Saturday, 25 July 2015

ISIS, witch-burning in 17th Century Europe and sick Aylesbury Dogs

The horrors with which ISIS deals with apostates, homosexuals and sundry offenders against the primitive Sharia 'law' clearly have no place in the 21st century and are beyond any understanding or excusing. These Moslems are barbarian unenlightened natives, immersed in the stupidity of religious bigotry. As members of an evil death cult they have already consigned their souls to Hell. 

However, their activities are not without parallel in our own pre-enlightened past. During the Thirty Years War in Europe the phenomenon of witch-burning peaked; previously very rare, and after around 1650 rare again, but during the war period at least ten thousand women were condemned and burned alive in Europe - by both Protestant and Catholic authorities. 

The First and Second Enlightenments changed everything. European men since are not the same as men before, nor churches since the same as churches before. It is specious therefore to claim, as some feminists or atheists do, that either men in general or religious men in particular are still liable to incinerate gobby, clever or independent women. Witch-burning was never an individual psychopathic activity - it was a participatory sport in which men used their pre-enlightenment understanding of their faith to justify their collective barbarity. And that phase has now long passed from European mandom. 

However, the same primitive behaviour is still apparent both amongst ISIS in Syria and Iraq and primitive men of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, nearly all Moslem, in our own towns and cities. Their violence and sex crimes are not secretive, individual acts of delinquency but a collective, participatory sport with self-justification from their primitive and unenlightened understanding of their own faith. Sixty Moslem men raping a twelve year old girl in Aylesbury, throwing a gay youth from the roof of a building in Raqaa or sawing the heads from their terrified captives are all part of the same problem - that we are not, as enlightened Europeans, dealing with our equals but with those no different to our own ignorant, unenlightened ancestors four hundred years ago.

So no. We cannot allow Islam to be the equivalent in our society of Christianity until it has passed through the same enlightenment, undergone the same changes. Until then it is the unacceptable primitive faith of killers and abusers. 


Ed P said...

I was shocked to find out that Spain has only just raised the age of consent from THIRTEEN to 16. Compare that to the gang-raped 12 year old girl.

I think we're smug to think European men are that much more advanced & civilised - the restraining influence of our Christian heritage and moral teachings merely suppress primitive urges, not eliminate them.

Mike Spilligan said...

Ed P: It was actually from TWELVE to 16. For several European countries the AoC is 14; Austria for one (unless it's been changed recently). That came about in the 19thC.(it is said)because of its unusual demography; when spring came to alpine villages and the "sap was rising" it reduced "under-age" pregnancies, the next step being for the parents to whisk the lusty youngsters off to church, pdq.

Richard T said...

I have long wondered why there should not be financial reparations for the barbarity of these creatures. Any property they or their families hold should be forfeit and sold to provide a trivial measure of compensation to the girls whom they have debauched; the other aspect is that there should be no financial assistance from the state to their families on the basis that it may be reasonably assumed that they either actively or passively connived at what these men were doing. On other words accessories to barbarity.

Anonymous said...

How about burning these at the stake?

"pour encourager les autres", the only thing they understand - an eye for an eye.

zippgun said...

Both men and women - and indeed male and female children were killed during the witch mania. The famous American hangings and imprisonings at Salem in the 1690s (after the witch hunt had more or less died off in Europe) were due to accusations entirely made by young girls. Any statements based in the idea of there only being female victims and accusers are based on identity politics bias/ignorance.

zippgun said...

Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old bride in the US in the 50s - quite legal in the state where it took place. He was more or less chased out of England when he brought Myra on his UK tour with him in 1958. Writer Edgar Allan Poe legally married his 13 year old cousin in the nineteenth century. I believe the age of consent was raised to 16 from 13 in the UK only late in the 19th century after some sensational campaigning journalism about child sexual exploitation, mainly by WT Stead, who notoriously "bought" a young girl from her parents to prove his point about the latter day Sodom and Gomorrah London was.

plantman said...

Juliet is, I believe, described in the opening of Shakespeare's much loved and oft performed play as "a maid of 13 summers"

Quandary - do we change it, or add a rider when the speech is made?

Raedwald said...

Can schools still put on R&J without the teachers being charged with 'grooming'?

Plantman said...

My comment was not introduced to, in any way, condone what is happening. But it does take us off on a tangent into the field of judging and apologising for actions, morals and behaviour which are the product of different times. I for one will not willingly adopt the sins (by our way of thinking) of 3, 4, 500 years ago - and that doesn't mean I support or advocate them now.

Anonymous said...

What happened in Aylesbury is little Englisc girls were drugged, raped and buggered by, in the main, adults of Pakistani origin. The true figure for this particular form of 'enrichment' is in the thousands. Historians will write about this phenomenon one day, about how the politicians imported millions and destroyed an entire ethnic group for money.


Dave_G said...

Religion can be used as an excuse for all forms of debasement and until it is rejected en-masse we will always be complaining of one form of corruption or another by one of them.

Indeed the newest religion (CAGW) is guilty of many abuses of human rights and dignities - all condoned by the 'converted'.

James Higham said...

The First and Second Enlightenments changed everything.

Yeah, a new horror was born - the all-consuming religion of Big Science and PCism.

Edward Spalton said...

But the mass murders since the so-called Enlightenment are on a far greater scale.
The "colonnes infernelles" which the French revolutionaries launched on the Catholic rebels
of the Vendee were the ideological ancestors of the Einsatzgruppen and the greater murders of
the Soviets and still greater massacres of the Chinese communists. Human nature hasn't changed
at all. We live in a country which has permitted the killings of millions of the innocent unborn but is
too fine in its feelings to despatch convicted murderers. The victims have changed and, in general,
become more numerous. Until recently it was entirely acceptable to permit Muslim men to abuse
native girls because the authorities insisted that the police and others must "respect their culture".
In general, people are willing to behave as the authorities encourage them to do. There is no real change
except of the fashionably permitted victims.

Cascadian said...

Well known phrase in project management and manufacturing circles:

Don't bring me problems, bring me solutions-we know the problem, and the cause of the problems. The solution is......easy to implement. But our politicians will not contemplate it.

Anonymous said...

"There is no real change
except of the fashionably permitted victims."

I fear that, you are correct but that is a very black reflection on our so called 'society'. In saying that, 'Society' the unconscionable hubris of "we know better" has failed us. Britain is, now so fashioned where governance has been passed 'out of sight' of the individual and thus alien and unaccountable law makers are enabled - are not beholden to their peers which therefore engenders, a dystopian and where humanity is debased to the level of that of the lower orders. This was no accident.


A society founded on the ethos and morality based in the Judaeo-Christian tradition, a cohesion of strong tenets, of ethical and equable laws and dedicated to defending the rights of man his kith and kin, his rights to purchase a home he may name his own.

What is the alternative, why did we allow it to be usurped?

Anonymous said...

Register every mosque, then register (compulsorily eventually) every muslim to a mosque. Then start imposing charges on mosques, for health & safety, then for public security and policing. Then insist they have public indemnity for the crimes of their individual members. Impose collective financial penalties and loss of voting rights on all members for each crime committed within the mosque jurisdiction.
Police patrols of *muslim areas* with all Sikh and Gurkha officers. Hold public ceremonies in which mosque elders and congregation do public homage to the queen and the law, and to police as officers of the law. Internment and confiscation of family property for those who refuse. Hold municipal ceremonies in which individuals renounce the cult and become *EX-muslims* and are released from these financial penalties.
In all, a Jizya-tax for muslims. To curb them, start to think, like muslims themselves, in more collective terms.

G. Tingey said...

James Higham
You are both ignorant & stupid - unfortunately, the latter is incurable.
If you dislike science so much, you can go back to doing without electricity (at all) or any medicines or treatments devised since at least 1796 ( Vaccination for smallpox )

Ed Spalton
Another ignorant liar...
How many times do I have to point out that communism is a classic religion, really?
It has "holy truths" that are false & provably so...
It persecutes all the competing religions...
It is based on fear & blackmail ....
It has sects & factions that war on each other ...

You are asking for a return to the values that Raedwald & I decry, by asking for a strong christian ethos.
If you doubt me, try N Ireland's enlightened state ...
Err, um ...

Edward Spalton said...

And you, Greg, are immoderately and unnecessarily rude. Atheism would appear to make for bad temper as well as illogicality. How can" scientific materialism" be a religion? Especially when its followers tried so hard, and so unsuccessfully to enforce atheism. The Russian Orthodox Church today venerates the two million " New Martyrs" who were killed specifically for their witness to the faith.

I am reminded of my late father, who was berating an overbearing official.
" You are being very rude" said the object of his wrath, who was not used to people standing up to him.
" I know I am" said Dad " I'm trying to be. I don't think you can help it"

G. Tingey said...

Oh PLEASE GROW UP & learn to look at the reality, not the labels?
Precisely because so-called "scientific materialism" as promoted by Lenin etc was & is complete bollocks, is why it is a religion ....
Science means "Knowledge", not "control" or "politics".
The "atheism" that the CP promoted was just another religion.
It walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, it does what all the other ducks do ....
I am, in fact applying a very simple science/engineering test: "What does it DO?"
Not "what does it SAY?"
There is even a saying of Yeshua to back up this stance, if you would prefer that, talking about trees & fruits & how to tell them apart, isn't there?
If the labels were true, then E Germany would have been a democratic state - after all, it was there in the name, wasn't it?
Or the DPRK, which is actually a theocratic monarchy, & ruled by the hereditary God-Kings of the Kim dynasty.

Edward Spalton said...


Quod erat demonstrandum ,

I think.

G. Tingey said...

Yes, precisely, QED
I have demonstrated that you are reading the labels, not looking at the reality.

The unpleasant fact that you don't like it is NOT MY PROBLEM

Edward Spalton said...


You have only asserted opinions, not facts.

The fact that you assert them vehemently and rudely doesn't make them any more true.