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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bent Bastard Rahman OUT

Well, right and justice came good in the end and bent Pakistani crook Rahman has been kicked out of the Mayorality of Tower Hamlets, with the election to be re-run.

Meanwhile, Islamist Dog Anjem Choudary claims that voting is un-Islamic and that all Moslem voters are 'apostates'. It's unclear which part of their anatomy Mr Choudhary wants to chop off in punishment for their participation in democracy, but you can take it this Jihadist nutjob is under close surveillance. I strongly defend the rights of Moslem electors to cast their legitimate votes honestly and without fear of intimidation.

All in all, a decent turn for equity and democracy all round.


Anonymous said...

I don't associate with Muhammadans, they disturb my English-ness. My English springer spaniel concurs.


Anonymous said...

Agree with all you say R - maybe.

Fat chance of a devout Muslim voting for UKIP.

Fascism, Socialism, Statism, Islamism, the EU - someone explain, what is the difference between any of these political nightmares?

With all my being, I cast a weary eye and with innate cynicism.

For, I cannot think that any cross on a ballot paper is a vote freely given with the eastern creed in mind.

A vote pencilled in, is not an individual choice but done the way of how the patriarchs and Theocrats have instructed ie vote labour-Tory-Lib' because they are virtually given over to dhimmitude.

Across inner London, in towns such as; Dewsbury, Blackburn, Leicester, inner Birmingham, Coventry, Reading, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford - vote Labour get Islam and that's the way it's going to be in the future.

Most towns in England will be Muslim ghettoised slums given over to the Nihilism of the 'year zero' zealots and Sharia: kangaroo courts and summary justice.

That's no future, this Rahman thing is a small victory and one the authorities did only because they could see no other option.

Because, if the established [LiblavCON-London-HMG-Police] authorities could have had their way - just like they tried to in Rotherham, attempted and local council policy. All they wanted, to cover it up, hushed up and smiling, "nothing to see here" - just ordinary everyday goings in Pakistan or, Bangladesh..................or Tower Hamlets - same difference.

Cull the Badgers said...

Let's hope that authorities will look elsewhere now for irregularities. The Bradford West parliamentary constituency comes to mind as a maybe.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Choudary: Muslims shouldn't vote, just as they shouldn't eat pork. They can do what they like in their club. It's when they force their choice on the rest of us it gets my goat.

Anonymous said...

Lutfur is a Bangladeshi not a Pakistani - a difference that makes no difference maybe... The extent of Livingstone and Galloway's support for him should also come within the ambit of any further enquiries.

G. Tingey said...

Actually a sufi or an ismalil could easily vote for UKIP, but then you wouldn't know the difference, would you, moron?
Looke, muslims are just like christians... they are all loonies, but most of them are harmless.
It's like saying there's no difference between a Quaker & an OSD of the "holy office".

G. Tingey said...

I note from the "ES" post that was linked, that Rahman was/is a solicitor ... nothing, ever so dangerous as a bent lawyer, eh?

Anonymous said...

I always know when I've yanked tingey's chain, generously does he dole out the insults.

I'll tell you what tingey me old fruit and nut case, when the sword of Islam cleaves, it will little matter whose hand wields the scimitar.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it: Tingley is occasionally on the button, but mostly he's barmy. He's a cyclist after all and when he last fell on his head he got up raving.

Listen Tingley old chum, the problem isn't with the nutters - sure, all religions have 'em. The problem is what the ordinary co-religionist in the street thinks about them. Most (protestant & nonconformist - but outside Northern Ireland) Christians think that Christian nutters are - well - nutters. Most Hindus or Buddists think that their nutters are, well so as to speak, nutters. The problem with Muslims is that the average Muslim in the street (like the ordinary Irish Catholic or Irish Protestant, for that matter) agrees with their co-religionist nutters.

Just because it is barmy believing in the BSF doesn't always mean that the lunacy extends to blowing yourself and/or other folk up, or butchering them out of hand. That isn't just bonkers, it is evil, wicked, or whatever term you apply.

And look, Tingley old chum. We Anons aren't just one bloke - we're legion!

Anonymous said...

Anon 15:07 - spot on, absolutely spot on.

We are Legion!

G. Tingey said...

I am also a walker & a car-driver * a train & very occasionally a bus user.
Actua;;y, sine my loopy loacl authority stated a "cyclist-friendly" traffic mios-management scheme here - guess what - I'm cycling a lot less. (! - or not as the case may be )

Othe anon
So, it soean't matter whather you are facing a Quaker, a member of the OSD ore a USiAn shristion Dominionist with a gun, eh?
I suggest you think again.