Monday, 20 July 2015

All credit to Cameron

All credit to Cameron for his speech in Birmingham today; he's not only laying down the line but giving meat to the vast majority of people in Britain of all faiths who subscribe to fundamental human rights and oppose the benighted bigotry of Islamist theocracy. Truly there is no place in our society for the evil of Islamist extremism - and we must all take the Prime Minister's lead in speaking, writing, posting and demonstrating against Islamism whenever we can.

Cameron has also in effect given backing to the British people to challenge any part of the British state, be it national or local, that harbours Islamist bigotry. We must be vigorous in challenging local government, the health service, the universities and national authorities and regulators, using FOI if necessary, to ensure they all declare openly their compliance with Cameron's lead in eradicating Islamist extremism from British life.  

Since 2007 this blog has opposed multiculturalism is all its forms - I've termed it nothing but apartheid in a frock. There can be no 'separate development' in the UK, no segregated communities, no streets on which one has to act differently. The Islamist ghettoes must be broken up, and inhabitants dispersed to normal, liberal, British communities - rough or genteel, rich or poor - so that Moslems who subscribe fully to western liberal values can flourish as fellow citizens. Cameron also recognised this today - by committing to ending segregation in Moslem-only schools.

Today's speech builds on comments he had made since the Charlie Hebdo atrocity in which he has become increasingly confident in his message. To remind ourselves of his previous words;

I think we should recognise the values that we have in European countries of believing in democracy and free speech, freedom of expression, the right to offend people and be offended. These are not sources of weakness against this terrorist threat, they are sources of strength. They are what make us great economies, great countries, great societies...
Paris, following Islamist Charlie Hebdo atrocity

'Moslems are Islamist extremists if they believe that:-
  • The West is bad - In contrast to immigrants who want to be part of the Western life, a society at the apex of two thousand years of social and economic development, enemies of the nation hate our culture and seek only to exploit and undermine it
  • Democracy is wrong - Extremists believe that our democratic framework is mistaken and that only the Quran and its interpreters, the imams, should dictate law and policy; Islamist dog Anjem Choudary recently harangued British Moslems against voting in the 2015 elections as 'UnIslamic'
  • Women are inferior to men - This gross stupdity lies at the heart of Islamism. They use it to justify forced marriage, child sex abuse, domestic violence, unequal opportunity in the workplace and to silence the voices of a half of our people. Morons. 
  • Homosexuality is evil - Many Christians legitimately believe homosexuality to be disordered and unnatural behaviour, yet tolerate those who choose this life. Islamists go far beyond this; If you think throwing gay men off high buildings is justified, as ISIS are doing, you're an Islamist.
  • Islamic doctrine trumps British law - There is no place for the Quran, or Sharia, in British life. We have a set of laws that is both comprehensive and complete in themself and governs fairly the conduct of all our lives. British law is not trumped by any other.
  • The Caliphate trumps the British realm - Those who foolishly imagine it is legitimate to support an insurrectionist sect against the British realm are already guilty of Sedition; to act on this belief makes it treasonous.
  • Violence is justified -  To believe that violence is justified in achieving one or more of the false tenets above is the mark of an enemy of my country.
Speech in Slovakia, 19th June (comments are mine)

Expect a furious backlash from Islamists and their apologists. 

Post script 16.15 
From Rohan Silva writing this afternoon in the Standard about breaking up the ghettoes:
Over the past 50 years politicians have been unwilling to intervene to ensure that social housing estates contain a broad range of ethnic groups. This laissez-faire approach might have made sense when Britain was relatively homogenous, but with ethnic diversity continuing to rise in our city, it’s high time we thought about a new approach.

If you want to see this type of interventionism in action, look at Singapore, which has been promoting ethnic diversity in its social housing for decades. Today around 85 per cent of Singaporeans live in government housing estates, which are regulated by an “Ethnic Integration Policy” that prevents any single ethnic group being over-represented in an estate. This is credited with successfully preventing the emergence of ethnic ghettos and promoting community integration for the good of the city as a whole.

As the deputy prime minister of Singapore said recently when explaining why their social housing policy is so important: “If we believe in social inclusion, we have to accept it doesn’t happen automatically because of the invisible hand of the market or the invisible hand of society.”


Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'The Islamist ghettoes must be broken up, and inhabitants dispersed to normal, liberal, British communities..'

That would conflict with their human rights - and you're forgetting the people who want to live amongst their own, whose name is in this land; suffered for it; died for it, over and over again.

You should join Dave's new model Tories Raedwald, perhaps become an informant for them. It's going to be tough century this one and we're only half way through the second decade. However in the end survival will concentrate the minds of even the worst self-haters.

hige sceal þe heardra, heorte þe cenre, mod sceal þe mare þe ure mægen lytlað


Demetrius said...

Too little too late and too many compromises.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - British law is trumped by EU law, as Cameron very well knows.

But in general there is far too much thought policing going on - let's be clear: it doesn't matter a f@@k what somebody thinks, or what they believe. In a free society, which we like to pretent we have, what matters is what they say (if it amounts to incitement) and above all, what they do.

It seems to me far too much of the reaction to all this stuff smacks of fascism, and knee jerk reactions - possibly understandable, but self defeating.

In fact since 9/11 the reaction of the west has been essentially self defeating.

We have allowed a few renegade ragheads to dictate how we live. They could not have dreamt of a more successful outcome (from their point of view).

Frankly to hear Cameron pontificating about ISIL makes me want to throw something large and heavy at the TV.

What matters is upholding law and order, and true British justice at home. If some fool travels to Syria, well tough. That's his problem and the security services are paid to follow him when he returns until he can be shown to be or not be a risk.

But that is the extent of our commitment.

I personally couldn't give a shit who is president of Syria, or Iraq, but I know it is not worth the blood of a single Tommy.

If a terrorist organisation attacks the UK or UK interests, we have the SAS to take out the indivduals responsible.

But all this airstrikes stuff - it's utter bollocks.

Yokel said...

Let us remember that many actions implemented by popular acclaim allegedly to "tackle" Islamism end up being used against Christians, not Muslims. This government has form, I refuse to believe its bona fides until I have seen the programme in action for a decade.

Dean Ditchbank said...

The *moderate* Majority of Muslims will always produce the vicious minority that will make peaceful coexistence, civil society and the rule of law impossible. The quiescence of the moderates empowers the extremists. You couldnt have extremists without the moderates they shelter behind. It is an insurgency in which the Mau-Mau vanish back into population after every attack.

Cascadian said...

Everything the camoron is attempting to curtail is taught in the madrassahs and mosques.

I wonder what could be done to eliminate these negative practices?

Such a difficult question for somebody such as the camoron, they never taught this in PPE, university and Westminster drones are totally perplexed.

So I will repeat the solution, for the hard of thinking-shut down the madrassahs and mosques-today.

Anonymous said...

Cuffleyburgers pretty much has it. I think that the root of all of this is the client state that Labour and its liberalista dags has foisted upon us over 5 decades - read "rivers of blood". To unwind this is blimmin well hard; but unwind it we must; and it starts right now. We must cast aside Labours "client state" that it created for own ambitions, and get back to a proper Britain. Yes; a proper Britain.

Coney Island

James Higham said...

You trust anything Cameron says?

DeeDee99 said...

Cameron talked a good talk .... but he's done that before and nothing happens.

He talks about Muslims being brainwashed by extremist Islamists. But he fails to recognise, or at the very least fails to admit, that Muslims are effectively brainwashed from birth. They are force-fed the Koran and the Hadith throughout their childhood; they are not allowed to question or dissent.

When a child is brainwashed from a very young age and not allowed to question the teachings, it is very easy for another, more extreme, Imam or Islamist propagandist to move them in a more extreme direction.

The Jesuits summed it up very nicely "give me the child to the age of 7 and I will give you the man."

We need to close down state-funded Muslim Faith Schools. Muslim children should be educated in a secular environment with children from other communities.

But he isn't going to do that. He pursues with the ridiculous idea that a few lessons on "British values" will counter the deluge of Muslim propaganda they are bathed in from birth.

Cull the Badgers said...

I hope Cameron does not turn this into a negotiation - it is a fear he will. The issues of the preservation of our way of life and the future direction and makeup of our society and beliefs are not to be diluted. He must not make concessions - it is for the others to make the concessions; they have demanded a got far too much out of us already.

It is a battle to preserve our civilisation. No more appeasement - being reasonable has gained us nothing. It has been seen and exploited as weakness.

G. Tingey said...

Remember, that, until very, very recently, many christians also held two of those tenets:
Namely that women are inferior to men - as sanctioned in the Big Bumper Book of Bronze-Age goatherders' myths by Saul of Tarsus ( "Saint" Paul )
And that christian doctrine trumps British law.
There are a few loonies who still believe this, but they are fortunately a tiny minority.
Just sayin'
[ HINT: It's a religion - they are all like this ]