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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Thank goodness Juncker is so deeply stupid

There was a howl of anguish from the EU's unelected senior official, Herr Juncker, yesterday at the suggestion that Europe's nations might once again man their borders. The Brussels federast lost no time in contacting the democratically elected governments of the Shengen nations begging them to preserve the embryonic federal empire in its borderless state.

 However, it is the immediate and compelling pressure from Europe's voters on their elected governments that will determine this issue. The EU's notion of quotas is arrant nonsense akin to herding cats; you may transport migrants around a borderless Europe but like water they will flow back. And the 'let's all have a big hug' cretins in Europe's own populations who advocate allowing the entire third world in are so out of touch with popular feeling that they probably still think Blair is a force for good. 

Juncker is simply too stupid to realise that the EU can survive the return of certain borders, particularly those between the richer and poorer EU nations. Austria would dearly love to exclude Roma and Sinti more effectively, Hungary to restrict Bulgarians and so on. Borders between Austria and Germany,  France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and so on are far less critical. This is a good opportunity to 'tweak' Shengen without giving too much offence to the less desirable neighbours.   

But I doubt Juncker will see it this way; like many zealots his mind may simply be too inflexible. Which will encourage national action in defiance of Brussels - or widen the cracks already apparent. 


DeeDee99 said...

National political leaders aren't sufficiently scared of their electorates - yet.

Let's hope Marine Le Pen gives them good reason to mess their pants.

Anonymous said...

Those halfwit Empire builders, are fixated and thus stuck in their outdated and stupendously idiot federast delusion, the acquis actually turned out to be a garrotte.

The Kommissars of the Brussels, like a corpse in advanced rigor, rigid in their le grand projet are strapped in on the roller coaster of death. A train, which is hurtling downhill towards a financial and social catastrophe - they so dreamt of and spent most of the C20th purposefully designing.

On the other side of the world, the tremors are building towards a financial tectonic shift of incalculable proportions. The imminent collapse of that other ramshackle totally corrupt totalitarian Empire, and upon which there is much dependence for the Fatherland's and French/Italian exports could trigger and expose the decayed EU corporate market model which by some miracle somehow keeps the EU afloat.

For the PRC is imploding and because the whole model was structurally so unsound, built on the foundations of Communist micromanaging blether, rampant kickbacks - administrative peculation and business fraud. Then, ripping off Africa and the exploitation of its own people through cheap labour from the provincial peasantry moving into the new towns and cities of 'China's economic miracle' and all they make is gewgaws and crap at that.

Meanwhile, the Federast house that Juncker in his very small way helped fashion totters as a wave of humanity washes up on its shores. Juncker, the EU are the masters of their own downfall because promising endless handouts to all who can roll up here [€35K apiece] - 700,000 so far this year to say the least, begins to make the great EU euro asylum giveaway a bit stupidly generous and guess who pays for it....

It can hardly be said to be understating the case, that, this [open borders immigration] system must self destruct because the fundamentals - free financial handouts and an endless supply of hungry migrants crossing EU borders - is a system which is fucked beyond imagination and yet Jean Claude Juncker continues to fiddle but the tumult will stick him and his insouciant arrogance and of his cronies [with their allies in the corporate blob].

BTW and FFS - It's way past fucking time for Britain to bail out and to leave them to stew in a broth of mass immigration inspired dystopia and therein the forthcoming economic implosion.

Haven't we got enough on our plate as it is, with our own mass inundation from the subcontinent?

Demetrius said...

These ideas about population movement may have seemed to be one thing fifty or sixty years ago when the EU etc. began. But the increase in world population since that time and the implications of this means that old ideas may have to be discarded to face the new realities.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Is Juncker really a zealot? He strikes me as being like Peter Sellers in being there, snout deep in the trough, mildly alarmed there is a remote possibility of the trough being emptied or taken away.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Seb Weet: what a wonderful comparison.

I won't be able to see a picture of Druncker from now on, without imagining a pigeon crapping on his kepi.

Thank you.

Ian R Thopre said...

Similar sentiments to those expressed in my blogs on the subjects, though I have to confess after ten tears blogging on the subject and seeing the globalist idiocy become more deeply entrenched mine tent to be less politely phrased these days.

I'll point some links your way to get the message seen as widely as possible.

James Higham said...

He may be stupid but he can still inflict damage.