Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Forget the Gay Grocer, what about Chilcot?

Just as the press were dropping heavy hints about a senior Labour paedo, still alive and still in Parliament, and were building up to an expose, the Grocer Ted story hits the front pages. Convenient, that. 

For what it's worth, I don't think he was a kiddy-fiddler, but two pieces of evidence - anecdotes told by a boatyard worker in Newhaven who used to crew for him, and the dreadful, awful, queer-camp decoration of his house in Salisbury - scream that Heath was certainly a Friend of Dorothy, though probably a non-playing member of the club from the 1960s. 

So now that's over, let's get back to the senior Labour paedo still in Parliament, and more pertinently, the Chilcot report which is expected to condemn a former Prime Minister and his dags in a way that leaves the vague innuendo against the Grocer look like playground taunting. 

There's nothing accidental about the release of the Heath story at this moment - Tom Watson, one of those behind it, is a candidate for Deputy Leader, and speculation is that he can least afford to bear the exposure at this time of the identity of Labour's still-active Parliamentary paedo. Let's have him named. 

Gay curtains - but not Liberace's


DeeDee99 said...

I think Heath was probably a kiddy-fiddler - too many rumours for far too long.

But I agree that this is probably diversionary tactics. It's so convenient for The Establishment to identify individuals who are beyond justice in this world, leaving those still alive protected by a wall of silence.

I am beginning to think that the Chilcot Report will never see the light of day. At least, not whilst the warmongerer Blair is still alive.

Anonymous said...

They, the self proclaimed democracy bringers made war on a strongman who was a murdering monster but what they unleashed was of an order of chaotic slaughter far greater than the original misdiagnosed action, cue our ex PM and Dubbya Bush.
Once they had broken it, they looked around for answers and found themselves in the middle of a real war, the repercussions of which manifest themselves as an internecine and brutal pestilence in the northern territories of Iraq and its neighbour Syria - it's still broken and NOW they've run away.

George W Bush, a little to his credit but idiotically wishing to finish what his father started would have gone in with US troops only but you know who pushed and pushed to be allowed to join in, and after all Tony knew what he was doing, even if everyone else didn't have clue.

The rearguard action being fought on the great liar's behalf to halt the release of Chilcot would shame the professionals who were kicked out of southern Iraq with their tails between their legs. It takes no sage to realize it, it is also without doubt that, the power behind the throne once again is doing the very heavy lifting and all of the fighting to keep Chilcot running round in circles emailing "various parties". In the aftermath and shit storm though, the Whitehall generals are also interested in keeping Chilcot busy for they will be mightily, justifiably panned and rightly so.

The Iraq invasion, left the army up shit creek - ill equipped for a peace keeping role and without enough boots to do a half decent job, the generals went along with the politicians. What a horlicks, with a city [Basra] to oversee which was at first friendly but as the Ayatollahs in Iran got to grips with arming and stirring up the nutters, a hopelessly understrength the British garrison was left [forgotten about] while the politicians and brass-hats dithered over what to do. An army in no man's land and desperately wondering what its new role was after the "great victory achieved".
Victory? when Saddams rag tail army very unsurprisingly succumbed to "shock and awe". An army UK forces abandoned, to be corralled in their base and having to ask permission [from the local nutters] to finally get out of their stronghold.

Notwithstanding, the bravery of our lads [NCOs, Unit commanders and the PBI] which is unquestioned, retreat from Basra and ignominious surrender was their only option.

A disgrace, all mainly thanks to Ton's sofa spin government and because there were no WMDs, we went to war sabre rattling, based on an egregious lie which Hans Blix told us all that there was 'no smoking gun'. But the Labour prime minister wasn't having it and it went down, all to do with a sexed up dossier penned by a writer of guff for a soft porn magazine and notorious drunk.

It cannot be said often enough, the British army should never have been in Iraq in the first place - but that's never worried that ex PM because his bloated bank balance relies on riding the wave.

The Chilcot report needs to be published and because it needs to, it won't be.


Heath probably, Watson - that fat pompous Marxist singing oaf lets see him wriggle and "a name out in the open" - was he a mate of the scouse fixer?

Anonymous said...

"there were no WMDs, we went to war sabre rattling, based on an egregious lie which Hans Blix told us all that there was 'no smoking gun'

It's also why David Kelly lost his life...

visc said...

I agree the Heath story coming to light in the press is very convenient.

I always understaood that the allegations against Heath were not only that he has a prediliction for young boys who would go sailing with Heath but never come back. The Security services were complicit in obtaining and covering this up it is alleged. So the common themne with Iraq is that the security apparatus of the state acted in a lying murdering psychopathic manner (Kelly - Iraq) at the behest of a morally bankrupt Prime Minister and a vile human being (Blair/Heath) in both cases.

If you follow the Stalinist maxim that one death is tragedy and a million a statistic - perhaps easier to see why it is so easy to misdirect attention.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dare I suggest?...I know what happens next..but I am so dying to ask...

Ok ..here goes.

Why did Dr kelly lose his life?
For what possible purpose ?

Budgie said...

BQ, I'll answer yours if you answer mine. Here goes .....

Why is it that Varoufakis may be prosecuted for treason?
For what possible purpose?

visc said...

John Byng

Bill Quango MP said...

Doesn't seem to be a real story Budgie. I mean not a real threat. The story is plausible. Not sure what his 'treason' is if simply preparing for a temporary method of managing basic trades once Greece tumbled out the euro. As was at least a possibility a few weeks ago.

I suspect its EU officials sounding off. Though God knows why. EU won that battle convincingly.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Bill - they may have won the battle but I believe time will reveal it to have been a pyrrhic victory, and in future years will be seen as their Stalingrad.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Forget the DEAD Gay Grocer, what about Chilcot?

there - fixed

Budgie said...

Visc has it right - John Byng. Or as Solzhenitsyn explained: the shit always rises to the top. Or on a mundane level: don't be right when your boss is wrong.

Dave_G said...

Forget about ALL the allegations.

Someone, somewhere, has the real dirt and is USING that dirt to assert inflence and control over....... pretty much bloody anything!

Was Heath 'made' to take us into the EEC?

What are the current paedo suspects doing to policies RIGHT NOW under the potential threat of exposure?

Those who KNOW who are guilty, those who hold the evidence are the very people who are in CONTROL of this country.

Sod the accusations - reveal who the MANIPULATORS using these facts to nefarious ends really are.

THEN get the paedos.

G. Tingey said...

am beginning to think that the Chilcot Report will never see the light of day. At least, not whilst the warmongerer Blair is still alive.
Agreed - it will never appear unless some principle person is prepared to go to jail & steal & then publish a copy.

Yes Kelly - murdered by the CIA, alonst certainly.