Sunday, 25 October 2015

Blair begins pre-Chilcot PR round

Bloody Blair's interview with CNN was a carefully timed and crafted piece of Blair mendacity aimed to hit the UK Sunday papers. It also marks the start of a Blair campaign of self-publicity that will include a major UK TV interview, pieces written for the broadsheets and a carefully staged series of celebrity endorsements and 'dag-chaser' interviews with his crooked cronies. It's all, of course, timed for the run-up to the release of Chilcot's report, and is consumate PR-warlock Blair getting his retaliation in early. Cameron may not know when Chilcot will publish, but it seems that Blair does.

The one thing Blair will not apologise for in advance is for lying to Parliament and the British public, to the Sovereign and to the UN, in order to fulfil his illegal undertakings to President Bush. 

Blair, 62, remains un-nominated for a UK honour, although the Americans have given him a medal. 

Oh dear Oh dear
Nothing to do with Blair, but this Lower Austrian teacher is in hot water for an innovative reading wall-aid; you may not know that the German for Hippo and Rhino are respectively Nilpferd and Nashorn. The others pretty much follow the English words.  


Span Ows said...

It would be funnier if there was a noose above the neger. Negro in most Spanish-speaking countries isn't considered racist (well, I guess it varies with how and in what context it is said)

G. Tingey said...

"UK honour"
We don't do spikes for heads on London Bridge, any more, do we?

John M said...

Cameron should give Blair a political punch by getting that invitation to the House of Lords out to Blair asap.

Of course Tony will never be able to accept it, because to do so will mean he has to disclose his financial interests in the register...

Come of Dave, give us a laugh and expose Blair for the snake oil salesman he is.

Anonymous said...

Hippo is flusspferd in german.

Raedwald said...

...auch Nilpferd oder Großflusspferd genannt