Friday, 8 May 2015

Why we have 2 VE days - 8th AND 9th May

The Germans actually unconditionally surrendered to Eisenhower at Rheims at about 1.30pm on the 7th May, 1945. The Press was ready to roll, Churchill and the King were primed to broadcast on the BBC at 6pm on the 7th.. but then Stalin said Nyet.

The Russians were not happy that the German surrender had taken place in France. He refused to accept VE day unless the Germans surrendered a second time on conquered Russian territory - Berlin. The Allies hurriedly arranged a second signing at Karlshorst on the 8th, and they nearly got away with it - had not a rebel journo broken the embargo on the story of the first surrender.

The Russian ceremony was duly scheduled for 23.00hrs on the 8th - with the ceasefire coming into effect at midnight on the 8th / 00.00 hours on the 9th. In fact all fighting with UK & US troops had ended the day before. Churchill declared both the 8th and 9th as VE day holidays ... and that's why we celebrate it on the 8th and the Russians on the 9th. 

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AndrewZ said...

We have VE Day for victory in Europe and VJ Day for victory over Japan...thank goodness we weren't fighting Denmark!

Brightside Bob said...

AndrewZ, didn't the allies defeat 'Deutschland'? ;)

Anonymous said...

I was going to post something sensible, then I read AndrewZ and Brightside Bob's postings.

Anyway, onto football and have you ever wondered why the EUFA Cup is pronounced U-AY-FA Cup? Say it as you read it and you'll see why!

Coney Island