Sunday, 2 August 2015

You'd need a heart of stone

You'd need a heart of stone not to feel for Theresa May this morning. Having finished the week with arrangements for a joint article with her French counterpart to appear in the Sunday Telegraph, carrying the clear message 'The streets of Britain are not paved with gold' she no doubt looked forward to a relaxed Sunday.

Until the Mail ran its front page lead on how asylum seekers are enjoying all the benefits of 4* country house hotels with spa pools, wellness centres and holistic grapefruit at the taxpayers' expense. 

I think I can guess which cutting will circulate most widely in Calais.

Oh dear. 

May is correct of course in that this is a Europe-wide problem; even Austria now gets asylum seekers. They are housed in tents within the grounds of a police barracks and subject to strict discipline, disinfestation, de-parasitisation and isolation from local populations on public health grounds as well as being lectured for several hours each day on the Austrian way of life by social workers. And they don't get any cash allowance, unlike their British counterparts. Most can't wait to leave Austria ...

Asylum seekers camp at Krumpendorf barracks


Anonymous said...

A full English on the er... English what's not to like?

Or, a thin gruel of German Realpolitik served up by a stern Hausfrau who trucks no dissent and puts no apfel in yer strudels.
Can you imagine the outcry from the BBC/gruaniadistas and all twats to the left, if we started up, used similar sorts of holding areas?

"Soft touch"

"Soft touch" doesn't cover it, not at all.

It's the welcome package these taxpayer muggers... erm asylum seekers are granted as soon as they step ashore.

Whereupon as soon as they hit landfall on British soil, are queuing up; asylum charities, quangopdivs and flocking too local councils seeking to grant and make substance their [economic migrants] every whim.
It's a whole package and these thugs [have a look at them] looking to get across the channel in these days of instant personal mobile communications, they are told about the welcome package! Yes, they fucking know it and that's part of the reason they flock to Calais and wherever else they can cross over to the land of milk and honey.
Not is the welcome package generous, the more shall we say militant members of these new arrivals can do as they bloody well please and then tell us [Britons] what to do, and how lucky are we?
The forlorn attempt to issue these muggers and to make them carry on their persons a type of formal identity card was booted into touch by the yuman rites industry - the final reason for necessary travel to Britain.

It's not the French who are the surrender monkeys.

It's little wonder that, the French authorities despise, rightly scoff at their British counterparts. British authorities who are as ever, very fast and loose with the truth and play to the British public "we are SOOOO tough".....
And yet, we all know Camoron and his crowd up at Westminster and with them, the whole administration are anything but [tough]. For fucks sake, the glib words roll on and on, the ineffective piecemeal efforts to stem a tsunami of people who do not in any way share our views and with it the massed ranks of the neanderthals of the religion of peace primed to assume their work changing, facilitating the Islamification of Britain. Shitbirds, all Camoron and May do is whisper sweet nothings in our ears....As per usual, it is a cavernous and empty rhetoric but seemingly as yet the British public swallow it.

And we pay and pay and there will be a heavy toll - maybe a levy paid in British flesh and blood.

DeeDee99 said...

We're a soft touch by design, and The British Establishment will do nothing to stop it.

These people are not refugees. If they were genuine asylum-seekers, they should have claimed asylum in the first safe country they entered. The UK is patently NOT the first safe country they entered, unless they flew in.

So not one of these claimants is a valid refugee. We do not need to go through lengthy court proceedings, they should be immediately expelled.

Malcolm Stevas said...

Let's see: Austria is an advanced, cultured, civilised nation, a fellow member of the EU - yet it manages to treat "asylum seekers" in a way that is firm, fair, sensible etc etec by any standards (though on the generous side IMO) and which would raise shrill cries of horror from bien-pensant opinion in this country. That it might well have the desirable effect of encouraging "asylum seekers" to go elsewhere is yet another reason the Austrian approach will not be emulated here.
Despite all one knows about the spinelessness, lack of patriotism, hypocrisy, indecision, indolence and sheer dishonesty of the English political class, it remains a matter of utter bafflement & fury that we seem incapable of acting in our own clear best interests in the matter of illegal immigration.

Ed P said...

I'm a little wary of following Austria's lead on anything - history and all that.

James Higham said...

Fleet of boats required for the return journey.

Budgie said...

Where are the Tory groupies telling us how wonderful Cameron is, now?

He could close the chunnel for 3 months which would put some of the problem back in the hands of the French. He could ship these people back to North Africa.

But he won't.

And since he won't administer our interests in this, why do Tory supporters think he will do any better with the EU, or even the economy? Perhaps they should have voted UKIP after all. Oh, I forgot .... they were too busy listening to the BBC and blaming Fatcher.

Cascadian said...

I admit, I have a heart of stone. Any time the incompetents Maybe and the camoron are made to look foolish-and it happens on a daily basis recently-I am happy.
These incompetents knew that a refugee surge was happening well before April, when the camoron announced HMS Bulwark would be deployed in the Mediterranean. It is now August they had over 3 months to prepare. As usual dopeydave got confused, he thought attending a meeting resolved a problem. The result-panic measures, operation stack, (wrongly named it should be operation piss-your-GDP-down-the-drain) and the expensive and unnecessary accomodations noted in the article. Well done camoron!
The border service is a shambles, the police are loving this and will make Maybe look as stupid as possible, the army are impotent, the navy already exposed as under-resourced. And all because the camorons belief that libya needed democracy. Hand the job to the Sea Cadets and St Johns ambulance, they could have a functioning tent camp at ex RAF Manston in three days, the rest of the shambles that is the "armed services", "police", "border service" with their gold braid and pansy uniforms need to be disbanded.

G. Tingey said...

Meanwhile, British (EU, remember) citizens, travelling to & from other European countries get the "security theatre", treated to x-ray scans & hassle & are generally mucked-about.
I mean. I'm a card-carrying atheist, & a life member of CAMRA & I get treated as if I was a potential terrorist, rather than a booze-cruiser & happy visitor.

cascadian said...

Greg, you have my sympathy, it seems nothing is too petty for the border service except national security which is totally ignored.

Again the blame lies with Maybe and camoron, but you might assume that one of the shiny-arsed, idle admirals or field marshalls could take the initiative and build several temporary camps, field hospitals and field kitchens. Absolute shambles.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Most can't wait to leave Austria ..."

I bet they can't.

And I bet I know where they're headed once they do escape.

When will be stop being the soft touch of the world?

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