Monday, 10 August 2015

RIP David Nobbs

For those of us from a certain generation, Reginald Perrin was one of the markers of a sort of coming of age; first broadcast at a time of full employment and low house prices (I bought my first little flint-rubble cottage in Suffolk for £5,250 in 1977). The writing of David Nobbs was inspired, and set a bar that few today can pass.

Jimmy was one of my favourites, the warrior with feet of clay. Bit of a cock-up on the lip-sync front with this clip ...


Anonymous said...

The political claque and "the enlightened ones".....everyone who immerses themselves in the anti British precepts of a national deconstruction inspired by cultural Marxism; through the bbc and beyond to the corporates will tell you that, with credulous conviction - Britain now is a 'nicer' place.
Then to waffle on, and of the benefits of mass immigration, where the rules are rigid, of equality shoved down your throat and diversity up a darker somewhere else.....and which only apply to browbeating the white population, to keep them in line.

Britain, is a nation overwhelmed, swashed under an onrushing tide of a multicultural smorgasbord of people with a value set still firmly stuck in the dark ages. Mostly of men [and women], who are, to say the least are ill educated and under no pressure to change their ways and thus, we have become a polarized and dysfunctional society and never will there be a meeting of minds.

I wonder what, such characters as Jimmy would think, of what his land has become and [in general] of it all - like my grandmother said of my grandfather after his death, "it's probably a good job he went", what with the state of this country [after Blair/Cameron had, have laid it to waste].

Anonymous said...

I love the punch line.. "I thought support might be difficult".

Also agree with the comment above re. 'nicer place', there was an idiot on 'Any Answers' at the weekend telling us that politicians 'on the right', like Trump and Farage were 'divisive' while 'Corbyn will bring us together', (under the jackboot of Marxism?).

James Higham said...

The good slowly go down.