Tuesday, 14 July 2015

SNP drop Cameron a gift

Signals from the quasi-fascist SNP over the party's voting intentions on amendments to the hunting laws were as predictable as polling on serving gefilte fish, lox and bagels in Munich's schools in 1937. The SNP loathe everything English with an intensity that Dr Goebels would have found it hard to achieve, and waving chaps in pink coats on horses at them have pulled them straight into a trap.

Changes in the hunting laws can wait. My old friend Eric the Eagle Owl is not due his P45 from the local hunt just yet. English Votes in Parliament can't. If Cameron needed defeat on one Parliamentary measure by the SNP in order to bolster support for EVEL he cannot have picked better than this one. 

So stay calm and let's take the hit - and make the most of the SNP's untenable interference in English matters.


Anonymous said...

I agree. After initial outrage, like you, I realised the subtle nature of the trap.

No real damage done to foxhunting, no damage to Cameron or the party; but a huge confirmation of just how vindictive and gloating this vile SNP bunch are likely to be.

Anonymous said...

Don't fall for it. The SNP are desperate for English votes for English Issues. It is Cameron who is in danger of falling into the SNP trap.

Anonymous said...

"The SNP are desperate for English votes for English Issues."

If it's to force another referendum and the Scots this time to vote to leave what's not to like?

G. Tingey said...

Most particularly as, the "foxhunting" vote would most likely be lost anyway, even on purely English votes ... yes it is a wonderful Heffalump-trap, into which the vile Presbyterian SNP appear to have neatly fallen.
Excellent stuff.

Rush-is-Right said...

English Votes for English Laws is only a half-way house. What also need addressing is the sheer number of Scots MPs in Parliament. There are far too many of them. Time for a cull.

Anonymous said...

As I posted on another forum "has Cameron just shot Sturgeon's fox" - snarf, snarf.

Coney Island

Dan said...

I see several layers of trap here.

Firstly, there is the obvious "Here you go SNP, give us some ammo to insist on excluding you from English matters".

Secondly, this is a test of how stupid the SNP are, and how much control Sturgeon actually has over her party; I would suspect that actually she hasn't got very much power to force obedience.

Thirdly, once the SNP get into the habit of rebelliousness, they will take a long time to be broken of the disease. Rioting in hounds is a serious matter, ask any huntsman, and it is equally serious a flaw in MPs.

Then there is another small matter of timing. Cast your mind back to the time the Hunting Act was passed. Who were most vociferous in its support? Why, it was Old, Socialist Labour of course. Old, red, unelectable morons whom Tony Blair gagged during each of his electoral campaigns to prevent them snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Kicking the Old Labour lot awake right at the time Labour are electing a new leader (who, thanks to idiotic Party rules, will be almost impossible to topple no matter how useless he proves to be) is another win for Cameron, especially if that nice Mr Corbyn can be eased into Labour's top job.

Anonymous said...

Paradoxically, the hunting business is to bring England and Wales into line with Scotland! How Sturgeon and Salmond can oppose that is beyond me. Does this mean that they think Scottish Law is wrong? Perhaps we should pass a law in Parliament that only affects Scotland?