Monday, 19 October 2015

Blair a lying little shit - Official

That 'bloody' Blair is a lying little shit has been all but known to many of us for many years - and now a leaked memo from the US has proved it. 

That Blair lied to Parliament, the Sovereign and the British people about having committed UK forces in advance of due process is bad enough - but what is utterly damning is that the moronic deluded fool actually believed Campbell's lies about Saddam's threat, and his self-deceit and hubris led him to believe his stupidity 'would yield regional success'. Lunacy and Criminal Malfeasance in Office. 

Can we arrest him now, please? 


Sackerson said...

I said he'd leave this country after resigning as PM.

DeeDee99 said...

The British Establishment will close ranks to protect him. I continue to hope that someone takes a pot shot and hits the target.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I have no time for Blair, but I'm not sure "he is convinced" is evidence of anything; and "he is with us" doesn't mean he misled parliament, it just means he personally believed in the cause.

Dislike the man all you like, there's nothing here that would stand up in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Life is fucking him, let him [Bliar] get on with drowning in the filth of his own making.

Though, a show trial and kangaroo court, you know like the libtards love, think the farce Milosevic suffered. For "ah La", it would be cathartic for him, one problem though - his pasty grey at the gills face and mad eyed casuistic solicitations would be plastered all over our screens night after night. On the other hand, a big benefit that a show trial would bring, to induce many more people to gravitate to murderous aforethought.

Prawn Sandwich said...

Blair is a narcissist. He was bought by Bush, who understood his vanity driven ego, with the implied promise of the Congessional Medal of Honour which Blair has since failed to collect. These are not Ugly Rumours.

Anonymous said...

Blair should be gibbeted for a month at the entrance to the House of Commons - as a warning to honourable members and envelope carriers.


G. Tingey said...

What anonymous said

Sebastian Weetabix said...

It's funny how no one got upset about our illegal interventions in the Balkans. Or is equally pissed off about the then leader of the opposition who was as big a cheerleader for war as could be found. Or the hundreds of other drone MPs who dutifully wandered into the war lobby against the wishes of the public. Or the spineless moral cowards who populate the general staff and Whitehall. I reserve particular ire for that useless cretin Dannatt who refused to replace snatch land rovers or get more helis into theatre because he wanted to save the equipment budget for his precious (and useless) FRES project.

If Bliar should be on trial then so should the rest of our corrupt, thick, spineless elite. Bliar as sin eater doesn't work for me, I'm afraid.

G. Tingey said...

From today's "torygraph"

Stinking crawling little shit, Blair.
More blood (money) on his hands