Thursday, 16 July 2015

Cameron now needs Treaty change, not 'written agreement'

Open Europe got it right on the EU's broken promise not to use EFSM to bail-out the Eurozone. The 2010 agreement was a 'solemn, written, binding agreement' made between all 28 European Heads of Government and has just been discarded as as irrelevant by Juncker and the EU Commission; it was a 'political' and not legal agreement, and can therefore be discarded and repudiated at will. 

The Telegraph quotes Open Europe's Stephen Booth;
“Today’s developments are a boon to those who would like to see the UK leave the EU, and for good reason,” said Mr Booth. “This type of political agreement, so readily jettisoned in a moment of Eurozone panic, is precisely the type of agreement Cameron may, at least in part, be relying on to secure his negotiations and sell them to the British public. This episode will only increase the domestic pressure for the UK to secure treaty changes to underpin EU reforms.”
So Cameron's task now becomes either Treaty change, or supporting Brexit. Good. Glad that's clear. 


DeeDee99 said...

We saw exactly the same behaviour over Blair's renegotiation of the rebate, in return for negotiations about CAP reform.

The EU got the money ..... the reform never happened.

The EU blatantly breaks the terms of its own Treaties, when it suits. A non-legally binding agreement is worth diddly-squat.

But we all knew that anyway .......

Cascadian said...

So Cameron's task now becomes ........ supporting Brexit.

Many would wish that were true, all he has acceded to is a referendum.

Besides the camoron is not a negotiator, he just floats along with the crowd.

Mike Spilligan said...

My last comment a week or so ago got lost, possibly because I can't distinguish different tarts - but here goes:
Cameron reminds me of Stanley Baldwin who sat on every fence he saw and procrastinated until it became Neville Chamberlain's turn. NC got all the blame and yet it was SB who did most of the damage by doing nothing at all and supported Ramsay MacDonald in being "adamant for drift". Cameron, too, lets all the tides of any force and any direction wash over him - and us.

Raedwald said...

Mike - thanks for the reminder; Blogger sometimes diverts your welcome contributions to Spam & I should be quicker off the mark in rescuing them. Apols to anyone else to whom this has happened.

Robert said...

Cameron will not get treaty change. The EU is gearing up for a new treaty but not for some time. This will formalise the economic and political union of the Eurozone but after the UK referendum in 2017. Treaty change requires agreement from all members of the EU. This will not happen for the UK referendum or Cameron's 'renegotiation'. The aim is to give those non Eurozone countries which do not wish to join the Euro a position of 'Associate EU membership' which allow them to remain in the EU but limits their involvement with the requirements of the Eurozone.

Associate membership is being a second class EU member but still run by the EU.

Anonymous said...

Common purpose Dave, "negotiate" - whose kidding who here?

Everything and anything the EU does, Cameron is in full accord, Dave the green tosser once noted, "I want to see the EU extended to the Urals" - quite and what is there not to understand about Cameron?

He - 'cast iron' once let it slip and here it should be noted that, wondrous revelling in his ingenuousness, that, Dave blathered on in the Gulf because sincerely he thought it would not be picked up by the British media/public and all because he's so bloody dull headed. Dave mouthed, on Al jizyra , "I firmly believe that, Britain is better off in the EU and I will campaign to keep us in".

Therefore, any and all 'negotiated terms' Camoron brings back from the Empire of Economic madness and idiot bureaucracy..... won't even be worth spit.

Can't you understand and just like Wilson did in 1975 - the colleagues want it all their own way and nothing else will do.

The only way to negotiate with Brussels/Berlin is by ultimatum.

The internationalist wet dream - the EU is failing and falling apart, and as Iran proves eventually the world comes to you even if you are regarded as a 'pariah state' as indeed president Putin plays the long game - and anyway international agreements aren't worth the paper they are written on - just ask Tony and George W who tore up the rule book to bomb Iraq back to the Deash still in the Neolithic.

Ah, the colleagues who actually started considering a Grexit - incroyable!
Brussels, with its Ruritanian standard institutions; are all at sea over problems of their own making. Not least, in the Ukraine and on Russian sanctions which hurt the Fatherland as much as they do Putin, on the tidal wave of humanity being washed ashore in Italy and all points Mediterranean, not to forget the Greek botch-up. Then, there are the 'little' internal difficulties, from Sweden to Spain, Italy, France and just about any other country shackled to this dreadful federal juggernaut, the proletariat are beginning to smell the fear as they witness the deconstruction of the Brussels Empire.
Clealy its run out of road. It's been going for too long, 64 years too long and as Rod Liddel put it, northern Europe can never be united in a federal effort with any of the latino-southern Europe nations. The two halves are incompatible and to try to meld them, north and south together was a feat born of bureaucratic insanity, pushed by the European elite and in with their corporate blood sucking brotherhood, it can only end in one outcome - war.

Inevitably, "Negotiation" is needless time wasting. To send them a gunboat, far more appropriate.

These should be our British terms, trade only and all legal and political interference to end and if you [Brussels/Berlin] don't or can't 'wear' them - then and anyway Britain is leaving the EU - thus Brussels must make the best of it and tender for the most agreeable terms Brussels can sue.

What can they do - send in the tanks?

Anonymous said...

A request to somebody: please don't ask me if I want to leave the page. I've clicked the 'close' button, so, ipso facto, that's what I want to do.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

What Robert said.

John M said...

You have once again identified the correct question. It will be interesting to see if anyone from the mainstream media confronts Cameron with it in the coming days as there has been no sign of it being raised so far as I have seen.

Budgie said...

The only way Tsipras got away with a referendum was by springing a surprise at the last moment - too late for the Brussels elite to do anything about. But recall the open hostility, the hissing of venom.

You only need to ask the question: would Cameron negotiate as robustly as Tsipras and Varoufakis? to collapse in despairing laughter. You know that Cameron will fail, but still come home waving a bit of paper with his "concessions".

We will then, I suspect, vote to stay in the EU and, within a decade be in the euro as well. Elizabeth to Elizabeth. And all because our elites no longer believe in us, in Britain, or even in themselves.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Budgie - that's absolutely right, esp. about Cameron.

The only possible saving grace is that the whole fucking shebang is so transparently falling to bits that there is just an outside chance either of a no vote (which I doubt) or that the krauts, bless'em, will throw their toys out of the pram before we can join.

James Higham said...

Not going to help any though. He's being led a merry dance.

Dave_G said...

The quicker the signs of potential collapse of the EU/Euro the quicker will be the referendum to REMAIN in - if not to 'bolster' support for this 'marvellous project' then to 'avoid an even greater catastrophe'.