Thursday, 24 September 2015

The problem, and the solution, is Turkey

Donald Tusk returned from Turkey bearing an unhelpful message. Yes, Turkey would stem the tsunami of migrants heading for Europe, but at the cost of two things; we must abandon all support for the Kurds both in Iraq / Syria and among the 20% of Turkey's population, and we must ratchet up Turkish rights of free movement in Europe. The cost of our support for Kurdish independence is free passage through Turkey of 1m migrants a year or more. 

Sunni Moslem Turkey will also oppose any moves to leave Shia populations with greater power in the region. As a NATO member, Turkey usefully disguises self-interest behind the pretence of a NATO border; in terms of real-politik, Iran may now be a strategically more superior partner for Europe than Turkey, and a European alliance with Russia to leave a Ba'athist rump in Syria intact and to destroy Sunni insurgents in Syria and Iraq, an act that furthers the establishment of a Kurdish state, with both strands clearly contrary to Turkish interests, offers us far more, including turning off the tap of war in Syria that feeds the flood. 

And naturally, it is in Turkey's interest to keep the war in Syria going for as long as possible. 

So if Calamity Dave and his daft chums are minded to invade somewhere as a sign of action, he'd do better to co-ordinate the destruction of Turkish military capability than anything else; if we intervene in Syria, we're fighting enemies covertly supported anf supplied by both Turkey and Saudi Arabia, unless Calamity Dave does exactly what the Turks want - to turn on Assad and the Christians, wiping them out and creating a Sunni hegemony from the Med to the Caspian.  


DeeDee99 said...

Let's face it, whatever Calamity Cameron does, he'll make the situation worse.

I can't for the life of me see any real difference between being forced to take 1 million Syrian Muslim immigrants or 1 million Turkish Muslim immigrants.

Muslims aren't capable of creating peaceful, stable, economically strong countries because their religious obsession takes priority over everything else. Instead, like parasites, they want to benefit from ours whilst refusing to accept the free-speech and secular legal framework that underpins them.

We should stop Muslim immigration.

Anonymous said...

Wot DeeDee99 said.

Another thing I just cannot get my head around is *why* do EU country leaders want Islamification of their respective countries? Why? Cui bono? Surely if they had visited some of the Muslim shit-holes in UK northern towns, they would see the folly of this.

Coney Island

Anonymous said...

The West needs to get its head out of its arse.

The two biggest problems n the Middle East are Turkey and Saudi Arabia, our supposed allies.

They are the ones pouring petrol on the fires.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Could we perhaps translate Brussels and the whole panoply of the EU empire eastwards to Ankara? Then the EU really could be what it is trying to be, a new Byzantine, er sorry Ottoman empire. The peoples of the East love all that arbitrary power and sudden cruelties. It leaves us Westerners a bit cold, so we could revert to our old tried and tested sovereign nations and try to maintain the old balance of power them. Don't know how that would go down with his Supreme Fearsomeness the Sultan in Washington DC.
Still, no foreign prince has any power in this realm, as someone once said.

meltemian said...

Anything that reduces the Turkish military sounds good to me, for some reason the Greeks are always expecting to be invaded by them again. It's probably the only reason we still have conscription.

Cascadian said...

One is tempted to ask-with what? Perhaps camoron can convince the european rapid reaction force to do "something" rather than always relying on NATO.

Did someone mention Ukraine?

Britain can do nothing worthwhile,camoron should turn his mind to the domestic invasion of returning Daesh supporters that he guaranteed would not be allowed.

Close the mosques.

mikebravo said...

Coney Island.

The reason why is because the establishment is fully comitted to Frankfurt School cultural marxism via critical theory. Read critical theory and all becomes clear regarding destruction of family, religion,education and all the pillars of our society.

Anoneumouse said...

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