Friday, 3 April 2015

Time for Scotland to go?

I am reading Simon Jenkins in the Guardian this morning, writing in accidental juxtaposition to accounts of Nicola Sturgeon's success in last night's debate.
"However much Euro-enthusiasts wish it were otherwise, the craving for lower tier self-government refuses to die. Indeed, it is booming. In Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, even the UK, concession after concession is made to devolutionary sentiment. It is made with a patronising nod at the parish-pump quaintness of separatist leaders, dubbed populist, extremist or right-wing, never just democratic......Countries dissolve when the political logic that held them together dissolves. There is no reason why an independent Flanders should not be as resilient as Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland or the Baltic states. Bigness is no guarantee of prosperity, usually the opposite. Big statism is a hangover from 20th-century imperialism and the needs of perpetual war."
Sooner or later, Scotland will force independence, probably after having screwed a few billions more out of England first. Why not save the money, face the inevitable and let her go sooner (though preferably not  during the reign of our sovereign lady). At a time when the oil price and north sea investment have tanked and global whisky sales are down 30%, a clean break could be the making of Scotland. It will require poverty amongst its people, austerity on a scale never imagined, Scots being turned away from Northern hospitals unless they can pay and Scots immigration to the richer areas of Europe such as Romania - but should they stick it, they will have their pride and freedom to keep them warm. 


rapscallion said...

Interesting is it not that Sturgeon stated quite clearly last night that she wanted and independent Scotland, one that is free of the union with England, yet she would deny the fervent wishes of UKIP for Britain to be free from the EU.

Further cognitive dissonance from her was displayed by her and her party for not wanting to leave the EU. Does she not see the utterly contrary position?

Bloke In Italy said...

"Big statism is a hangover from 20th-century imperialism and the needs of perpetual war" - ACtually he got that back to front. Perpetual war is the means to justify a big and intrusive state and all the large salaries, pork barrel politics and the easy life for politicians that go with it.

Woodrow Wilson was one of the earliest in modern times to pick where Bismarck left off. The fascists followed the same Nationalist Socialist model and look where that led us. After the Second World War had cooled even the political class's ardour for war for a while there was briefly an economic boom until the social democrat politics had worked its magic and cooled that as well.

Thatcher reminded Western politicians of the restorative effects of a good war, and Blair, Bush and now Obama with their various wars both real and imagined - the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on obesity (for god's fucking sake).

And the political debate in the run up to the election is about whether candidates have ever done a moonie, or like marmite???

Orwell would have made hay.

Anonymous said...

[...] Further cognitive dissonance from her was displayed by her and her party for not wanting to leave the EU. Does she not see the utterly contrary position? "

I said the same about the Irish, all that blaming Cromwell, the "English" and fighting against the British all those years..... and what did the stupid Micks do more or less as soon as they could - 'celtic tiger' [my arse] and like a typical bog trotter they ferking signed it all over to the ECB.

And before you have a go at me, I have Irish blood and could see it all the way down the line - the cowboy builders, farmers made a killing and then were fucked themselves and all crony capitalists, big business shafting the micks, the drugs and the IRA running all sorts of shite thru the border [they still do].
Ireland, you fucked yourself by joining Brussels and Scotland will do exactly the same when Brussels allows you to join in the 'gravy train' - you see how 'independent' - you fucking are then.
Fish face Krankie [no2] aka sturgeon is just another Commie-big state numpty and clever gobbed civil servant just like Fish head [Krankie no 1] himself. King of the jocks, Salmond - the self styled King of Scotland - and all they ever really wanted is to glide across the world stage just like Chavez did and Mugabe does at the committee of tyrants and Ruritanian despots, Islam arse lickers - the UN.

Ireland see Scotland.

Jumbo Driver said...

When Charles becomes King Scotland will leave the UK. There is very little affection for him anywhere that I can see. I am very concerned about the effect he would have on the Commonwealth. If he has any regard for Britain he will stand aside and allow William to become the next King.

Tom said...

I've getting this recurring image of Rab Nesbit and the clan installing a makeshift chimney in their smoke filled dark and dingy yurt as Rab (now 100) regales them with the tales of how it used'tae be...

The present SNP are just another bunch of (deeply unpleasant) grasping chancers and liars - as to Europe - when you've a political class that's as out of touch as most of them appear to be - the eventual reconciling of reality with fantasy is going to be rough going. Sadly - the perpetrators will be lounging around troughing on their fat pensions by that time.

Mr Ecks said...

The Scots love socialism and that is what will destroy them. You can see the arrogance and tyranny already in the shit being peddled up there and they are not even gone yet. I hope that the north of England will profit greatly from Scots refugees--which will be anyone with any brains and independent or business spirit and anyone who wants to live their own life.

mikebravo said...

Scotland can take the Windsor's as far as I am concerned. Their matriarch along with her government has conspired to make us citizens of a foreign empire and subject to foreign laws and customs. Royalty, Scotland and the EU are welcome to each other. Perhaps they could become the pearly kings and queens of Europe.

John M said...

I agree. More to the point why don't the English just take the initiative, build a bloody great wall, cut off the money and give the whole f**king mess to Sturgeon.

They want it, they can f**king have it as far as I'm concerned. The place contributes nothing the UK except a bunch of moaning, sectarian, cap-in-hand benefits scroungers.

Let's save the money, pull the UK jobs back into England and cut the bastards loose - it's what Sturgeon wants after all...

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I could have sworn that the Scottish Nazi Party lost their referendum, though it seems the news has not sunk in with the boneheads either side of the border.

Judging by the comments above, Salmond's master plan of pissing off the - ahem -less intellectual parts of the English electorate is starting to work. But since the laws are now made in Brussels, why bother with Westminster? Micht as well cut oot the middleman and blether with the organ grinder rather than the monkey.

If the UK is to survive - and as a fervent Unionist, I want it to - then we must leave the EU. Otherwise a balkanised future awaits.

rapscallion said...

"If the UK is to survive - and as a fervent Unionist, I want it to - then we must leave the EU. Otherwise a balkanised future awaits."

I think the writing is on the wall Sebastian. The Union has had its day as far as I can see, and the desire for self-government is only increasing. The EU strangely enough has been the catalyst as more and more people recognise that the EU is most definitely NOT the solution.

Being smaller does not necessarily mean being poorer. Look at Switzerland and Singapore for example. I'm quite sure that England. Wales and N Ireland could quite happily thrive and prosper without the millstone that is Scotland.

Oh, and mikebravo. Concur completely. Liz has failed to upkeep the oath she swore at here coronation to rule us according to our laws, cutoms and traditions.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 08:32 - Now that's what I call a top quality rant! Well done sir!

Coney Island

English Pensioner said...

The English should have a referendum as to whether they want Scotland to remain within the Union.

Flyinthesky said...

Scotland want their cake and halfpenny, they want independence while retaining access to our wallets.
I would rather the union stayed together but a split is definitely on the cards.
How Scotland can have a parliament yet retain seats here defeats me. Come the election if labour win Sturgeon will abuse her position in coalition with labour to get a stupidly beneficial deal for Scotland to the detriment of the rest of us.
If it was at all democratic, democracy, there's an idea, it would be put to the nation as a whole.
It's all very well having social ideals Scotland but you have to earn it before you spend it.

Anonymous said...

If there are 10 or 11 times as many of us than there is of them, they can have a big top up without us going broke. But its not fair, and it's irritating to hear the bastards bleating all the time. It's like the mosquito: I don't begrudge it the small amount of blood it sucks, but the irritation drives me mad. Then, there's the nasty little bastard who gives you a serious illness: Gordon Brown anyone?

Anonymous said...

Scottish desire for independence is as a result of the pathetic and traitorous actions of a British Government 'elitist' class who have no thought for ANY of the countries forming the UNITED Kingdom but have only thoughts for 'me, me me'. They have sold our trust for their silver. Bastards.

Selling out the country to a foreign power was the biggest mistake and only a return of these powers (by way of an 'out' vote) could stop the final breakup of our country.

When (if) Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland see the benefits of an indepndent England they will clamour for a return to unity and the other members of the EU will see the writing on the wall.

Anonymous said...

I do not see how the United Kingdom can long continue when 45% of the Scots voted - some passionately, some gravely and after long consideration - to break it. And I can see why my friends would choose to have a smaller state where they could hold their politicians to account than is possible in so large a state as the UK.
I fear they will be disappointed in the result.
As we in UK are disappointed. Most of the time. The UK is a great country that has done much good for its own people and the world (and that, like any other country, has black stains). I am pleased to have had the privilege of living in it, and am very sad to think it may be broken

Anonymous said...

Superb Raedwald!

G. Tingey said...

And ... when war comes ( 9-11 years by my reckoning) & Scotland is independant & undefended - what then?
( Even LESS defended than us, that is ... )