Monday, 18 May 2015

I agree with Mehdi Hasan's piece in the Guardian shock

Mehdi pours criticism on all those who opine that what Islam needs is a Reformation. His piece in today's Guardian ripostes comments recommending an Islamic Martin Luther; Luther is the last thing Islam needs says Mehdi. I wholly agree. 

Islam is already split into Sunni and Shia sects; it doesn't need a Reformation that will split it further. No, what it needs now is say thirty years of savage civil war between the sects that will destroy 40% of the population - as we experienced in Europe - until both sides are exhausted and sick of blood and every violent warrior male has expired on the battlefield, altering forever the gene pool of the survivors.

Only then can Islam move into the sort of endogenous Enlightenment that it so desperately needs.  


James Higham said...

Islam is already split into Sunni and Shia sects; it doesn't need a Reformation that will split it further.

Just reading that piece and wondering whether to unleash on Islam or not. Reformation!

Anonymous said...

Popping out to buy plenty of popcorn.

Anonymous said...

If only they could be trusted to keep such infighting to themselves! As it is, they will attempt to prove their manhood, not only by killing "the other lot" but by killing as many outsiders as they can.

Our government cannot be trusted to ensure that the fighting is strictly confined amongst the islamic gangs and not allowed the wider impact that islamic virility thinks is their due.

Of course there is bugger all that we can do about it. As we have been disarmed by the State, we are at the complete mercy of the State as to which of their laws they will choose to enforce when the islamic gang warfare reaches these shores.

oldrightie said...

We could expedite this issue with a couple of carefully placed nukes! Before they are lobbed the other way.

Ed P said...

It won't take 30 years - the "Reformation" some of these lunatics have in mind is a nuclear one.

G. Tingey said...

Even then, it might not work.
The islamicist gangs recently proved that they had already "advanced" to the political/religious state of Scotland in 1698, by murdering another atheist ....

Cascadian said...

Mehdi Hassan is ignoring the obvious, the nutters are indiscriminately killing any non-believer.

Go here:

scroll down to "List of Islamic Terror Attacks For the Past 30 Days"

President empty chair and camoron by abandoning an essentially won "war" in Iraq and upsetting the balance of power in north Africa and Syria have allowed daesh free rein.

Dave_G said...

If 1,400 years has taught us one thing - it's that you can't leave ANY of them alive.

Thud said...

Dave G....rather well put.

Anonymous said...

The Qu'ran starts off pleasant enough, nothing dramatic with a nice take on previous holy books - bit of plagiarism here and there. However it all gets pretty dark towards the end (Medina) and falls into nihilism. Most of all its badly written; has no chronology; repeats itself (alot) and is bereft of logic, so it lacks divinity.

I prefer Jonathon Seagull


G. Tingey said...

Dave G
You are a fuckwit.
The muslims are as diverse as the christians.
Most are harmless enough nutters, but then there are the "True Believers"(TM). The bigots & the murderers. They are the ones who should be targeted.
Killing all of that much smaller group would be an excellent idea.