Saturday, 1 August 2015

Verdict: Cameron a weak streak of pee. Good.

Well, I hate to say it, but I was right. I predicted Cameron would react to the Calais crisis with just a roll of fencing and some encouragement to the French. I didn't mention the extra sniffer dog or the additional 6hpw overtime for the three UK immigration officers based in Calais but what the heck. He couldn't possibly have done less if he tried.

However, Cameron's weakness is a two edged sword. A Summer of TV footage of frightening African natives battering their way into Britain can only add significantly to the 'out' vote. Cameron's admission that 50 a day are getting through means the real total is probably closer to 200 a day, and the role of private cars in a well organised smuggling operation is becoming clearer as journos in Calais sniff the facts out. Add to that the images of burning tyres as French Corbyn supporters express their pleasure at his nomination and you have a potent mix that will keep the Mail and Express in a state of perpetual outrage. 

And of course folk are asking how 31,000 asylum seekers a year are getting here; they're not floating into the Hamble on rafts from Morocco, that's for sure. And before long groups of confused Sudanese migrants will be found wandering around Newhaven and Harwich as the problem moves to the secondary ports. And all it will take will be another ECHR case giving a Jihadist rapist asylum seeker the right to a council house or whatever and the 'out' vote will swell again.

So all in all, Cameron's weakness is actually a benefit to the 'out' campaign; imagine where we'd be with a Thatcher in Number 10 demonstrating how we could have tough borders, rational legal judgements AND remain in the EU ...

Oh. And don't mistake last night's partial respite from the assaults of the Friday people in Calais as anything other than a day of observance from primitive religionists.  


DeeDee99 said...

Cameron's a weak, spineless lump of jelly. He announces a COBRA meeting, like that's supposed to impress us that he's actually going to do something. And emerges to announce a better fence; a few dogs and a phone call to Hollande .... who has done nothing to deal with the strikers who are disrupting the ferries and virtually nothing to deal with the hordes of illegal migrants.


Anonymous said...

The Calais migrants have got a good strategy and will keep at it. This will go on and on until something breaks and it won't be the migrants. Cameron must be worried the French will say 'screw this - you deal with it' and cease any checking. Many on this blog will disagree but actually the UK could accommodate 100K or so migrants easily - but for one thing - housing. This is Cameron's Achilles Heel, he says he will build houses - enough for UK residents plus migrants but he dare not do it. Two reasons - electoral politics and the banks. The UK's banking system and economy is propped up by an overvalued housing market.

A good strategy should not go to waste, consider if the truckers stuck in Stack were to trundle round to Heathrow and toast a few tyres. Competently done even the Army could do little. Never mind, Tuscany is very pleasant this time of year, if you can get there.

Anonymous said...

...and the housing, schools, doctors, hospitals, roads, translators, human rights lawyers, social workers, police...and one million relatives of the 100k that will follow them over.

Mike Spilligan said...

Raedwald: Unfortunately people's memories are very short. What happened the day before yesterday is forgotten unless the BBC seeks to keep it going. Cameron won't forget his May "victory" and the way he got it - a beneficial scare story which wasn't allowed to go to waste. I've no doubt some new ones are being "manufactured" right now - and they'll be "oven-ready" just before the referendum.
As to how many more immigrants we can physically take - I suggest that we don't even try to find out in empirical terms. We aren't talking about ordinary people whose unusual dietary habits we can simply "get used to". (Too much to say here.)
On the problem of hauliers; how can anyone - even the most stupid - suggest that having more space to supplement the M20 "stack" is a solution? To make a trucking business pay for itself (let alone make a taxable profit) depends on keeping those trucks moving - not just having a nice place to "park up".
The ignorance of Government and its agencies astounds me.

Anonymous said...

Its not a question of numbers. Why is Somlia a shithole? Or Eritrea? etc.etc.

Cos they're filled with Somalians and Eritreans.

With our suicidal policy of multiculturalism immigration means we are simply eating more and more poison, and it will kill us.

However as Radders noted for wankers like Peter Sutherland this is entirely the plan.

Anonymous said...

And one further note. On Radio 5 last night they had a particular odious shit called Mohammed Shafiq from the Ramadhan Foundation. He and Stephen Nolan were playing the sympathy banjo for all it was worth.

Why? Well for Mo its more dumb Muslims that he can recruit to his cause of displacing us from our own country. We already have way too many enemies within...

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Belgium yesterday after a three day trip via Eurotunnel. The illegals are everywhere. If you ever watch the Walking Dead it's a good comparison.Unwanted people testing the fences all around the terminal.

They then laugh and smile at the tourists as we pass through.
My car was not searched on either journey.Could have made a fortune.

Anonymous said...

What I really don't understand and as has been pointed out above, these thugs coming to Britain for a "better life" on a journey which is hardly first class travel.

WHY oh why then, will most of them [new arrivals] agitate and support those fellow already here shitholists - who want to turn the country into a likeness of the same shitholes they left behind, yeah you know the nation that provides them with shelter, endless benefits and thus saved their arses?

Could it be that there is really some alterior motive, that they have been sent here to make shitholes of the west and particularly here in the UK?

Thirdly, all the talking heads on the radio and TV - that vomit spewing crowd of sanctimonious twats who decry our "cruel authorities" for not letting "these poor unfortunate people" into Britain - has it ever occurred to them who pays for it all and do you think these sorts of champagne Socialists would live cheek by jowl with these "vulnerable" thugs?

Cameron is an amoeba, he wouldn't lay down the law to the Frogs even if he desired it and that would be the very last thing on his mind - all Cameron does, is, wants, to prostrate himself before the Brussels colleagues and kissing arses of the Frog government.

The good news is, the IMF, the Greeks and the Krauts are at loggerheads over the latest Athens-stitch-up.....erm did I say "stitch-up" wow so very sorry, I meant to say BAILOUT of the German/French banks. The Greeks, actually Syriza are in trouble with their own members about the stitch-up, the IMF want debt relief written into any new stitch-up and the Germans will not agree to debt relief in any shape or form, finally the Germans will not agree to a stitch-up unless the IMF is part of the it?


The EU - what a fucking joke it is!?

Joke? I'm not laughing, the only problem with that is, the joke is on the British because admit it, even the Greeks are treated better than us Brits and they know that we love to take it, bent over or lying down and take it, again and again.

Fucked by the EU - how much longer must it go on?

Anonymous said...

correct spelling: ulterior.

Cascadian said...

A mis-reading of the situation I think.

Although camoron is weak and stupid, he nevertheless controls the timing, wording and degree of surreptiitous government support that the EU referendum will ultimately receive.

When the time comes, the lemmings that voted for camoron to avoid UKIP, will likewise vote how they told to by the government.

Anonymous said...

DeeDee99: " a COBRA meeting "

Which sounds very impressive until you learn it's actually an acronym for 'Cabinet Office Board Room A '.

So basically, a COBRA meeting is a couple of chaps and a tea urn in a back room of 10 Clowning street.