Saturday, 27 June 2015

Why, Mr Cameron, are these men still free?

Why, Mr Cameron, are these men still free? Both fail your 'radical Islamist' tests in spades on a whole range of factors, not least their refusal to condemn unequivocally Islamist violence. Both should now be in Belmarsh in solitary cells, awaiting trial, forbidden from inciting convicted Islamists already imprisoned here.  

So why, please, are they still free to spread their hate and Sedition?


Anonymous said...

Raedwald said @ 13:12

'So why, please, are they still free to spread their hate and Sedition?'

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” - Vladimir Ilich Lenin


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they work for MI5?

Ed P said...

That Putin he's such as Ras, inni?

Mr Ecks said...

Much as I have no time whatsoever for islam--we still should have something called free speech Radders. Unless there is evidence that these men have actually been involved personally in violence they can say what they like as far as I am concerned. Remember that laws against free speech are being used to try and silence us -not islamics. The agenda of the left--inc BluLabour is attack on the white working and middle class--the non middle class Marxist middle class that is.Never mind about those idiots. It is futile and fatal to the cause to think that you can take on islam without first destroying their friends and allies ie the left.

Budgie said...

As intimated above it is (hopefully) because the security services are working on the principle of better the devil you know.

Anonymous said...

Because the whole purpose of the extremist legislation is to take out Christianity, not The Religion of Pieces.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I sway between "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" and the marksman's hollow-point round. The Jury's still out for me; but maybe the hollow-point round would deter other such individuals.

Coney Island

Poptart said...

These weirdy beardies are simply a smokescreen.

Our Security services have got their profiling arse about face. Read the newspapers; each and every one of these radicalised murderers, from Syria to Sousse, has been 'mild mannered', 'peace loving', 'kind and gentle' - according to their friends and family anyway.

So, what we are dealing with is a sort of Clark Kent Syndrome. We should be watching Scout Groups, Convents and the Green Party for emerging radicals.