Monday, 1 June 2015

Is there any point to Labour any more?

It was with a degree of pleasure and Schadenfreude that I listened to the bitter four minute rant by Mark Steel and Jeremy Hardy on R4's News Quiz about a week ago; try for yourself HERE starting at about 7:40 in. Then we had John Prescott on 'Today' on the 25th rubbishing Labour's ideas of 'aspiration' like an old dinosaur. It's finally dawning on them that Labour got a good kicking from British voters, and they've now moved to debating it. 

The debate falls into two camps. The first asks 'what do we need to say to people to get power?' and implies that any mix of lies, policy and promises is needed just so long as it succeeds in tearing power from the Tories. The second asks 'What do we stand for in 2015?' and this is by far the hardest question for Labour to answer. A party advocating involuntary redistribution, advocating a Socialist central State, advocating enforced equality of outcome, is wayyy out of tune with British voters. 

And the audible anger and frustration of idealogues such as Steel and Hardy at electors for not sharing their utopian vision is also a good reason why people don't choose Labour any more; who the hell wants to be preached at by these two morally righteous prigs? Soon their time will come even on R4 and they will be swept away like the 'Buzzcocks'.  

So Long, Labour; it was nice knowing you.


Anonymous said...

"it was nice knowing you"

It was?

Anonymous said...

Ever since Tony B-Lair turned Labour into NuLabor it has been a party more concerned with enriching those at the top of the greasy pole than improving the lot of those who were it's roots.

McMental continued this whilst also trying to control us all.

Finally, we had a Labour Party led by a millionaire!
A leader who had never dirtied his hands with working at the coal face. A man who had never known the worries of where the money was going to come from to pay the bills at the end of the month.
Surrounded by similar of his ilk in their Westminster bubble.

Sorry it's time the name Labour Party was taken away from these twats.

DeeDee99 said...

No, it wasn't nice knowing them.

Never forget that every time they got into Office they bankrupted the country. And never forget that the last time they got into Office, they decided to sh!t on their own people by importing millions of 3rd world parasites - in order to "change the face of Britain forever."

Anonymous said...

Whether the general public became aware that students, public servants, and immigrants were being organised against the institutions in this country is doubtful, and I suspect that a lot had never heard about Common Purpose, but I do believe that they realised that the inner core of Labour were working against the ordinary people of this country.

I'm a C2 and I am wholly glad that they were beaten and I hope that they now go away and die.

My wish to inflict physical harm upon the likes of Hardy is, I realise, entirely unhealthy - but hey, I can dream.

oldrightie said...

It would seem the "point" of Labour is a Party the chatterati and luvvies can pretend support for to assuage their infantile guilt at their own wealth and "celeb" status.

Anonymous said...

All of the above and especially Anon @ 11:06 - very good points, well made. Labour exists for it's own being. How can they represent the working man when the definition working man is someone who attends to a place of work for a living and the salary ranges from £16,000pa to £160,000pa in a largely better environment that it was at the start of the Labour movement. And besides, we just don't want to hectored and harried by people who want to prod their big prod-noses into our daily lives. Britain is still (thankfully) a nation where people are capable of looking after themselves and doing this well at local level; we simply don't see big-state as relevant to our lives anymore. Last month, our nation voted very clearly for a party with some economic competence and the following three things:

Secure the borders
Keep the peace, and
Empty the bins.

Coney Island

proglodyte said...

The unfunny, insufferable, left wing luvvies are part of the problem.

The epitome of hypocritical tosspottery, Russell Brand, telling everyone not to vote, then, after half an hour with the millipede, the cunt changes his pea-brained mind in favour of Labour.

Anonymous said...

After successfully infiltrating the top of 'workers party' the Fabians brought in their own special brand of socialism. Out went the economic arguments and in came the cultural; because the people weren't buying it, so they thought if you can't get the change you want, change the people. The EU is doing the same thing on a larger scale - the tragedy is most folk don't see it for what it is.


Bill Quango MP said...

I like Mark Steel. Always have done.
Seen him live 4 or 5 times and he does a good show.

I used to sit in the car if I'd got home before the news quiz or now show had finished on R4. Sit and listen to the radio as I enjoyed it so much.

Then one day, I realised I was listening to the same comedians, telling almost the same jokes, to the same audience about the same, predictable, things.

And I was bored. Bored to tears.

So I stopped listening to radio 4 full stop

And never miss it.

G. Tingey said...


What was the percentage of the vote, overall, for Labour?
What was the percentage of the vote overall for the tories?
Now multiply that by the percentage turn-out....

So what perecentage of the eligible population actually voted tory?

The whole thing is a sham & a disgrace .....

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99 and Steve, agree with both your comments!

Anonymous said...

Oi Tingey I bet you never made that point during the Blair catastrophe...

marvo said...

Jeremy "Misery" Hardy one of the reasons I ditched R4, though it was mainly BBC news insisting we were losing the 2nd Iraq / US war. A shame that the only media outlet aimed at a middle class / intelligent audience was destroyed by the lefties. Any claim at even handedness could be seen as rubbish as soon as Labour took power in 1997.

Anonymous said...

Thirteen years of Zanu Liebore and what happened, the Gini coefficient widened, 13 fucking years of spending wasted and still these Fascist cunts [the likes of SWP and Common Purpose; Owen Jones, Ed Miliband, Mad Hattie, Chukie] still don't get it, that, Big government institutionalizes poverty.

Listen to them, Ed Balls's other half, Liz whatsherface, Burnham - they're still advocating nebulous imponderables as a solution to cold reality - FFS even......... their client state is beginning to see through them.

And then, the betrayal and heads in the sand.

In Rotherham and Rochdale and just about any major English conurbation you care to name - where usually though not exclusively labour administrations covered up serial grooming and rape of young white girls by a Pakistani community who were seemingly inviolable then and still are now. All because, the Labour shills in the local council wished to protect their captive ethnic vote, multiculturalism has a priority list and white girls aren't on it. Plus, labour councils were in cahoots along with their equality Stasi in local social services and the forces of enforcement and bent coppering - turned a blind eye too. A perfidy, an evil that is still going on - that's Zanu Liebore.

Mass immigration - Labour opened the gates, HRA - tony bliar signed, Macmental signed us into the lisbon treaty and Bliar took the nation to war in Iraq based on a pack of trumped up bollocks, 12 years wasted in Afghanistan - labour took us in.

Now the terrorists are living cheek by jowl with us, in Oldham, Bury, Dewsbury, Tower Hamlets et cetera, with a birth rate exploding they will conquer via their push chairs but ere long there will be a push back and it will cause civil disorder and sectarian bombing, maiming and killings like it was during the Northern Ireland troubles but only much, much worse. Because Isis are here now and the population is soft and vulnerable - the youth of the fifties, sixties and seventies has gone to be replaced with a dumbed down generation of kids who are effeminate fatboys when compared to the children of yester year - too fat, too uncaring - nationalism washed out of their tiny minds and purposefully done. Labour caused this through a thorough trashing of Britains education system, teaching children to hate and despise their own land. The final nails in our coffin; equality, diversity and the Feminazis did their worst.

We are fucked and Labour did it.

Curse them, for they cursed this nation and I hate them, the fucking lot of them.

James Higham said...

We must do as we can to speed Labour's demise and Blair's incarceration.

Budgie said...

Sell off the BBC, and put us out of its misery. Then Common Purpose will have to find something else to prop up Labour.

Cascadian said...

While I agree with the general premise that liebour would not be missed if it were to continue along its destructive path, I feel that people are just not paying attention to how close this general election was.

I repeat a previous comment-Liebour INCREASED its overall vote 1.5% there are still plenty of liebour diehard voters. In fact this blogger even argues a swing of 900 votes could have resulted in a conmen minority government. (his assumptions are a little dubious related to how votes might have been split amongst the parties, like many he likes to discount UKIP's appeal)

Liebour despite its many problems will remain a force for a long time yet, more's the pity.

G. Tingey said...

Anon 19.17 hrs 1/06/2015
It has alswys been the point, actually.
Have we EVER had a true majority governemt, since 1900?
I doubt it.
Which is incredibly depressing.

I see this thread has divereged entirely from Radders' original point to a tiresome drone about the BBC (again - I mean what's wrong with Radios 3 & 4? ) & "Common Purpose"
DO GET A LIFE, you lot ....