Tuesday, 5 May 2015


If, as widely predicted, we go into Friday with no clear winner of the election, don't panic. 

Around five years ago, in June 2010, Belgium elected a new parliament. No single party emerged with more than 20% of seats. Coalition discussions went on for 541 days, and after a record 589 days without an elected government, a coalition was agreed in December 2011. 

On the same timescale, the UK would be without a government until 7th November 2016. 

NB many Belgians enjoyed their year and a half without new laws and without political cretins grandstanding on TV. 


Anonymous said...

Yes maybe...

But I thought that in the UK the government hasn't gone anywhere... It is parliament that is being re-populated.

Cameron is still PM, May is still Home Sec, and Gideon is still Chancellor. And it will stay that way until they have organised parliament...

Anonymous said...

How every did they manage without their government setting 'legally binding targets' and 'no tax increase laws'? Law just for law's sack.

The first new law should be the 'Lock-step Act', that puts onto parchment the existing de facto law; no person or party shall depart from the Brussels-led political and 'social', (i.e. 'media') consensus. Free thought is unacceptable.

James Higham said...

Belgium? Belgium? That's a country, is it?

Sceptical Steve said...

I used to share your amusement at the Belgian situation, but I now realise that it would mean 5 years of our aleady over-politicised Civil Service running the country without any effective oversight.
These are the same bastards who saw nothing wrong with Gordon Brown's massive and unfunded increases in public expenditure, and who have failed every time to manage projects within an agreed budget. At least having a government means we have someone to take the blame, even if we do have to wait 5 years for the privilege.

Edward Spalton said...

Some years ago, we enjoyed a family holiday in Crete.
Our modest "villa" was near a large hotel where we had the right to use the swimming pool etc.

It was an odd experience as the hotel was empty, like a ghost town. Their main tour operator had gone bust. The clientele was almost entirely Belgian.

Some things were still working, including the loud speaker system which would play a sort of theme tune every half hour or so. With massive oompah brass and drums, the chorus ( in English to avoid inter-communal tensions) went
" I'm a Belgian, I'm a Belgian.
I'm not English, I'm not French and I'm not Dutch,
And it makes me very proud to be a Belgian.
I'm a Belgian, so thank you very much".

Quite a surreal sort of a memory.

cascadian said...

Seems likely you may be entering another mid-nineteen-seventies shitstorm. None of the likely "leaders" has any idea how to control spending, make the NHS work close to efficiently,ensure reliable electricity supply, improve the dreadful transport infrastructure, tackle Islamic terrorism within the UK, stop the theft of savers capital. The debt is piling up at a rate faster than Gordoom Brown managed.

Wishing that these midgets cannot govern for a period may not be a great idea but it is a different idea.

Here is your great economic recovery under camoron:


Dean Ditchbank said...

Our Parliament and Government are in Belgium, in Brussels. Why should we pay for two sets of clowns? Turn Westminster into a London tourist destination, paid for by visitors at the gate.
Looks like we are becoming more European though, since Europeans do everything they can to avoid giving financial support to their governments. Don't pay taxes, you know they’ll only spend it. Long live the black economy!
Meanwhile I'm seceding to Iceland