Monday, 24 August 2015

Making money from the migrants

Der Krone reports today on the extent to which the 'informal' Greek economy is taking advantage of the millions of economic migrants headed to Europe from Africa and Asia Minor. Fake papers to identify the migrants as Syrians rather than Pakistanis, Iraqis or north Africans cost about €150; these will get you free passage to Athens. From here a taxi to the Macedonian border - for a train to Serbia and onto Austria or Germany - is another €35, or for the affluent migrant the going rate to Germany itself is €500. 

The Turks, who have no reason to want to keep the migrants, make sure their naval vessels in Bodrum are 'blind' to the fleets of RIBs openly leaving the port for Kos. None are ever stopped. 

And Greek strawberry farmers are making good use of the cheap labour, too; €10 to €20 a day that undercuts already stressed Greek workers. You can't buck the markets. 

Sellers of SIM cards, cheap mobiles and of course provisions and comestibles are also making considerable sums from the migrants - as are sellers of cheap lifejackets in Turkey. 

But by far the lion's share of money to be made from the migrants goes to the people smugglers, the Thomas Cooks of the migrant world, who offer an all-in package from Karachi to Bradford, often paid for with money sent by Western Union from the UK.  

And of course with borders open between the Med and the Channel, with the migrants come drugs and weapons ...


Mike Spilligan said...

This reminds me a little of the Klondyke gold rush, after which it was said by many to be a bonanza - not for the gold prospectors, but for the traders selling them all the "essential" paraphernalia; less stressful, too.
As for your other comments, all of that is only to be expected, plus fake trade certificates, too, I wouldn't be surprised. Our civil servants, living in nice detached homes in Surrey, are so unworldly - expecting everyone round the world to play the game according to the rules. In Greece, Macedonia, or wherever, they're probably joining in, looking for any chance to make a euro or two before the bubble bursts.

Demetrius said...

When I wonder will we begin to have the first beheadings in the UK? Will it be before or after the first stoning to death of women and others?

John Dub said...

"When I wonder will we begin to have the first beheadings in the UK? "

How can you forget Lee Rigby?

Cascadian said...

They are pikers, the real money is being made by G4S and Corus. Probably untendered contracts, time-and-materials plus guaranteed profit, no oversight, panic buying-exactly what government is known for and thus ruthlessly exploited. Licence to print money, just like the Olympics.
The camoron clown strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Pt I.

When I wonder will we begin to have the first beheadings in the UK? Will it be before or after the first stoning to death of women and others?


"When I wonder will we begin to have the first beheadings in the UK? "

How can you forget Lee Rigby?

Aye Lee Rigby may he rest in peace but by God lad - the Lord moves in obscure and mysterious ways and possibly Lee, for what Briton's are about to receive, even though you death was heinous murder, imho you're well out of it.


Scarcely believeable, has been and ongoing the damage done to the homogeneity and coherence of what was once a social structure which upheld to an English sense of justice and seen to be done. English justice, because, though excluding academia - the people, we were striving to forge an equal and open society under the aegis of statute, and the precedent of common law.

What happened............what the fuck happened to BRITAIN?

Discrimination happened, Discrimination law - by imposed via diktat and a false God it was.

At the end of the 60's Race Relations Act [1968 and 1976] the law was altered to raise the rights of the alien over the indigenous inhabitants. The course was set, to the deconstruction of Britain, where ....."we the people" were made second class citizens in their own land but this was no accident it was so designed.
That mendacious weasel Roy Jenkins, in alliance and conspiratorially with full acquiesance of the Tories, Labour browbeat the British population through a media blizzard led by the BBC in deception and lies, "we must protect the overseas worker from prejudice" it was nebulous, duplicitous, accusatory propaganda but the upshot was to the effect, that, Britons caved in, surrendered and the discrimination laws were introduced.

Only Enoch Powell averred to the contrary, for Powell could see it - how the balance of society would become so skewed awry............. Blimey, Powell had to be silenced and duly the Westminster Mafia obliged, in cahoots with the so called 'right wing press' they vilified and slaughtered Powell. Through hindsight, history doesn't lie, evidenced by the facts, indeed Enoch Powell was correct and was truly a quite brilliant and visionary Englishman.

Anonymous said...

Part II.

Multiculturalism, integral was part of the Faustian design, metropolitan councils and their societal engineers had a field day but mostly it was done on the quiet, when Ray Honeyford was attacked and character assassinated - as far back as mid Eighties, the writing was clear block lettered and bold......... for those who wanted to see it.....but everyone [Westminster] stuck their heads back in the sand.

On and on.

Bliar and his sofa audience of demons, in enacting the HRA into British statute, was one of three final nails in Britain's coffin and trojan horse for the ECHR and it's bastard sister the mutually intertwined ECJ.
The others? door immigration. Total capitulation by the UK authorities in the face of any challenge from the Wahhabists - once the Black bearded nutters' boot was through the door, we did not push back.

I'll finish with two quotes, the latter is from Frederick Forsyth, the former is a comment I lifted from a blog thread who unfortunately will have to remain anonymous.

[...] There are, potentially, millions of genuine cases who could get here these days. And the cost and delays of examining each that isn’t genuine.

The main issue, however, isn’t illegal immigration nor asylum. It is the seemingly limitless amounts of legal immigration that our politicians will accept in defiance of public opinion.

This makes an utter nonsense of your claims to want to balance the economy, hit green targets, optimise public services and improve our wages and living standards. In fact any post which doesn’t mention these exponentially growning levels of migration is irrelevant by virtue of its omission.

My own view is that we are beyond the tipping point. That borders can no longer be controlled – and a country without borders is no country.[/quote]

[...]“Then how would the American people react if a government based in Bogota proposed to abolish all four and impose the South American legal system?” Answer: “Why they would surely revolt.

So what is your point?” “Simply this, Mr President.

The European Union, under the title Corpus Juris, intends to institute a single binding criminal justice system on all Europe, based on the Code Napoleon, the prevailing European system.

“It abolishes trial by jury, Magna Carta, presumption of innocence and lay magistrates.

The Code Napoleon insists on a single examining magistrate, the presumption of guilt until the defendant can prove innocence, a single judge assisted by two law assessors in place of a jury of 12 ordinary citizens, and detention in custody on the whim of the accuser magistrate.

Would you Americans want such a law code? “In short, Mr President, if we are not going to abolish our pound and join the euro; if we are not going to abolish our already too porous borders and join the Schengen Treaty; and if we are not going to abolish a law code that puts the citizen first and dates to 1315, what are we doing in the EU?[/quote]

DeeDee99 said...

The Roman Empire was destroyed when it became lazy, corrupt and its weak leaders failed to deal with the marauding hordes on its borders.

Europe's weak leaders have failed to deal with the marauding hordes from Africa and the Middle East and Europe will go the same way as the Roman Empire. (Not the EU, that is already a busted flush).... Europe as a continent and a civilisation is going to be turned into a tribal and religious warzone like the middle east and the Muslim parts of Africa.

AndrewWS said...

Very fine article, as always. But it's "*Die* Krone" (feminine - "the crown").