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Monday, 4 May 2015

The ugly face of SNP Scots Fascism

The picture below is of an SNP Brownshirt thug trying to intimidate Scots Labour leader Jim Murphy. Make no mistake, Sturgeon's fascist street thugs are using the same boots and fists that won their forebear Brownshirts the streets during the 1920s. The tales coming out of Scotland are depressingly familiar;
"Some SNP folk were out leafleting. The conversation as I recall it started normally – they asked me if I was intending to vote, and I said yes, for Labour, they've got a number of policies I like, their local man has been good for the area and I wasn't keen for further austerity cuts. 'There was then a disagreement over whether or not the SNP is anti-austerity, which I know is a bit comedic, really. I said, 'But they're not. The IFS says their manifesto is pushing for a longer period of austerity than even the Tories, and SNP MPs abstained over the Tories' continued austerity plans.' 'There were three of them. One called me 'a f***** sheep' and pushed me. I told them to clear off, then another pushed me against a wall, called me a 'negative English ****' and I got a couple of punches to the face. There was a fair bit of blood. I'm fine, really, and have told the police, but I'm disturbed by how easily things come to blows now."

SNP Brownshirt Thug bullying Jim Murphy


Jeff Wood said...

Back in the 1970s, I was a nationalist. Britain was in such a mess I could only think of break-up as the start of the solution.

I had already formed my own view of the Labour people, based on personal knowledge of some of them. and stopped being a lefty.

Closer acquaintance with the Nats was equally depressing, so I soon ceased be one of them.

The reaction to that "Braveheart" movie was positively alarming. What is happening now seems to be a natural development from then. Violent creeps, manipulated by cynical politicos.

I am out of it now, even out of the UK. Relief, but also frustration. Something, meaning Britain, which was once very fine, is being destroyed from within.

Anonymous said...

Yes UK before 1997 was a country you could be proud of. Being born and bred here was like winning the lottery of life. Sadly no more. New Labour have turned it into another third world corrupt, violent hell-hole, WELL DONE THEM !!!

Anonymous said...

As an aside i work in Clerkenwell in London and last Friday was the Mayday union march as Karl Marx had a gaff locally.

The SWP set up a stall outside my office and when I went our for a coffee they asked me to sign a petition against UKIP “racism”

Being a proud kipper I calmly asked then my they thought UKIP were racist. Got a bullshit answer so asked another question..

Took about 5 minutes before the thickest guy on the stand said “I can’t wait to get the gulags back for the likes of you”

The hard left are cunts. If you want to know how collectivism killed 100 million people in the 20th century its because the hard left types enjoyed doing it.

Rush-is-Right said...

"If you want to know how collectivism killed 100 million people in the 20th century its because the hard left types enjoyed doing it." That's very true.

Just outside Mechelen in Flanders there is a former Nazi prison camp (Breendonck). On the displays there they name the local Belgians who were later brought to trial for war crimes they committed there as Nazi collaborators. What struck me was how many of them were identified as former communists.

We are told that Fascism and Communism are opposites. They are not. They are different dialects of the same brutal language.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

And the SNP's reaction to reports of this street violence?

They demand control of broadcasting in Scotland!

I can imagine what SNP-telly will be like..."Glorious tractor production has increased for the 74th year running...the Great Leader is shown offering friendly advice to workers...never be the first to stop clapping..." etc etc.

These people are seriously nasty.

Weekend Yachtsman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Weekend Yachtsman said...

And btw, respect to Jim Murphy...I don't agree with his politics, but to keep smiling in the face of such provocation is pretty impressive.

G. Tingey said...

Fascism & communism are identical in that they are 150% autocratic.
Otherwise, they are opposites.
Tey reading "Hitler & Stalin _ Parallel Lives" by Alan Bullock.
Agreed they are all shits, but that's another story.

No-one has mentioned the SNP's flirtation with Adolf in the 1930's which is interesting....

Chiefgilray said...

Brilliant, any proof that this was this man was an snp activist... seeing how this happened during the run up to the referendum it could have been anyone from any party... even labour!

Btw, to the braveheart post... every nationalist knows that braveheart has no factual storyline and in fact it's only the unionists who bring up such rubbish...

The article in hand though... lol... could it be any more stupid... how can you regard everyone as equals whole looking down on people on a class basis... moronic to day the least.

alex agnew said...

Nicola sturgeon is obviously just a puppet put in place by herr salmon. He is obviously still pulling all the strings at the scottish nazi party headquarters. I am proud to be scottish but I am equaly proud to be British. The people of Scotland don't need the snp to be free. We are already free and part of a great union that is still the envy of the world no matter what the snp spin doctors tell us. The people of Scotland d voted overwhelmingly to remain a part of the UK and if there was another refurendum tomorrow it would be a resounding no. The snp need to stop bleating about refurendum 2 and listen to all the people of Scotland and not just their own supporters. The people have spoken and declared we're proud to be partners with England, Wales, and Northern ireland as the United Kingdom.