Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Economic migrants fuelling far-right resurgence in Europe

The map below explains why I've been keeping an eye on Austria's treatment of economic migrants; along with Hungary, the little nation is on the front line against those crossing continents in search of a share in Europe's wealth. 

Already little Slovakia is baulking at the coming burden; the Slovaks have declared they are willing to take war refugees only, and then only Christians 'as there are no mosques in Slovakia'. Hungary has announced it will treat illegal border crossing as a criminal act and imprison defaulters for four years - throwing them back to Serbia when their time is up. Latvia are refusing even to take the token 250 migrants that the EU is pressing upon them. East Europe generally is in revolt against the EU - stoking support for the far-right against what's perceived as being a left-wing policy problem driven by Brussels. 

It's alike a domino effect in reverse. The harder the Eastern nations resist accepting a share of the costly and disruptive migrants, the greater the pressure on Spain, Greece and Italy - and Germany, which has acted as a sponge to soak up migrant pressure. However, German voters are getting close to their limit - putting pressure from the far right on Merkel's social-democratic centrist government. 

The UK won't escape opprobrium. Along with France, our rash and ill-advised action in Libya is seen in Europe as precipitating the migrant crisis; and having helped create a massive problem, we're now seen as trying to escape payimg for the breakage by hiding behind our moat.  

This is all boiling to a head across Europe. 



Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Heh ... look at the socialist paradise of Sweden...

Cascadian said...

Meanwhile, the same players are about to make the same mistake in Ukraine, no lessons were learned from Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Somalia and Iraq. (and their neighbouring countries)
I have sympathy for the refugees seeking peace and prosperity always provided they are willing to work for it and not be a strain on social systems that they have contributed to.
Still think this could be a nice little earner for Greece if they built many camps and charged EU exhorbitant detention fees while the disposition of the refugees was determined. I could see camoron and maybe (and no doubt many other EU leaders) paying almost anything to make their problems disappear.
Strange we do not hear about PEGIDA any more.