Wednesday, 13 May 2015

It's all about money

Whilst UKIP are pretending they're not having an internal spat over the take-up of a few hundred thousand of Short money, speculation as to how the party would react to the official scheme for full party funding from tax, a scheme that would bring them at least ten times as much, is now less uncertain. They would lap it up.

At the same time the unions want a Labour leader well to the left of Milipede; that Chuck Unumma is, erm, a bald man and the British public don't vote for bald Prime Ministers isn't enough, apparently. They want a leader who will earn Labour a resounding defeat on policy grounds alone. Or they will stop Labour's pocket money.

And even as Dave remains a bit surprised at the election outcome and is trying to find out what his party did right to win those votes, I suspect the answer may be that people voted out of financial self interest - for the party that would cost them the least money. 

Meanwhile the EU Commission is no doubt assembling a secret fighting fund of tens of millions to allow it to interfere in the UK's forthcoming referendum; expect them to use every low, crafty, cunning subterfuge and watch particularly for advertising, announcements and other inducements from UK branded global corporates that work closely with the Commission.

In politics, it's usually all about money. 


Anonymous said...

As Chester James Carville once said "The economy, stupid" (he didn't says "its the economy stupid") and so it has proven here. We all want decent public services but any rational working person knows full well that you can't borrow money to pay for them and that ANY borrowing by government is nothing but future taxation. So... "the economy, stupid" is the thing that drives good industry that pays tax and employs people who pay tax and then hey presto! Out pops the money that pays for decent public services, free at the pint of requirement.

I have to wonder if Labour will ever get this?

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I'll certainly have a pint of 'Requirement' - although I'd settle for 'Fursty Ferret' ...

English Pensioner said...

Based on what I have discovered from friends and family over some sixty years, I believe that most people don't vote for a party, but vote for what they consider to be the lesser of the various evils.

Anonymous said...

"Meanwhile the EU Commission is no doubt assembling a secret fighting fund of tens of millions to allow it to interfere in the UK's forthcoming referendum;"

How 'bout we all set up local pro EU web pages, one man and a web page, apply for EU commission funding to fight the cause?

Somebody's got to spend that money.

Budgie said...

Actually I suspect enough people were frightened by the complete inability of Miliband and Balls to apologise for the 2008 financial meltdown they helped to create as Brown's proteges.