Thursday, 27 August 2015

The blasted Prince of Wales gets everywhere ...

It was several years ago now in Krakow, taking an early evening wander from my hotel to the studenty bars of the Kazimierz, that I noticed an English-language plaque on the gateposts of an attractive period house next to the surviving synagogue on Miodowa. It was, naturally, the Prince of Wales' foundation for something - arts, architecture whatever. I expect there's one in every city in Europe; the Crown Prince, in between visits to the dressing-up box at home, is an inveterate private European traveller. He has a cottage in Transylvania and no doubt a modest castle on the Rhine. Good on him. In promoting his view of what's truly sustainable and what's not I'm very much on his wavelength - as is Adam Aldridge, as Archers listeners may be aware. 

Whilst modern agribusiness scoffed at Bulgaria's horse drawn carts, small mixed farms and market gardens, subsistence smallholdings, hens in every yard and so on, wiser minds now realise that such methods may not create profitable agri-exports but neither do they devastate the land and soil. Turning 50 small farms into a vast perpetual Rape field worked by a single gigantic 12 foot high tractor and chemically dosed with food and poisons doesn't provide great employment possibilities, either. 

And just as Heineken is busy acquiring not breweries but water sources across Europe, the global corporates and insurance funds are busy creating agrifactories on the borders of Europe. Last week we had a delivery from Trieste; the wagon was registered in Serbia, the driver was Montenegran and for the three days the trip had taken him he was paid €30 a day. We were charged  around 25x his total wedge for the transport element. It was more than he could have made at home.

So it's hardly surprising that a third of all asylum seekers reaching Germany now come from Serbia, Albania and Kosovo - fleeing not war or persecution but relative poverty. Thanks to China's industrial revolution, even the poorest corners of Europe now have 3G wireless communication, satellite receivers, LCD screens and access to the interweb; they can see that they wear exactly the same jeans, trainers and hoodies as their counterparts in London, Paris and Berlin and thus are illusions of difference and distance dispersed. Exchanging their €10 a day for our casual labour €100 a day is just a short coach-trip away, and no barriers at all with an EU passport. 

And, with sympathy to those in Lincolnshire, Peterborough, Hull or similar, I see nothing wrong in having this freedom of movement within Europe - to work and earn that is, not to chase child benefit. In return the NHS could save billions by flying-out all routine surgery patients to Romania, Croatia or Hungary - it seems reasonable to me that in future one should pay to stay in the UK for a bunion op or a hernia procedure, a new hip or a breast reduction. Terminal Alzheimers sufferers can be cared for in Wroclaw or Poznan just as humanely as in Newcastle or Chester, but for a fraction of the cost. Making sure that everything we do creates sustainable local employment in Eastern Europe is the only way we'll slow the vast numbers heading here from Europe.


Dave_G said...

What do you call 'slow'? 250,000/year, 100,000/year?

We don't need to 'slow the vast numbers heading here from Europe' - we need to STOP them until we can decide precisely WHO we allow in.

DeeDee99 said...

Outsourcing Alzheimers patients is hardly in their best interests - since those suffering with dementia benefit from being around familiar things and familiar people (but I expect you know that).

However, outsourcing Prince Charles would be an undoubted benefit for the country. Perhaps next time he's on a jaunt to Transylvania we could arrange for them to kidnap him .... and then refuse to pay the ransom.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'I see nothing wrong in having this freedom of movement within Europe..'

That position will see us out as a people before the end of this century. Not only us either. In the same period we'll see the Nordic populations start to disappear, same method: become a minority first, then miscegenation will gradually finish the job as fewer and fewer natives are able to find partners. It will happen; ethnographers are predicting it, as are social anthropologists. In fact all northern European nations are scheduled to go the same way eventually. But hey, for the price of a race the world gets utopia.

I'm never more amazed than when I hear what people will except, or contenance, for wealth creation. It appears to be the same 'ends justifying the means' monster that we see in socialism. Finding it difficult these days trying to fathom which is the worst of the two. Some put money ahead of human diversity and some folk hate human diversity.


Cascadian said...

Steve, you might wish to blame European feminists for a lack of procreation, not hard-working EU workers.
EU rates of birth guarantee a collapse of your "native" populations.
Europe will be little more than an offshoot of Africa and the middle East where procreation is robust. Your future is more akin to Somalia than Montenegro.
The same is true for North America.

Anonymous said...

Cascadian said @ 18:46

'Steve, you might wish to blame European feminists for a lack of procreation, not hard-working EU workers.'

I may, but I won't because whatever the work rate of 'EU workers' there is no excuse for the drawn-out ethnocide of a settled population that is going on now.


'EU rates of birth guarantee a collapse of your "native" populations.'

For many, many reasons we no longer need a large population (twenty years from now half of all agriculture will be performed by intelligent machines working 24/7. My skills went through an automation cycle which by design ended without the need for me. What we needed was a stable population so that each and every one of us had as meaningful a life as possible; by constructing an economy that fits the people. Done the other way round you lose control - as they have.


cascadian said...

Steve, if you think you can maintain your standard of living, social services, pensions etc. with a declining population, you will be sadly disappointed.
An economy needs more than wishful thinking to operate properly.

Anonymous said...

Cascadian said @ 21:23

'Steve, if you think you can maintain your standard of living, social services, pensions etc. with a declining population, you will be sadly disappointed.'

I come from a poor background so what you say does not frighten me. My ancestors were very poor and little did they know that after centuries of economic oppression at the end of it governments in the future would one day engage in uncontrolled mass immigration, which would eventually replace them and their kin. Betrayal doesn't even come close to it, and I haven't even mentioned the blood that was shed to hold onto this land.

I'm guessing you're foreign because you don't seem to give a damn about how the English for instance survive into the future. And a homeland is what members of my family died for, not money or pensions.


Anonymous said...

Cascadian, isn't that up to us, the native populations of Europe to determine? Because I'd rather be much worse off and keep my homeland, than become a persecuted minority in my own country when "they" gain numerical strength over us.

The thing is this- we were never consulted, never mind asked.


Cascadian said...

Steve (and anon), I have the same background as you, dirt poor labourers from Norfolk and later migrated to Newcastle and London for work, every male fought in WW2. Every last one working class. That you feel betrayed is understandable, that does not change facts. If their existence does not frighten you,-no pension, no health service, minimal schooling and social services- you are a better man than I.

"The same is true for North America."......we have conciously chosen to be a minority in the future. Well not me, but certainly my childrens generation.

Wildgoose said...

Like you Steve, I want a homeland for English people in England. I don't have any objection to those who wish to come and be English, in England. They are welcome. But what we have now is not immigration, it is colonisation, and it must be resisted.

meltemian said...

I don't really think European immigrants are such a problem, a large percentage of them come, work for a while and then go home, it's the non-EU immigrants who manage to get into Europe and can then apparently move on to whichever EU destination they want.
I desperately want the UK to leave the EU but I don't think that will have much effect on the immigration problem unless it means we can rescind the 1951 Geneva Convention on Refugees etc.

G. Tingey said...

I see the raving "Romans" & women-haters are out in force.
I wonder if they would care to explain the dramatic drop in birth-rates in such non-European ( & non-christian ) countries as Japan & Persia ( aka Iran) as Education & living standards rise?
Thought not.
Now, excuse me but fuck off right back to your religious patriarchy & all the cruelty that implies.
Because you are simply expressing a watered-down version of the same stinking message that the Taliban & Da'esh are sending.