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Friday, 3 July 2015

Islam is a religion of violence, but most Moslems are peaceful

In the post below I wrote that the BBC were right to reject the PM's call for a change of name for ISIS but for the wrong reasons. The Tories were also right to pick up on the Nazi meme - the duty of the State broadcaster to the national interest overides any aesthetic desire for 'impartiality'.  

It is a paradox that we have to accept that Islam is a religion of violence, bigotry and intolerance but that the vast, overwhelming majority of Moslems are peaceful. Thank you, Greg. And why is it that the combined intellects of the Conservative Party, the SNP and the BBC are unable to understand a matter so simple that the Speccie can explain it in a handful of words? 

It has been the Speccie's Douglas Murray who has fearlessly done most to disabuse the nation of the nonsense of Islam as a 'religion of peace'. And it's the Speccie this morning that states clearly
To say that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam is like saying Stalin’s Soviet Union had nothing to do with socialism, or the Inquisition had nothing to do with Catholicism. Islamic State has nothing to do with most varieties of Islam, just as Stalinism had nothing to do with most varieties of socialism, but Islamic State has everything to do with Salafist Sunni Islam, which has spread its ultra-puritan, ultra-reactionary literalist interpretation of the myths of early Islam across the world.

As the historian of the ancient world Tom Holland put it, when Islamic State fighters smash the statues of ‘pagan’ gods, they are following the example of the Prophet, who cleared the pagans from Mecca. When they proclaim themselves the shock troops of a would-be global empire, they are merely following the imperial pretensions of the early Islamic armies. When they execute prisoners of war, impose discriminatory taxes on Christians, and take the women of defeated opponents as slaves, they are doing nothing that the first Muslims did not do. As Holland neatly put it,
Such behaviour is certainly not synonymous with Islam; but if not Islamic, then it is hard to know what else it is.
So let's stop pretending that Islam is something it isn't. We're really grown-up enough to be able to handle this paradox; for Christians, it's 'hate Islam, love Moslems', and atheists and agnostics can condemn us both.


Anonymous said...

Whilst I would agree up to a point with you Radders, it is the passiveness of the majority that is worrying.
One knows that should the SHTF you could not depend upon your Muslim neighbour to save you from any bands of foreign marauding Salafist Sunni Islamic loonies.
Yet I would be willing to give my life to save my country.

DeeDee99 said...

"Most" Muslims may be peaceful .... but a significant and growing minority aren't.

And the peaceful Muslims are very quiet about condemning their non-peaceful co-religionists. In fact, polls show that a majority agree with many of their aims, if not their methods.

We have a 5th column in the country which is growing larger day by day ..... and the Government has no idea what to do about it.

Bernard said...

Further to DeeDee99's comment above - I can't recall in which newspaper I read this, but if the following figures are true, then indeed we have a problem, not only with the 'ROPers', but also with the authorities which fail to see any problems at all, or deliberately ignore them, until it is too late.

"The polls taken in the aftermath of the 7/7 massacres showed that 20% of British Muslims sympathised with the terrorists, and 25% felt the bombings were justified. Among young Muslims this number goes up to 35%."
"Five per cent of British Muslims tell pollsters they wouldn’t report a planned Islamic attack, 27% are against the deportation of Islamic hate preachers, and 37% believe British Jews are a legitimate target."
"One third of British Muslims believe that Islamic apostates should be killed, 78% supported punishing the publishers of Mohammed cartoons, 40% want Sharia in the UK, 28% want Britain to be an Islamic state, while two-thirds think ‘honour’ violence is acceptable."
"Their community also has strong ideas on family law as well: 51% believe a woman can’t marry an infidel, 49% don’t think a Muslim woman may marry without a guardian’s consent, and 52% feel a Muslim man may have up to four wives."

Anonymous said...

Spot on DeeDee99; what's more worrying is that our political elite are acting as Quislings by their sucking up to this fifth column.
Then again they are cocooned in their Westminster village from the life that us ordinary proles have to live everyday.

Anonymous said...

All of the above is correct. To add to the stats, there was another poll that stated that 68% of British Muslims liked the British way of live. The BBC drew delight from this fact; the happy-clappy luvvies saw this as just wonderful...

Until someone pointed out "err, what about the other 32%; figure than amounts to approximately 800,000 (equivalent to 10x the British Army) Deash cut-throats that live here, take our resources, but HATE us!

The days of Enoch Powell are upon us.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

I am sick to death of observing, hearing the media reporting "on another British family disappeared to Syria". Really, who the fuck cares and more to the point; the more who journey over there [the Levant and onwards] by leaving the British Isles, is one less headache for the security services and one less burden on the UK taxpayer. Surely! surely even for our submissive pro Islam authorities, it's a no brainer, let them go but don't allow them back in.

Secondly, you are either British or, a Moslem, thus the above paragraph, the media should describe them so as, "a Muslim family living in Britain". FFS they will never be - BRITISH - they hate us with a fervour bordering on a murderous intensity.

Saudi Arabia is our enemy, in UK Madrasahs and Mosques the hate pedlars teach the ways of Wahhabism, there is no middle way for these zealots, it is conquer [the west] or die in the effort of bringing dominion about.

For far too long, the tail has swung the dogs, forthwith it is time to clear out the Arabists in the FO and across Whitehall including the countrywide administration of local government.

Fat chance of that and thus, a takeover, in a horrible, bloody but short lived street [it won't be civil] war, Dhimmitude is coming.

Anonymous said...

During 'the troubles' I was in digs with a lovely Irish lady. You couldn't wish for a nicer landlady.
She had lived three-quarters of her life in London where she had married and then raised two daughters. Yet she would not condemn the bombing and bomb threats in London which could have taken her life, "they must have a reason", she would say. I guess she was a 'moderate' republican.

Similarly 99.9% of Russians, during the cold war, I'm sure were 'peace loving' but I've no doubt most of them would have taken to the red army tanks like a shot if called upon to do so. We would have been mad to have had an open-door Russian immigrant policy during 1940-1970 without very careful scrutiny.

Muslims coming to this country should leave Islam at the door or be turned away.

Mr Ecks said...

It does not matter how "peaceful" the average mossie is(altho a sizeable minority of them aren't). The average 1930s German was not a slavering monster. But the average anything is NOT going to stand up to the leadership. That is what makes them... you know... average. 1 nutter leading 100 mundanes=101 nutters. No more Islamics allowed in and their numbers not allowed to rise (using financial pressure so they can't afford more than 2 kids per woman).

Anonymous said...

I neither 'hate' or love Muhammadans, Raedwald. The English are an ancient northern people with our own myths, customs, folk traditions and yes, religion. There are currently 56 Muslim states - and a bit of perspective would be welcome because a few years from now the Muslim population of the UK will exceed the total population of Wales. Furthemore multi-culture does NOT add to the sum of all cultures, it subtracts:- 'diversity' in the context I've just described is an oxymoron.

I can tell you this, when the shit hits the fan you'll walk on glass to join the tribe that knows you best. I've seen it happen more than once. Only the biggest stones remain when the tide recedes.


G. Tingey said...

Excellent piece.
One point, however, as an atheist, I regard religious believers as loonies, who are mostly harmless, whatever their religion.
If they will SHUT UP & leave me alone, I'll leve them alone.
Troube is of course, a lot of them won't bloody shut up, but that's another story.

Regarding islam ....
A lot of muslims are silent for a very simple reason: THEY ARE FRIGHTENED.
Da'esh kills a lot more muslims, especially shia, than any other sort of person - or hadn't some of you noticed this?

Again you are a fuckwit.
I have changed, or rather transcribed one word in your piece & re-dated it for 1588:
Secondly, you are either British or, a Catholic, thus the above paragraph, the media should describe them so as, "a Catholic family living in Britain". FFS they will never be - BRITISH - they hate us with a fervour bordering on a murderous intensity.
Now fucking grow up.

Cascadian said...

Tunisia seems to understand the problem,

The camoron cannot understand the mosques and madrassahs are at the root of this evil, meanwhile

the defence minister thinks hiring more muslims, gays and females is the answer, a more toxic mix cannot be imagined. These are your "leaders"-pathetic is too timid a word to describe them.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just give them Libya, promise not to interfere but build a big wall around it and let them get on with it - living in a hell-hole of their own making. Just a thought.

Cascadian said...

"Why don't we just give them Libya"...because they already took it! Thanks in no small part to camoron.

Mr Ecks said...

"If they will SHUT UP & leave me alone, I'll leve them alone."

That will be the day Tingey.

As for your Catholics=islamist crap--Catholics had a founder who told them to turn the other cheek. Not "take their lands, take their women, kill the unbeliever". Anon is right in practical terms. Not every mos may HATE the UK but they will do what they are told by their leaders when the time comes. Regardless of their personal feelings.

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
But they ignored their supposed founder, didn't they?
Albigensian Crusade
Murderous bastard "Saint Dominic
Murderous bastard "Saint" Cyril of Alexandria
The Holy Office
Omagh bomb ....