Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Tusk - Turkey Walking A Thin Line

As readers who knew Turkey in the 1990s will be aware, the country is now very different to that modern, Western, liberal EU-candidate country. Erdogan's backwards, Islamic policies have put the nation into direct conflict with the rest of Europe - as Polish PM (and rotating capo of the EU this week) Donald Tusk has made clear in an extraordinary speech. He doesn't mention Turkey, but it is quite clear which nation he's talking about - as will be clear in the extract below:
"Many of our neighbours look with satisfaction at our troubles and are prepared to extract favours in exchange for halting the flow of migrants. For us, refugees are specific people, individuals, who expect our help. For Turkey, however, the wave of refugees is just dirty business or a political bargaining chip. We are slowly becoming witnesses to the birth of a new form of political pressure, and some even call it a kind of a new hybrid war, in which migratory waves have become a tool, a weapon against neighbours. This requires particular sensitivity and responsibility on our side."
That Tusk is being candid about one NATO member using its own war against Assad to launch economic war on other NATO members is quite extraordinary. Merkel also feels the edge of Tusk's tongue:
He said "Wilkommen politik" had acted as a "magnet" for "millions" of Afghans and Pakistanis, and said Mrs Merkel needed to come up with serious solutions. It was a "beautiful moral gesture" but Mrs Merkel now faces an "exam in responsibility for the protection of the European political community and its external borders," he said.
Well well. 


mikebravo said...

No doubt a speech written with the approval of Mekel and the great leadership. Merkel must be about to make a great noise about something to show how great she and the rest of the leadership are.
These people never speak out of turn.

DeeDee99 said...

Turkey is straddling the border between European civilisation and Middle Eastern Medievalism and always has. It's getting some belated revenge for the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

It's a Muslim country, not a European one. The two really aren't compatible.

Dean Ditchbank said...

Tusk for Chancellor of Germany. His first act must be to arrest the woman who has set in train the destruction of her country.

formertory said...

Just another tick in the box on the long list of reasons to love the Poles.

James Higham said...

The falling out is sweet to watch.

Anonymous said...

What we call the "European Union" is beyond a joke - it is way past its sell by date and riven with corruption and dissolute in every facet and in every one of its institutions. Furthermore, it will not be long before it falls to a very determined foe, remember the damage the destruction and killing in the Balkans?

Know it, it's coming to a street near you, The Troubles in Northern Ireland when a few Provos kept giving the run around to upwards of 27,000 British troops in NI and it will seem as minor picnic when compared to the next 'party'. Indeed, because, a few small arms, Kalashnikovs and some very determined suicide bombers and there are already here hundreds of fully combat trained guerillas and thousands and thousands of potential - revved up, staring mad eyed recruits added to hundreds of thousands if not millions of lip service supporters.

The Russians know the Turks, they have never liked what they see.

Whereas, the elected national leaders in Britain, France and Germany look at Johnny Turk as some sort of friend but then our lot don't study and read history.
We don't study much these days here in the west and all the while the nutter Imams we allow free rein in Mosques are preaching their hate, the Salafists imbue their poisons, telling their young charges, "Europe will be ours one day!".
Exactly right, for Britain this is, dhimmitude - nigh on fact.

Turkey, is a key facilitator for the Wahhabists of the Saudi pestilence. Vladimir Putin understands very well what is happening to the west and he knows full well who the real enemy is, Turkey/KSA and their satraps, Kuwaitis, Qatar, UAE.............the others in Britain, France and Germany.

Russia, they won't go down without a fight and neither will; the Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Slovaks, to be frank these former members of the Soviet 'Eastern bloc' would be better off in alliance with President Putin and Russia.

We see and can read the writing, the west is weak and it is failing and it won't be long before Islam is established - that is the plan.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but watching Cameron's speech earlier I suddenly thought about taqiyya, and how he's almost mastered it.


oldrightie said...

Russian, Chinese or Australian studies look a good bet, these days.