Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Killing ISIS

ISIS traitor in the sights*
Commuting to London during the IRA's campaign I had two close shaves; well, one really. It was the bomb on platform 4 at London Bridge that detonated just as I had started my 16 minute walk to the very spot from Liverpool Street; the other was the massive Bishopsgate bomb that all but destroyed St Etheldreda's one of my top three small churches, on my regular walking route. A score of times I've been within 5 miles of an IRA bomb (but then again so have millions of others). At no time did I feel anything other than irritation, and certainly never any great personal animus toward the bombers, except wishing they would stop. When the SAS took out three terrs in Gibraltar I thought 'fair enough' - they were on active service, armed and took the risk, though I certainly didn't exult at their death. If anything, the whole business saddened me. 

Likewise the Falklands. We stood shocked and silent in the bar of the Golden Lion in Ipswich as news of Sheffield's sinking came in; one of our group was out there, with the Marines, so it was quite personal and at that point became deadly serious. But at no point did I celebrate the necessary killing of the poor frozen Argentine conscripts. 

But ISIS are different. This is an existential struggle between good and evil; they are not just the enemy, they represent the antithesis of everything that we Europeans have taken three thousand years to become. They have, in my mind, become just as inhuman as the Jap 'vermin' in the last war and best dealt with by fuel-air bombs, flamethrowers, high explosives and a hail of copper-jacketed lead. And yes, I will celebrate the demise of evey single ISIS enemy - man or woman, teenager or adult, and will do absolutely everything in my power to help my country bring about their extermination.

*Zahra Halane. British subject, who fled the country to become a 'bride of ISIS'


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

If I'm on the jury when the PC-PCs of The Met arrest you for hate crime - you'll walk....

Cuffleyburgers said...

Dehumanising the enemy is an important step on the road to barbarism.

However, I can see where you're coming from but I think we shold be careful not be blinded by our hatred.

It sounds pompous but we don't want to sink to their level.

The idea that they are a systemic threat to us is mistaken although I agree the authorities in the UK and the rest of EUrope seem hell-bent on changing that.

I am deeply concerned, not particularly by ISIS but by the reaction of our governments who are demonstrating a degree of incompetence which is literally incredible.

The real risk to our civilization comes from Brussels, with the complicity of Whitehall. With a bit of help from the twat in the white house.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree that ISIS are an evil cancer that needs to be excised from this world. We should also use any dirty tactic we can to undermine them. I would start by spraying their strongholds with pig urine.
Plus anyone of their fighters we capture should be pegged out on the nearest free range pig farm.

However, I am concerned that Cameroon has crossed the Rubicon with the use of RAF drones for that "wet job".
Why did he wait nearly a month to announce what many would see as him actually acquiring a pair of cojones?

Nope I'm reserving judgement on this one.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"The idea that they are a systemic threat to us is mistaken"

I believe it is you who are mistaken.

Anonymous said...

This is a difficult one...

Whilst I agree with every word, I would suggest that the ISIS people are on the whole, ordinary folk led by mad people, who have been seriously goaded by Bush, Blair and co.

It took thousands of years for the people of that area (the levant) to come to some sort of an arrangement for co-existence...

Until recently, they had two wealthy men, one a Sunni, leading a nation of mostly Shiite people, a member of a slightly leftist political movement that rules the whole area... baathists. The other a Shiite, leading a largely Sunni people. Their joint mission, to protect their family wealth, and accrue a bit more if they can.

Following the west's previous intervention during the post WW2 oil boom, these men (or their fathers') emerged as leaders, and through a process of brute force, arrived at a sort of peace, which remained for nearly 40 years.

Through a new series of interventions by our great "democratic" leaders following the fall of the USSR, a new "threat" was born.

The fire was stoked several times and we arrived at a situation where one of these leaders was dead, and a civil war raged in his former domain, and the other one (who is not his father) has panicked and is behaving very badly in the other domain.

What has followed is entirely predictable, only in this case the internet has enabled the two sides to corrupt a relatively simple argument into something far more evil and far more corrupt, and they have managed to drag a lot of young foreign idiots into the argument too.

Note that the real argument has no solution, it has been raging since about five years after their movements' first leader died. The movements creed is written in stone, has no scope for development, and its adherents seem to be increasing for some really obscure reason.

Now that is the big question! What is it about these people that even though they know that science and rational thought stopped soon after their philosophy became dominant, that they haven't realised that it is this that is holding them back?

English Pensioner said...

The big difference between ISIS and the IRA is that the former don't mind getting killed with their bomb, believing they will be instantly whisked off to paradise. IRA members, on the other hand, valued their own lives and aimed to get to a place of safety afterwards.
That makes ISIS far more dangerous than the IRA ever was.

John Dub said...


Its also a matter of goals. We have managed to come to an uneasy peace with the IRA, the only outcome ISIS will accept is surrender and subjugation.

John Dub said...


Its also a matter of goals. We have managed to come to an uneasy peace with the IRA, the only outcome ISIS will accept is surrender and subjugation.

John Dub said...


Its also a matter of goals. We have managed to come to an uneasy peace with the IRA, the only outcome ISIS will accept is surrender and subjugation.

G. Tingey said...

Almost, but not quite.

This is WWII part 2.

A lot of the sunni extremism can be linked to two men.
One was Al qutb see here:
But, even so, he got some of his start from the then Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who fled Berlin in ... February 1945.

Da'esh ( please don't uses "ISIS/ISIL") are Nazis, impure & simple.
Kill them all.

More to the ideological point.
There isn't a "god", theerfore Mahmud could not possibly be a prophet.
Game over, I think.

Ed P said...

Nothing is quite what it seems. ISIS, like Al Queda, were "encouraged" by America's dirty tricks department for foreign disturbances, commonly known as the CIA. So whilst the truly awful actions of a few religious nutters is rightly condemned by the tame media, the background energy supply plan is mainly ignored.

Cuffleyburgers said...

@weekend yo├Čachtsman You are of course entitled to your beliefs but you might like to explain how a bunch of ragheads and goatsherds are a threat to the greatest civilizations in the world? The greatest military powers and the greatest industrial powers?

Answer - they can't possibly be unless they are aided and abetted by the leaders of those powers, which is unforunately exactly what is happening. And has been happening for decades.

Plus there is a staggering loss of self confidence among the western powers in the superiority of our cultural and political values (not religious, note) and a total inability to articulate the quite simple things that underpin that, which are therefore in danger of being lost as the lefty grauniad traitor metrosexual polical class work their evil.

THEY are the enemy.

Raedwald said...

Cuffleyburgers - you're right of course. In terms of military strength, economic might and industrial capacity the Caliphate ranks nowhere - but in its hold on the mind of Muslims living amongst us it is very powerful indeed. To demonstrate the superiority of our culture, our values and out systems we must destroy ISIS utterly - every day it exists, every day it spreads its evil, its rot, its japanese knotweed of destructive hatred in our foundations, is a day too long.

You're right in that the enemy is within - bolstered by laws that restrict freedom of speech and thought. The fight against ISIS allows us also to buck against those restraints - as the illustration to this post, and previous comments repeating and amplifying the Prime Ministers 'tests' for unacceptable Islamic beliefs, are being used to demonstrate. It is not an offence under any law to preach hatred against ISIS - and that's the point.

Anonymous said...

Every word, I am with you, in kindred, in spirit. We are going to need to man the shield wall, again, things will be rough.

Anonymous said...

When the job is done, when ISIS or ISIL is no more, can we then unpick this bloody tapestry? Gaddafi's armouries were emptied, the contents sent to Libya, equiping the FSA - who were trained in Jordon, by US contractors (ex-Green Berets and the like).

That would be my starting point after seeing British Army LIAI's (SLR) being used by "forces opposed to President Assad". The keen-eyed may also have seen Accuracy International [UK] precision rifles, made in Portsmouth, in the same hands - I'd like to see the end-user certificate for that shipment).

ISIS was not a 'self-starter' outfit. Ask Hillary, she knows all about it.


Budgie said...

Cuffleyburgers, You make many sound points, and your cautionary notes are apposite. But we are at war with ISIS. ISIS have said so, and we ought to accept their sincerity about this, if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald: "To demonstrate the superiority of our culture, our values and out systems we must destroy ISIS utterly - every day it exists ... "

Isn't that the irony of the whole charade? Cameron* claiming to protect our culture and values, does everything he could do to destroy it.

*Cameron, Blair. Can't tell the difference.

cascadian said...

You have lost the fight in Syria,Turkey is killing your only worthwhile defence-the Kurds. Camoron and obambi are still dithering, your only hope is Russia. Russia FFS!

The frontline is now on your streets, Corbyn+Hamas+Hezbollah+ineffective plod in broad daylight.
The enemy will soon be flying Daesh flags in London.(oh did I forget- that has already happened)

Get ready for street-by-street fighting, the enemy are amongst you, your useless governments have no plan.

Remember how four months ago the security forces were pretending they knew where Jihad John was-all nonsense, remeber how the camoron was going to stop the DWP funded jihadists from returning-all nonsense they are back. Today we see pictures of a burnt hulk of a BA plane in Las Vegas with a hole where the cargo bay was-engine fire apparently (your expert government at work), the engine's paint is not even scorched. Hmmmm, who could have done that? Might be a coincidence or bad luck, more likely lies upon lies.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Cuffley: "you might like to explain how a bunch of ragheads and goatsherds are a threat to the greatest civilizations in the world?"

I don't need to, you explained it very well in your following two paragraphs.

You disagree, but then you make the exact points that support my opinion.