Sunday, 27 September 2015

At last! Some sense on Syria

The disaster of our Syrian policy, as pursued by Calamity Dave and O'Bama, is exemplified by the kill-cost for each ISIS member taken out - believed to be in excess of £1m. Just by being killed so expensively the Jihadists are waging successful economic war against the West. If a further 1,000 travel from Bromsgrove to be splattered by hi-tech missiles Osborne will have another £1bn hole to plug in his budget ...

And the US effort in recruiting a native army is laughable. The US is making all the same mistakes that led it to lose the war in Vietnam; you see, nobody is allowed to fail in the US army. Medals for all! This means glowing combat reports and false analysis that disguises abject failure. The US spent $40m recruiting, training and equiping a native army; most deserted as soon as they had some valuable arms and equipment to sell to al-queda, and in the end there were only four soldiers left to go into battle. With sticks. They had already sold their rifles. 

It has taken 250,000 dead and 4m refugees for Calamity Dave and his chums to realise that the war cannot be ended unless ISIS are destroyed, and the West, and the particularly the US, are just too effete and pansy-like to do it. 

Well, it's lucky for us the Russians look willing to take the job on. So Calamity Dave, Juncker the Drunker and Kevin O'Bama can curl up and shut up whilst Putin does our dirty work in halting the tsunami of refugees from Syria. 



DeeDee99 said...

Sometimes, the Devil you know, is better than the Devil you don't

Assad is the Devil it's better to know. British educated; British wife - and running a secular government with minority faiths reasonably protected, by the standards of the region. We should have been able to "pursuade" him and his backers to reform.

Instead, we contributed to destabilising the country, with Calamity Cameron and O'Barmy actually planning to bomb Assad's forces and directly help the insurgents who, we now know, are most definitely the Devil it's better NOT to know.

You really would think the Yanks and the idiot in No.10 would have learnt from Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya.

john cheshire said...

I think that the West should consider re-colonising North Africa and the Middle East; it can't be a worse choice than any that have been made so far.

Budgie said...

DeeDee99, Exactly right. It is this sort of stupidity exhibited by Dave (and presumably backed up by the FCO), that makes me realise that we will get Corbyn as the next PM.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Well, it's lucky for us the Russians look willing to take the job on. So Calamity Dave, Juncker the Drunker and Kevin O'Bama can curl up and shut up whilst Putin does our dirty work in halting the tsunami of refugees from Syria.'

Yes indeedy, Vlad is one of those old-fashioned types who when it comes to foreign policy looks at how it could effect his own people first, then adjusts the mission accordingly. Call me Dave has more than one employer.

As I write elements of Marines Brigade 810 (Russian Naval Infantry) are mopping up in Palmyra and surrounding areas - Putin was appalled when IS demolished parts of this ancient city. In the coming weeks we shall see some shattering door-to-door fighting in various Syrian towns because the Spetsnaz are about to enter the fray.


Cascadian said...

How could the west response be anything but "effete and pansy-like" when camoron and obama are involved. Both exemplify effete (as well as delusional).

While I have my problems with the US fancy-dress generals, it has to be said that at least there is an ability to project force if it was used correctly, that cannot be said for thr UK which now has a near total ceremonial, fancy-dress army, navy and airforce.

The west has never looked weaker, militarily or economically even to the point it cannot control its own borders and domestic policing.

Raedwald said...

Cascadian - a very small number of the US armed forces are excellent, and equal to the best of Brits. However, a far higher %age, perhaps a million in total, are unfit, overweight, poorly educated and ineffective - a far, far higher proportion of duds than the UK. I've known a USAF pilot too fat to fit in his cockpit and master sergeants still unable to write in cursive script. The US military is completely unfit for large scale combat operations, though retaining capacity for limited, small scale engagements of short duration.

And, erm, we haven't let 15m mexicans through our borders ahem.

Cascadian said...

Raedwald, you still seem to be under the impression I reside in the USA-I do not.

That there are duds within the US military is undoubted, unfortunately too many exist in the higher echelons, nevertheless I stand by my comment that properly led they could project power anywhere they choose to do so, the UK simply cannot do that. As an example your best and brightest and all available resources were supposedly closing in on Jihad Johnny several months ago, the story was in your newspapers for weeks, result nothing, ZILCH. Your "military" is little better than a fancy-dress, ceremonial group not much more effective than morris dancers. It was not always that way, I sympathize with former veterans watching the incredibly inept forces of today.

Your boast that you have not let 15m Mexicans through your borders is silly given some of your recent panicky postings related to immigration both legal and illegal to the UK. For the sake of clarity-I agree with your comments, somebody does indeed need to bring a sense of urgency to that problem-will camoron? Not likely, he is too lazy.

Budgie said...

Cascadian, The USA is still fighting the British: it defines who they are.

Cascadian said...

Budgie, I don't think so.

That "fight" would be very short, very one-sided, and very embarassing for the UK.

If you are saying they have no respect for such as the EU plonking non-reaction jokers (rapid reaction force) then we agree. NATO still carries a heavy burden for EU mistakes eg Ukraine, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria.

Budgie said...

Come on Cascadian, I know you are more intelligent than that. I was not, ad litteram, comparing relative military strengths now, or at all.

The USA was born of an artificially engineered rebellion by a handful of disaffected power hungry politicians, contrary to the majorities wishes - as usual.

To secure their position these "founding fathers" invented the propaganda position that the British were oppressors, but that they were the "anti-colonialist" colonialists (absurd, if you think about it). The American establishment are still fighting their war of independence, it is what governs their collective psyche.

American policy was quite openly to dismantle the British Empire. Their current policy on the same lines, that the UK should be subsumed within the EU, has been repeated by Obama very recently.

Timothy Davis U.S. of frakken America said...

"Kevin Obama"

That is one insult I have yet to come across.

That is no way to talk about king putt, prince of the urinated sand trap, earl of the bath house, baron of the back nine, driver of golf cart one, and possessor of pen and phone.

I will not have you insulting the jug eared fuck this way.