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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The UKIP Water Vote

After a few glorious days up on Europe's roof I was negotiating the adrenaline-pumping hairpins of the Wurzenpass with a new Slovenian chum. The news broke last week that Heineken had bought Slovenian brewer Pivovarna Lasko and I asked whether he feared a loss of local beers in favour of the Dutch factory stuff. "It's not about the beer. Heineken wanted the water - Lasko have access to brewing water sources that Heineken can use without treatment in all its other plants" came the surprising response. Europe faces a coming water shortage; the Alps, source of much of Europe's farming and drinking water, have had successive poor snowfall. Groundwater is being depleted. Heineken are ahead of the game. 

However, this has promoted such anti-global corporate feeling in Slovenia that a new law is making its way through the legislative process that effectively outlaws private ownership of water. It is a region where most water supplies are managed by local councils of areas of 2,000 people and involve little more than a tank half way up the nearest mountain to collect the year-round snow melt and moss-water and a network of pipes to distribute it. I laughed as I explained that London's water is owned by an Australian-Abu Dhabi and Chinese consortium. And that London water is also very pure, having been filtered through the kidneys of seven Londoners before distribution. And that after a few days your eyes stop watering and you get used to the Chlorine. 

Again, this is just the latest in a series of comments that echo each other that I have heard first hand across Europe in recent years. Yes to free trade, yes to free movement, no to borders and tariffs, but a deep distrust of Commission and political corruption and particularly a deep distrust of the way in which the EU has sought advantage and power for the global corporates across Europe. 

And It's as simple as that. LibLabCon are all in the pockets of the global corporates, are all Euro-Federasts and UKIP isn't. Plus here in this London constituency the Labour candidate will get in anyway - there's not even a contest. So a UKIP vote makes perfect sense. 


Anonymous said...

Yes where did the "global village" come from?

I seem to remember that we have been told that the mega-corporations are the future... That the LibLabCON devote all of their energies to making these corporates easy in their beds... They earn themselves a job later, in their chosen specialist field...

Example: Tony Blair... Was a national grifter, he is now internationally recognised.

Our government, simply does not understand what its job is apparently. It is supposed to represent OUR interests.

Anyway, I have a cure for crap water Raedwald...

Make your own as I do.

My water is pure until I add 70ppm of calcium and magnesium chips. Which makes it just about optimum.

john cheshire said...

Small is Beautiful; ie. The individual is more important than the collective, individual freedom rather than the communist coercion, free markets rather than fascism, people rather than organisations, people to look after themselves, their family and their neighbours rather than demanding and begging the government to run their lives.

JimS said...

I thought the 'seven kidneys' belonged to people further up the Thames, none of whom are Londoners?

Anonymous said...

The first house I bought was in Todmorden (actually it was a village called Walsden, but no one has ever heard of that) and it had its own water supply from a very small water company called the Henshaw Water board service just 163 houses at just £10 per year per household. Great value because the water was lovely; it came from a spring up in the hills and was brought to a 3000 gallon settling tank before distribution. No additives at all; and you could taste the difference!

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I'm a stones throw from a water company founded in 1828. Here we would spend summers swimming and splashing in the filter ponds - the first of many stages which ended with the potable stuff that makes life just that little bit sweeter. Happy days.

No Chlorine.


Cascadian said...

A UKIP vote makes perfect sense under many circumstances if you wish to see an end to the endemic corruption within the other parties.
In liebour and conmen strongholds it especially important that they be given the scare of their lives by reducing their majority substantially. recent reports seem to indicate that liebour is in dire difficulties in the Northern strongholds, how sweet would it be to see milliband and balls unseated

G. Tingey said...

Europe faces a coming water shortage; the Alps, source of much of Europe's farming and drinking water, have had successive poor snowfall. Groundwater is being depleted.
Yes, part of the various changes associated with GW, in fact - like the drought in California & Aus, too (?)

Agree re the evil grip of the "corporates" - are they becoming a bogger threat than (some) governments?