islamic extremists to one side for the moment, and disregarding the passive support that can be given by their "peaceful" community, the two problems with immigration are: numbers, and multiculturalism. As Raedwald says the immigrants are not to blame; it is our establishment politicians. So we need to cut and control the numbers (by leaving the EU), and insist on integration by banning multiculturalism.

Cuffleyburgers said...

What budgie said.

Thud said...

It would be nice if Choudhary thought breathing was unislamic.

Anonymous said...

And what about those "leaders" who state that they reckon that they will be the "kingmakers" after the election when they tell their muslim-elected MPs which coalition to back?