Friday, 8 May 2015

Balls seeks new job

I'm still reeling and gobsmacked and very, very relieved (though sorry for UKIP) and will post something coherent later. Until then, enjoy Ed Balls' face at his declaration ....


cuffleyburgers said...

Morning Radders.

Waht a result! Dougie Alexander, Ed Davey, and now Balls

Sorry for UKIP - up to a point. The leadership brought it upon themselves by running and alienating and unattractive campaign. Many decent and right thinking people will have pinned their hopes to UKIP but they shouldn't be too disappointed.

By the end of the campaign it was clear that Farage and his team are if anything a liability to the EU-sceptic cause.

They managed to turn off most of their more decent, intelligent libertarian supporters and attract an alarmingly vocal cadre of white supremacist anti-intellectual Oswald Mosley wannebes.

Farage is going to need to purge them and clean up his party's message as well as work out a viable and attractive plan for leaving the EU and to do so without frightening wavering undecideds, something he has signally failed to do to date.

DAD said...

Thank you Cuffeyburgers for your piffle in considering me as a indecent, unintelligent libertarian supporter of UKIP, along with millions of other voters.

Mr Ecks said...

UKIP is now the 3rd UK party--how is that a disappointment? The SNP has a lesser share of support and millions fewer voters but they have 56 seats. UKIP is only just getting started--so CuffyBurger off.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I am sorry to say UKIP has become a comfortable home for stupid people. Over the years Farage has fired everybody with brains and he ran an unattractive, unthinking campaign. It's a real shame.

Anonymous said...

T here was only one manifesto worth reading because it made manifest good sense.

I sharnt cheer for the social democrats being returned either although the alternative was an appalling thought. Dave's divs, it's just Labour lite these days and all the doings of Brussels in it.

You can think what you like of the UKIP leadership and most do were told to believe that, it's a free country.

But the real enemy, is the establishment and their media whores.
UKIP faced the might of the combined machine with backing from the EU and Obama and beyond that the corporate leviathans.

Honestly, that is some opposition and to glean 3.9 million votes says something - how much people hoped for real change, the real fruitcakes are the ones who disparage and decry this solid BRITISH UKIP support.

Cuffleyburger, weetabix too sounds like one of 'in a majority of one' Mr. North's minority party, the tory supporting credulous fringe.

If, the proposed referendum goes ahead and definitely that's a big if - dave will campaign to stay in. Thus, everyone knows it, a referendum campaign it will rip the Tories apart and to deny that is to deny the nose on your face.

Be very careful what you wish for, for in reality it never coalesces as you dreamt it.

Anonymous said...




should have read - "and we're"

Apologies, it's been a long night.

cuffleyburgers said...

@ dad and mr ecks - keep 'em coming boys.

I would make a couple of points:
1. if you read my post I specifically state my opinion that I am sure many people who voted UKIP are decent folk, and that they have been let down by the party leadership. DAD you may or may not be indecent or stupid, I've no way of knowing. Mr Ecks comments I've seen elsewhere and I would say I agree with 99% of them and I know he is a right thinking bloke.

2. neither of you deal with the other point that I make regarding the damage UKIP's badly managed campaign has done to the EU sceptic cause, which is all I really care about.

3. whinging about the unfairness of the FPTP system is pointless - UKIP have never campaigned on a proportional representation ticket have they?

4. a well managed UKIP would put rightward pressure on the tories (I suppose the 2017 referendum pledge is testament to that, credit where it's due) but in the this campaign they failed utterly to do that

Budgie said...

Cuffleyburgers, you appear to be hinting about the immigration issue without actually saying it.

Yes, the establishment managed early on in the campaign to smear UKIP with what you trot out ("white supremacist anti-intellectual Oswald Mosley wannebes"). And UKIP failed to rebutt that robustly. And not enough people saw through the establishment ploy. For goodness sake, all that was being asked was a return to the levels of immigration under that "white supremacist" John Major.

The problem with your recommendation (that UKIP should be the right wing conscience of the Tories) is that it would have put off even more voters than your claimed poor campaign. You Tory supporters have to learn that UKIP is not a perplexing and aberrant off shoot of the Conservatives, but a party in its own right that was never purely libertarian, but was more akin to a modern but patriotic Liberal party.

Demetrius said...

I see that UKIP polled more than double the votes of the SNP.

cuffleyburgers said...

Hi Budgie - for the record I am less a tory supporter than a "in this election by far the least bad option is a tory win" supporter.

I was briefly a member of UKIP right about the time they started to go wrong.

A party that truly stood for good old fashioned whig values would get my 110% support - if you think that is UKIP then you are deluding yourself.

Furthermore from the things the parties have to do and say to get elected I think it is clear that a whig party wouldn't get very far electorally.

So, the least bad option (competent management, the promise of an EU vote and at least some rhetoric on reducing the state plus a goodly number of fairly attractive candidates) for my money is the tories.

Luckily, in my opinion, a majority of the electorate in this election, agreed.

DAD said...


Your post shows that it is you who is the stupid one. It is IMPOSSIBLE to give more than 100% support.

If you do not understand that fact that what other nonsense is in your head.

cuffleyburgers said...

Dad - you may not have heard of rhetorical exressions under your particular stone.

Most people on this blog have an IQ above their hatsize so even disagreement can be managed without insult and it is unnecessary to write as if addressing retarded 3 year olds.

But please do carry on...

Cascadian said...

Even more pleasing the electorate saw through the nonsense of Emily Benn and Will Straw, though not the Kinnock stooge whom I firmly hope will be the next liebour leader (a crown prince as it were).

Ed Davey, Nick Clegg and other lib-dem incompetents will not be missed either.

Brightside Bob said...

Re: cuffleyburgers.

As a former member (you, not me!),what are your thoughts about UKIP now that Farage has stepped down?

Thank you.

Mike Spilligan said...

Cuffley etc: I was hoping that after a few replies to your comments you would need to be specific about some items. What, exactly, by ...alienating and unattractive campaign? I heard nothing of that kind. Who were the people who left (or was it dismissed from?) the Party that has made it less electable than previously?
I'm a UKIP member and my branch has a wide variety of members, including a good proportion in the youth wing. We, as a branch ran a good campaign, generally unhindered by HQ diktats. We just haven't got the resources to counter the pro-EU and anti-UKIP media. A single lie by our opponents is repeated and magnified by our opponents before we know that it's been said.
We will get through, somehow, as there is great determination and loyalty among the membership which, as someone said, isn't for turning.
PS to Radders: I hate this latest anti-robot gadget. Somehow it upsets my PC and I can't tell a cake from a dumpling.

Raedwald said...

Mike - not me but blogger, I'm afraid. I've tried to turn it off - and will leave it off unless I
I get spam bombed again ...

Budgie said...

Cuffleyburgers said: "about the time they started to go wrong", when was that, and what was going wrong? Please tell.

Anonymous said...

Unattractive campaign: Producing a manifesto where the only non-white face was in the Foreign Aid section (as picked up by a Telegraph journalist) was lousy marketing for a party with mult-ethnic support, in a world where many on the left still frame things in terms of people's skin colour. Apparently their immigration spokesman was in fact mixed race but it was not obvious.

Budgie said...

Anon 08:53, I was present a few years ago when a BBC reporter asked a UKIP candidate "Why do you hate Europeans?" The irony was that both her parents were immigrants from mainland Europe. The BBC has no notion of its own bigotry.

You may be sincere in thinking that UKIP had an "unattractive campaign" but stop and consider the fact that early on Labour and Greens flatly stated "UKIP are racist". Together with the 'black face counting' sneers (btw, did you see our Bradford candidates?) and general hostility, the establishment was able to neutralise some of the appeal of UKIP.