Thursday, 29 October 2015

£46m tax lost; Yentob and mandarins must be sacked

There was a gigantic con-trick perpetrated on the British public by the bunch of sharps that were Kid's Company, a con trick that cost us £46m in direct grants plus hundreds of thousands in BBC tax-cash subverted by their boss, BBC panjandrum Yentob, towards protecting the con. 

Yentob oversaw the perfect model for a charity gone bad; secrecy, obfuscation, lack of transparency, unaccountability, misuse of tax funds, employees paying themselves huge sums, waste and extravagence. Indeed, the parallels between the way in which he ran Kid's Company and all the manifest problems with the BBC are too many to be random.  

Yet this man retains his comfortable place with the BBC, as do the idiot mandarins their places with government who bled tax-cash to this foolish, absurd behemoth with its weird front woman dressed in tents of brightly coloured patchwork rags. She is almost certainly suffering under some form of mental disorder and was used by Yentob in much the same way as a barrage balloon is deployed. 

They must go, of course. And without peerages, KCMGs and similar insider compensations. They are in disgrace and are lucky if they avoid prison. 

Kid's Company boss eating lunch


Anonymous said...

secrecy, obfuscation, lack of transparency, unaccountability, misuse of tax funds, employees paying themselves huge sums, waste and extravagence. [/quote]

That weird bird batmanjelly, it was really all about funding her cushily pampered lifestyle under the aegis of helping children, actually she didn't give a flying four X for those kids.

Aye Radders, but then there is waste and there is egregious wasting of taxpayers dosh - out there in quango land - public defrauding of taxpayers cash is rampant and what do the public get back in return for employing hundreds of thousands of Common Purpose graduates?

The Environment Agency,a £BILLION/annum, replete with political placemen lead by a real Nu Lav tosser in Chris Smith and various Common Purpose wasters - it helped all green causes, and to flood thousands of acres of the Somerset levels because of EU guidelines had to be adhered to on the preservation of flora and fauna in which EU green diktats rigorously enforced and in doing thus, they said fuck to what the people needed, ie dredging and pumping, keeping drainage ditches clear.

Government in the UK is now so large, diverse and complex that it is impossible for anyone to manage effectively, let alone by Ministers with no prior experience of management and little in-depth understanding of the work carried out by their departments. Government today tries to do too much, and consequently fails; the structure of government needs to change if we hope to see better value and significant improvements in our public services. [/quote]
Taxpayers Alliance

"The government tries to do too much" and incompetent ministers [think Caroline Spelman [Defra FFS] who reemployed erm............ah yes Chris Smith of all people!

And guess who guides quangos ultimately - certainly not HMG that's for sure, no all these twats regularly trot over to Brussels for their instructions - know it.

Government out of control - Kids company - just one small disaster in a gargantuan public funded fuck up, no wonder the country goes to the dogs - we don't know what we are doing and that's before I mention the other unseen unaccountable arm of EU government - LOCAL COUNCILS.

Westminster, Dave and George - who needs them.... when the real power in the land: resides elsewhere.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

You're right, R, but you know - and I know - that nothing whatever will be done to any of them, and that Yentob will cruise serenely on into his taxpayer-funded comfortable old age, and even if Batmanjelly is too tainted to pop up in some other public-sector sinecure (though don't bet on that), she'll be well taken care of at our expense.

When do we rise up and hang them all?

DeeDee99 said...

Not a hope that the Mandarins will be held to account, although there's a possibility that Yentob may be forcibly removed from the taxpayer teat known as the BBC.

But as SamCam supported Kids Company and influenced Flabby to continue throwing dosh at it, I doubt if there will ever be an admission that "the government" failed to scrutinise how and where public money was being spent.

Anonymous said...

These people are odious, they are the shock troops of the communitarian system... Before they get caught "fiddling the government", they thrive on the effect caused by making people feel uncomfortable about one issue or another. In short their contribution to modern government is profound.

A good way to feel OK, is to totally ignore them when they get on the telly, when they shake a tin in your face, when they send you their expensively produced literature...

There is, however... Another form of Cheridee that exists which is impossible to ignore...

The 70-90% that we pay for the growth and maintenance of the "public sector"...

Just as useless...

Even more crooked....

And apparently unassailable.

Martin said...

In the great film "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" - the clinching line to con cash from a target was always "but I will take it for the children.."
Perhaps the film ( either version) should now be required viewing for those handing out our cash !!

James Higham said...

Well yes, they must be sacked but who's to do it?

Anonymous said...

James Higham said @ 10:45

Well yes, they must be sacked but who's to do it?

Someone with 'protected characteristics' at the very least, because old whitey is persona non grata these days. Ask Matthew Parris, the celebrated self-hater. He'll give you chapter and verse on the foulness of white skinned people. He especially hates poor pale people; a sort of Fabian/eugenics type hatred, circa 1930's.


Cascadian said...

Foolish to expect that SamCam's favourite charity would receive oversight, camoron has his orders.

Dave_G said...

The tendrils will run wide and deep with no-one being capable of giving redress as they're ALL in it somewhere or other.

Same applies to Bliar.

It's an establishment thing. They're good at it.