Friday, 7 August 2015

Petulant Yentob was an incapable Chairman

Anyone who watched an angry and petulant Yentob on Channel Four will have seen a man so used to getting hos own way that he was incandescent with rage that he had been unable to prevail in the case of Kids Company. Yet the charity's failure was, most of all, Yentob's own fault for gross financial mismanagement. 

The charity's finance directors repeatedly warned the trustees, of whom Yentob was Chair, that the charity needed reserves; any business needs access to a reserve of about three months of payroll costs, at least. Two finance directors resigned because Yentob's board paid no attention.

No doubt he imagined that if he continued to increase commitments in terms of clients and staff then the government would have no choice but to increase his grant to match. And no doubt this is the way Yentob has used to bulldoze his pet projects at the BBC. 

However, as far as operating in the cold commercial real world rather than the comfy tax-funded parallel universe that is the BBC, Yentob has clearly shown himself to be an incapable Chairman.


DeeDee99 said...

Car crash interview - and kudos for the Channel 4 interviewer for persisting in the face of Yentob pulling every emotional lever he possibly could to try and avoid answering the questions.

BBC Executives don't expect to have their decisions questioned; and that came across loud and clear.

Nick Drew said...

Reminds me of Will Hutton and what he *achieved* for the once highly-regarded Industrial Society / Work Foundation

"As a result of Hutton's directorship the Work Foundation ceased to be financially viable. The society spent more in salaries than it received in income, and eventually a winding-up petition due to insolvency was filed in the High Court, citing a pension deficit" (wiki)

Anonymous said...

Yentob, his only expertise is in hoovering up public pensions - his pot estimated at £6.3 million or 217K p/a for the rest of his natural! Not bad for a talentless nobody.

Ed P said...

Time to bring back Private Eye's name for him?

Apparently he hated being called Botney, although it's most appropriate for someone who gets things back to front!

Elby the Beserk said...

You may have read the DM article on Battyperson handing out free dosh to kids who then just go and spend it on weed. My son runs a YMCA cafe in the middle of a big city. Kids Company had offices on the premises. A regular sight was Battyperson coming in and handing out envelopes of notes to kids - who would return half an hour later smashed out of their tiny little heads.

Great use of taxpayer money eh? Well done, Dave, supporting this shambles.

John M said...

I love the benign way Yentob views the world. Apparently there was nothing wrong witht he way Kid's Company was run because thier accounts were audited for 15 years.

Well that's some defence, and conveniently ignores the fairly obvious fact that Kid's Company was completely f**king broke.

James Higham said...

Therefore he will be rewarded handsomely.