Saturday, 23 May 2015

My own red lines

Now I don't know with any certainty what Cameron's chances of success are, or what will be the likely shape of the offer on the table after the talking has ended. At the same time I have no fear of the UK's chances outside the EU and can happily ignore the scare mongering by the global corporates, for whom a Federal Europe would work very well. They'd only have to bribe one set of government officials, rather than 28, for a start. However, I'm not quite the Euro purist that those of us in the 'out' camp are often imagined. 

- I support absolutely the free movement of goods, business or personal, without tariffs or quotas, within a bloc of nations sharing minimum standards of public health and hygiene and in which commercial law operates effectively

- Likewise I support the free movement of people in Europe, subject always to being able to demonstrate that they have both accommodation and means of support in their target nation. EU benefits tourists must be stopped - and this includes paying child benefit to Poland or Romania. But no quotas or restrictions on EU28 citizens coming to the UK to take up a job. 

- Freedom to provide services; yes, absolutely. Other EU countries are far more restrictive and protectionist than the UK and we need to go on the offensive. Austria for example requires hairdressers to undergo a 3 year apprenticeship - and they produce naff and unflattering coiffures like those popular in 1950s Soviet Bulgaria. In the UK any 16 year old school leaver can set herself up as a hairdresser - and UK women's hairstyles lead the world. 

- Freedom of Capital - of course.

What I absolutely cannot stick, what is repugnant and loathsome and horrid beyond measure, is the creeping EU Federalism that daily leaks power, taxes and influence to a ghastly college of zombie unelected officials in Brussels. The Commission needs hitting heavily with a very large stick until every bone is shattered. They must be starved of tax money, denied status, derided and ridiculed, belittled and sidelined. Sovereignty must remain with Europe's 28 nation states, or at least ours must remain with us. 

And that's my bottom line. 


TrT said...

That's the reality of freedom of movement
It must be upon the immigrant to prove that they are not a danger to the English people.

TrT said...
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formertory said...

Agreed that citizens of EU28 should be able to come here to work, without quota, but subject to conditions and minus payment of benefits back to family abroad.

I'm in a part of the country often cited as having been "overrun" by Poles and East Europeans; but these people are in my experience pleasant, educated, social, and just interested in providing a living for themselves and their family. They work hard and frequently do jobs our own people won't do. They have a work ethic, as opposed to our own largely feral yoof which has an entitlement ethic.

Farage and others missed the point about immigration, probably because of having to go along with political correctness. To paraphrase badly from the mid-Nineties: "It isn't the Poles, stupid; it's the Islamics". The hapless and hopeless mud-stirring UKIP candidate, expected to win in my next-door constituency yet who was soundly beaten by the Conservatives the other week, deserved all he got.

@TrT: if you think one bad Pole proves that immigration is bad, I'm sorry but you're truly up a gum tree. If we were free of home-grown buggerers of little boys and rapists of little girls you might, possibly, have a small fraction of a point.

Malcolm Stevas said...

I'm impressed by your familiarity with 1950s Bulgarian hairstyles, a subject undeservedly neglected and ripe for in-depth study. Perhaps a doctoral thesis awaits?

Mike Spilligan said...

Malcolm Stevas said ...
I doubt if Radders would qualify for a grant, unless it was "1950s Bulgarian hairstyles and their impacts on global warming".
Having lived in Austria, I appreciated shop assistants' knowledge of the products, instead of as here, knowing only how to operate the till.

john cheshire said...

Short term residency permits for those who benefit our country, yes. Voting rights for immigrants, no. Citizenship and passports to immigrants, no. Once they've served their purpose - education,tourism, business- off they go, back home.

Burgers said...

The key point which Radders only touches upon and is rarely made in the MSM is - who is in charge? Do we have control over our own destiny? Or are we content to be pushed around by a bunch of corrupt bastards in teh capital of a barely existant country whose only raison d'etre was to keep the Germans from the throat of the French (and it failed at that as well)

All this crap about immigration is just that - crap. A total red herring and the sad thing is, by obsessing about that, often in the most ignorant and bigotted terms, Farage and the remnants of his disastrous party are likely to cost us the referendum.

G. Tingey said...

At what point would an immigrant qualify for UK citizenship, then?
Because, if you say "never" ....
I'm an Huguenot/Viking, after all & I have a very old friend, whose ancestors arrived here in the 1850's fleeing Pogroms in E Europe ...
Make your tiny mind up, please.

One major point.
The corrupt, big-corporations-friendly, small business/individual crapping-on "regulations" that I referred to two threads back.
These must go, too.

Actually, I think we've lost, because Camoron will screw all of us in the interests of the big corparates, just like Blair, get quite a few concessions ( he has a mandate & the Germans are scared they will be lumbered with the Frogs again ... ) but they won't be the ones we want, or which would actually be benificial to our nations.

But he will wave all those "improved terms & reforms" around, & we know what that result will be.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Tingey creature make the point rather well in his first paragraph?

The point from TrT is that we probably have enough shitbags of our own without having shitbags from elsewhere descend on us.

cascadian said...

Fear not, you have the camoron "negotiating"-nothing will change.

Glad to hear you lead the world in women's hairstyles, even if that is a self-awarded accolade, there was a time when aspirations were a little higher.

Anonymous said...

If the free movement of people (human churning) is what you want then over time you'll give Brussels what it wants: one nation of indeterminate origin.

The UN wants the same, their envoy, Peter Sutherland, revealed the plan to a House of Lords select commitee a few years ago.


G. Tingey said...

You DID know that variation within any sizeable group (say pink-skinned "british" people) is greater than variation between groups (everybody else) didn't you?
And that, of course variation within groups is greatest in Africa, because that's where humanity came from?
Homo sapiens sapientes Africanus
( if my Latin is correct)
"man who thinks he thinks & comes from Africa"

LEARNT culture is much more important than genetic culture - one of the great adavantages (& drawbacks) of intelligence & memory & an non-hereditary transmission of information.
Whather that information is true (science) or false (religion).
Humanity is amazingly "plastic".

Wildgoose said...

Yes Greg, learnt culture is far more important than genetic culture.

Why else do the EU and the Left in general demand the imposition of "Multiculturalism"?

Multiculturalism is all about emphasising differences, dividing us from one another so that we can be more easily conquered.

Which is why we need Cultural Nationalism as a bulwark against it. Not the ethnic nationalism of the so-called "Celts" (pretending to be "civic" nationalists), but rather the cultural nationalism of England, or indeed the USA, both of which get the multiculturalists spitting feathers.

Anonymous said...

G. Tingey said @ 21:18

'LEARNT culture is much more important than genetic culture..'

Genetic culture as a theory is quite interesting - it certainly has the potential to mature into something substantive. The English are an ethnic group Mr Tingey, not the observations of psychologists.

Nice try.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

"LEARNT culture is much more important than genetic culture"


But by the time the benefit tourists, Somali crack-heads, Islamist nutjobs, and all the rest of them arrive at Calais, they've already learned their culture - and it's not ours.

G. Tingey said...

"The English" are NOT an ethnic group
We are, however a shared learnt histprical culture.
Warrior-poets I believe.

Budgie said...

The English are an ethnic group - at least compared with other European nations.

DNA research shows that about 3/4 of the DNA on average of people in the British isles comes from the original peoples who followed the retreating ice about 12,000 years ago. When the sea level rose to create the British isles, the DNA was cut off so to speak. The other 25%+ comes from all the invaders: Celts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Huguenots, French royalists, etc.

There is very little difference between the DNA mix of the English, Irish, Scots and Welsh.

G. Tingey said...

Budgie & everyone else on this lunacy.
The FACTS, as shown by investigation & observation, say otherwise.
This facts were obtained by looing at people's DNA.

Here you gou

In Homo sapiens, the geneticists have found, repeatedly, that within-group genetic variation is higher than between-group variation. That means, if you're uninformed enough to subscribe to racial theory, that the small average differences between the average "black" person and the average "white" person are dwarfed by the differences among all white people and the differences among all black people. It doesn't matter whether you're talking about Scots vs. English, Asians vs. Whites, Men vs. Women, Gays vs. Straights, or whatever, apparently you get the same result. We're all mongrels, and we're more diverse within the groups we mistakenly call uniform than across the perceived racial divides that we discriminate about.


Let us not hear this rubbish, ever again, please?