Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Banks and Terrorists

I remember back in the '80s, following big-bang and the expansion of the financial system, when banks were suffering from account fraud so that cashiers were provided with photocopied 'caution' lists of foreign individuals with whom the bank should not deal.  The list was ordered alphabetically by country; a few names listed for Brazil, a few for Chile, a handful for Denmark and so on. Until, under Nigeria, the list simply said 'All'. Well, the banks had about as much success in halting the exploitation of the West's financial systems by energetic and enthusiastic Nigerians, the world's greatest fraudsters, as Canute had in halting the waves. 

So I wonder how successful the listing on Thomson-Reuters 'World Check' terrorist institutions database of Finsbury Park Mosque will be. The imam of course is outraged at being listed but ordinary folk may remember the Mosque as a hotbed of Islamist extremism that spawned Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui, sheltered Abu Hamza and bred the London Ricin plot, and therefore think the listing is reasonable. 

And of course there are those who, until Islam in the UK reforms itself so as to conform wholly to David Cameron's check-list of unacceptable tenets of faith, who would simply avoid the discrimination issue by listing, under the heading 'Mosques and Madrassas in the UK' in the Thomson-Reuters database, 'All'.  


Sebastian Weetabix said...

Peter Oborne seems remarkably credulous when it comes to dealing with our Muslim brethren. He extends no such credulity to the Israelis. Interesting, hmm?

G. Tingey said...

"All" ??
Even the Ismaili & the Sufi?

Somehow I think not.

This is not to say that a huge amount do need careful consideration, shall we say?

Raedwald said...

Greg - Yes, good point. I should have written all Sunni mosques.

Ed P said...

To be sung as the terrorists' nuclear bombs go off, "Sunni, thank you for the (artificial) sunshine you gave to me"

Cuffleyburgers said...

Frankly I do not believe there is a massive threat to UK citizens from Islamic terrorists.

There will be isolated sporadic unpleasantnesses to be sure, but it is not a systemic threat that needs billions spending on it to resolve, and it is not worth tearing up what little remains of our liberty to "prevent".

The idea of an organised "islamic fifth column" is risible, although they'll be happy to let us be scared by it, and even the suppsoed threat posed by immigration is largely imaginary.

For the record, I am against unfettered immigration, but for other reasons; and I really couldn't care less which particular god or gods a proposed immigrant professes to belive in provided he is also prepared to believe in liberty, honesty and hard work.

Far more people are killed every year on the roads than by terrorists, and probably more by lightning strikes.

I am far more concerned about the activities of our own governments which are using this as cover to build up a huge people-like-us security/political/industrial complex. UNlike that which pertained during the cold war when there was a (barely) credible threat, this imaginary internal threat will never go away and so the weight of this will be on us for ever.

Things will only get worse from here, until people wake up.

Anonymous said...

Re: "Cuffleyburgers"

The issue is one of cultural corruption.

If you talk to the locals in Islamic dominated areas such as Birmingham or Tower Hamlets, its the tales of local corruption, how favours and even basic council services are allocated on political and personal whims rather than needs.

The reason that Pakistanis come here is because Pakistan is a shithole, yet so many of them replicate their behaviours that made Pakistan a shithole in the first place. It's these behaviours that need to be challenged and right now the "racism" allegation carries too much weight.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Anon - yes, that is a valid concern - most of us don't want to go to Pakistan ad we don't want Pakistan to come here.

The deal is you are allowed to come but "our gaff, our rules" - polygamy, FGM, and corruption are not part of the deal.

It would help if far less of the economy was run by local and central government and more of it by free markets.

Big, intrusive government is the number 1 driver of corruption.

G. Tingey said...

Ah "free markets"
Carefully rigged, every one of them, unfortunately.

Nice idea, no banana