Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bloody Butcher tells Labour to lie more

The Bloody Butcher of Baghdad emerged from his crypt today to warn Labour that unless they learn to lie properly to the electorate they won't win power. Blair pointed to his own record of mendacity, deception, distortion and omission as an example of how to succeed in gulling the voters. 

"Just look what we achieved" Blair said "We destroyed the last vestige of rebellion and free-thinking among  the remnants of the English working class, closed half the county's pubs to limit sedition, robbed traditional community identity of its strength by dilution and had nearly half the population financially dependant on the State. Until Gordon tried to be clever and wrecked the bloody economy. You don't get there by not being able to lie effectively"

Commentators speculated that Bloody Blair is running scared of Labour picking a leader who won't protect him from prosecution once the Chilcot inquiry is published - now expected sometime in 2021, just after the next election.   


Anonymous said...

Dead man walking.


Anonymous said...

Radders old chap - you have made an alarmingly short list of bastard Bliar's dreadful social engineering "experiments". I won't fill the entire blog page with the other hundred or so deliberately nasty deployments against the British people of all classes (except, of course, the Westminster metropolitan elite) because it might cause blood pressure and cardiovascular problems to your readers.

Coney Island

Ed P said...

Great cartoon, but I'd like to see a few more Brueghel-like tortures inflicted on the despicable walking corpse.

John M said...

Blair's speeches today simply highlight the fact that there are essentially two factions withinthe Labour Party these days:

1) Those who are happy to pretend they are socialist to get themselves jobs in politics, and who think it's ok to basically tell the electorate whatever it takes to get themselves into Downing St

2) Those actual socialists who swallow the fact that they need to support someone from (1) to have any chance of being elected these days, but vainly hang onto the notion that they will be able to control the Blairite if power is actually achieved.

Blair spent his entire tenure as leader taunting the left of his party with "back me or sack me but you won't get re-elected and you know it" positions; on Clause 4, on NHS Trusts, on Academy Schools to name but a few. His resurrection today was a masterstroke of comedy I thought.

But until the Labour Party actually figures out what it wants to be (or better still, splits into two distinct parties and calls one "New Liberals") the lot of them are going to drown together. Strangely only the first group appreciate that, but they are rather hampered in breaking away by the other inconvenient truth - that all the Union Labour funding comes in because of the f*&*king socialists...

DeeDee99 said...

Great blog today Mr Raedwald.

I wish it could be published in our sycophantic Dead Tree Press. But they still seem to worship at the feet of The Great Shyster and are going into collective hysteria at the thought the Labour Party may be committing suicide ..... and therefore leaving an opportunity for an alternative Opposition to emerge.

Anonymous said...

A man of straw, controlled by the maitresse dominateur and she always was the power behind the throne. The Hand that guides and up his fundament, thus ever can be expunged, all can be disacknowledged. It follows that, all actions thus are rapaciously undertaken no matter how heinous are the businessmen, projet, end, whosoever is the shaitan.

All these evils allowed, which can be met, glad handed and milked for funds for to builden unto the Empire of the witch and Bliar the frontispiece receives his expurgatory medicine with the relish of the repentant sinner. NB and all punishments dispensed by the arch priestess purveyor of mendacity, malevolence, graft and favour. Easy money.

Conscience assuaged, cleansed and abutted he then lectures to the world, even unto the Marxist scum called the lav party on; morals, values and electioneering with barely a pause for considering the truth, for he knows it not.

They let him into the Church, though, there is only one true redeemer, thank God.

Ed P said...

Anonymous, were your weird comments written in Swahili and translated by Google perchance?

James Higham said...

You were a little kind to him in the sketch.

G. Tingey said...

Ed P:
This particular Anonymous is plainly mad, given his last remark.
Ignore him, he's a loonie as the muslims