Thursday, 18 June 2015


I suspect that the majority of the massed hordes crowding Europe's borders are motivated only by self-interest; that they are economic migrants keen to be away from the battlegrounds on which the Islamic civil war is being fought, keen for wealth and a western lifestyle, keen for health, education and social welfare. The vast majority of those now arriving in Italy by boat, or through the Balkans by the safer land route from Turkey, will also be Moslems. Although not terrorists, many will be one stage removed from animism and the worship of village Fetishes, and all will be stuck somewhere in the 14th century. They may wear the same jeans and tees as our teenage kids but they're a world away in terms of human development. 

The UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia are their destination of choice - all mosque-friendly nations where they will find large, established Moslem population cohorts eager to share the tricks to unlocking the bounty of their host nations. Poland, Hungary and the Baltic states, in which Moslems have failed to establish a foothold, are not on their list of destination countries. The EU plan to resettle Moslem migrants in Poland is doomed to failure from the start; the Poles are a deeply racist and nationalistic people, openly hostile and violent to migrants, particularly if they are black and Moslem. We may condemn their xenophobia but there is little doubt which nation will have the lower incidence of Moslem problems.  

These millions at our borders all duped by the myth of globalisation, the myth that the world should be a place without borders, believe fully that it is their right to settle wherever they wish. They have no regard for the well-being of the chicks already in the nest. This is our biggest challenge, our greatest crisis. We must either take unilateral action that places us with Poland and the eastern states, or must face the collapse of our national commonweal.


DeeDee99 said...

Cameron does seem to be slowly waking up to the danger. Whether he will actually manage to do anything about it is another matter entirely.

As the Establishment ignore the concepts of Nationhood and social cohesion that probably won't be the critical factor. What will be for them is the impact on the nation's deficit/debt.

Importing millions of uneducated and unemployable 3rd worlders, all desperate to claim everything they can from the welfare state and making little or no contribution will make it impossible to reduce the welfare bill.

Money talks. They haven't any; they never will have any .... they will all take from the pot.

I think Cameron will probably stand firm over this.

Anonymous said...

As Geert Wilders told it, each one costs €36,000 - it cannot go on.

Brussels {Tory/Labour} are not the answer - who ever thought that it could be any answer.

Very good on the Poles - unlike here in the UK, the Poles are made to and can assert to teach national history, their POLISH history particularly great soldier King Jan III Sobierski - among notable other brave Polska warriors.

I think that, the Poles will have to come to rescue - Britain.

Dan said...

Processing all asylum claims in an off-shore enclave in, say, Syria then paying a local nation to take the asylum seekers would do much better for us, much as it has for Australia. It would also allow us to DNA-type and fingerprint all such seekers, so that should they ever turn up here in Blighty, they can be immediately fast-track deported.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

It's a game in Nigeria - a few years back I met some Nigerians who claimed to have done the trips a couple of times under different identities....

Cascadian said...

camoron created the problem, he was not smart enough to recognize the outcome, he will not be smart enough to deal with the problem.

Ms maybe will bluster about not allowing immigrants in but your border service is compromised, you will absorb many thousands and many thousands of pensioners will need to be killed off by the National Death Service to free up pension money for the incoming hordes.

That and the outcome of Greece defaulting will put UK back in recession and may see off a few banks. Not a happy time. Eventually all the low -wattage voters who switched from UKIP to conmen at the last moment will dimly become aware of their mistake.

Rush-is-Right said...

"the Poles are a deeply racist and nationalistic people, openly hostile and violent to migrants, particularly if they are black and Moslem. We may condemn their xenophobia but there is little doubt which nation will have the lower incidence of Moslem problems."

It seems to me that rather than insulting the Poles we should be copying their eminently sensible attitudes.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Frankly we should import larger numbers of Poles, Czechs and Hungarians.

Cascadian said...

7335 in the first quarter, camoron talks hundreds, summer conditions in The Mediterranean will bring more.

camoron and may can only keep lying at this point, the passed the point where they were credible long ago.

National debt now GBP1,500,000,000,000 not including unfunded pensions of course and rising at a steeper trajectory than even gordoom brown.

Well done camoron!

Andy Dan said...

A couple of years ago, I took the train from Budapest to the city of Eger in northern Hungary. This was the confrontation point between Islam and Christianity in the 16th century. From the medieval castle, you can clearly see the minaret the Muslims built as they encroached on the city. The literature at the castle states that the Muslims were defeated here, the northernmost point of the Turkish empire. Wikipedia states that they ruled Eger for some time. Whatever the truth, the conflict between Islam and Christianity is written in Hungarian history (unlike ours). It is of no surprise that they see this modern day invasion for what it is.