Friday, 24 July 2015

US wants Britain in the EU for their benefit, not ours

There is something admirably straightforward about the way in which the US always, always, acts in the interests of the US. No sentimental nonsense about moral obligations, bonds of friendship and so on; the US will shaft (and has done, on several occasions) its closest ally if there is an advantage to the US to be taken from it. Let's not be upset or bitter about it. It's the way it is, and as I suggest, an approach we should emulate.

There will be those this morning ignorant of the above principle, who will fondly imagine that Obama's urging the UK to remain in the EU is altruistic advice given for the benefit of the UK. Get real, folks. The US has absolutely no interest whatsoever in maintaining Britain's diminished world position. Entirely the opposite, in fact.

The US would rather have us propping up a militarily weak Europe to allow the US, in time, to withdraw from NATO obligations. The US would rather lose the anomaly of Britain and France each having a seat at the Security Council when it would rather that one of those seats went to South America.  The US would rather have the EU's emollient and accommodating majority force Britain to give up inconvenient thorns such as the Falklands. The US would rather have the Euro nuclear capability under one finger - that of the senior EU official. And no doubt a score of other reasons. 

So we must thank Mr Obama for his advice, and politely remind him that the UK generally makes up its own mind on such matters. Generally about three years before the US president does.


John miller said...

Well, Baz, I'll think about it after you've complied with my wish of a few months back to lead the way on the Falklands by giving Hawaii back to the Polynesians.

Anonymous said...

Why be polite tell the leftie prat to go fuck himself and mind his own business.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"it would rather that one of those seats went to South America."

Well he'll be disappointed there, I think.

It's only a matter of time before Britain's seat is surrendered to the EU. I expect the date has already been decided in Brussels.

Poppa Bear said...

Talk about two faced ! Obama spouts this crap whilst all the time trying to f**k us with TTIP.

Anonymous said...

The British electorate has listened to what President Obama said and will treat it with the repect it deserves.


Mr Ecks said...

Almost right Radders.

The US govt ALWAYS acts in the interests of the US govt. As far as Obummer and the Federal Tyranny are concerned absolutely everybody else can fuck off, slurp shite and die. And the UK is well down the list. At the top is America, the American people and the freedom America once stood for. Obama hates nobody more than them.

Anonymous said...

I thought that, the great guru of Cultural Marxist bullshit was off sorting out his homeland - Africa.

So depressing to be told what to do, by a child playing games he does not comprehend.
But then, post WWII the yanks were so damn keen to push us off and into the ranks of the Empire of corporate control, in the US we have always been seen as rivals and never as equals. Thus, drained and sapped by the French and other leeches of the Brussels federasts, is what the Pentagon and secretaries of state were always minded to encourage to keep Britain chained up.

As usual Obama talks BS but his words will echo with the north London blob, those brain washed, wasted coke heads 'our' metropolitan socialistas, who hang on to his "The Kenyan" every word as if it was sent down by the prophet.
Fuck them and fuck POTUS.

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. The US always acts in its own pragmatic self interest, which is an honest and admirable trait once you realise this is what they are doing.

If President Obama wants the United States to join a political union where the Congress is subservient to a supranational parliament of other countries, the US Supreme Court is held in check by an international court and the American presidency is usurped by an unelected Commission, he is very welcome to make that case to his own people in the United States. He won't. And if the EU is not good enough for America, it sure as hell isn't good enough for the British either.

My take here:


Cascadian said...

Obama's comments were of course vetted and approved by the camoron before they were uttered.

You do understand that I hope.

Budgie said...

Cascadian, love your comments, but I thought the last time the 'Americans' sought the approval of the British PM before they said something was prior to 1776?

Budgie said...

Ever since a handful of politicians in the thirteen colonies grabbed power they have sought to attack or undermine the British. That is their considered and continuing policy, and very effective it has been too. Obama is just rather dim, so has spoken out loud the hitherto unmentioned aim: to finish the British once and for all by dissolving us into the EU.

Cascadian said...

Budgie, you are correct, approval is entirely the wrong word, "agreed to" is what I was aiming at. There are still diplomatic niceties to maintain (one assumes).

Whatever the correct wording should have been, we all know that the camoron was pleased to hear this statement, and delighted that he did not have to say it.

Agree that Obama is dim, doubt that he would want to "finish" Britain though, lets be honest the camoron is doing an exquisite job of that, and obama is too busy destroying the USA and the middle east..

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken America said...

"The US would rather have us propping up a militarily weak Europe to allow the US, in time, to withdraw from NATO obligations."

To add to add to that, so would a lot of other United Statesians. I for one can not see one reason Europe deserves one more dead American Soldier buried on EU soil. Don't you have enough already?

This is the only good thing ever to come from the mouth of that worthless pieces of kenyan crapola.

G. Tingey said...

FUCK OFF ignorant twat!

The US was FORCED into both WWI & WWII, because other people had hostile intent &/or hostile actions against the US.
Or did you never lean any history?