Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Global Corporates support EU shock

Is it just the BBC that's headlining the CBI story this morning? The online papers are silent on it. Anyway, the head of the CBI - the organisation dominated by global corporates, and of which not one of the entire executive tier has ever worked in Industry - has called on, erm, global corporates to publicly support the EU Federation. Many of the new generation of university vice-chancellors, grasping toads who have prostituted the UK's academic reputation for foreign fees and EU grants, have also joined the CBI. So no bias there, then.

This has got to be about the biggest non-story of the day, alongside "Prince Charles supports monarchy" and "Scientists confirm Arboreal defaecation habit by members of genus Ursidae".

Anyway, here are the current UK members of the European Round Table (which has fifty rotating members at any time) - the body the EU relies on for advice and counsel when making new laws that mostly, erm, favour the global corporates:-

Rio Tinto
Rolls Royce
Arcelor Mittal

No doubt those stalwarts of the CBI don't see any conflict of interest here ...


Anonymous said...

Whether they be in North Korea or Belgium, the Kommissars sitting in their plush offices dictating to the serfs and waiting for the lastest orders from the Banksters, oligarchs and corporate world. Whether they be, the CEO's of the monster profiteers aka the conglomerates.

All of them are blind, for they can't see any people, real people that is - do not exist, only as slaves and units and all will be made to obey.
The elite are fashioning, have their own world, a gated gilded life where the only contact with real people is - as butlers, bell hops and bed whores and the underlings who are the office whores [apparatchiks and Nomenklatura].

Coming soon, all units will be chipped and thus, control will be absolute.

Trashing the nation state and next Federalism, are just steps towards ultimate domination.

DeeDee99 said...

Orwell spelled it out in Animal Farm:

the animals looked from man to pig; from pig to man; and from man to pig again ..... and already it was difficult to tell the difference.

Back in the 1980s I worked in the Personnel Department of an international company. Now there are no Personnel Departments. Now there is Human Resources.

There is a huge difference between the way employees were treated by a Personnel Department; and how they are treated by HR. One treats them as people; the other as units of labour.

That's all the big corporations, the Government and the EU see people as: units of labour.

The EU and the global corps maintain an incestuous relationship because they are both part of a global Elite who care not one jot for the concerns, welfare or wishes of ordinary people. They are the Masters of the Universe: we are the worker ants.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is the bodies that aren't. IPSE, for example, is dealing with its members - small and microbusinesses - getting hammered by the digital VAT rules. Small businesses are now in the position where the EU is making trade more difficult!

G. Tingey said...

Any "small" organisation, never mind individual gets utterly crapped on.
Which is why, down our allotment-plots, you have many "old Labour" type voters & quite a few of various shades of brown - & ... do love the EU?
No, we loathe it, because of the nice little corprate stitch-up that only allows the "big boys" to use perfectly safe fungicides, but not us ...
Followed by a big-Farming representative coming on radio/TV & saying we shouldn't be allowed to grow our own stuff, "because we spread plant diseases" (And, of course, they can then sell us their overpriced, tasteless utter crap.)

That, incidentally, was what tipped me from: "the EU desperately needs reform" - to - "Fuck it - let's get OUT"