Monday, 26 October 2015

UN failure as Turkey swamps Europe with Migrants

New Migrant staging camps to hold 50,000 in Greece and 50,000 in the Balkans agreed by an EU/UN weekend meeting will do nothing to stem the tsunami of Migrants being pushed into Europe by Turkey. 

As Russian / Syrian forces reclaim territory on the Turkish border, men fighting for Islamist and other rebel forces will stream away into Turkey in flight from capture. Shedding their weapons and uniforms and donning jeans and trainers, we will see them on news footage three weeks later forcing their way into crowded train carriages in Serbia, or violently assaulting police in Slovenia. These defeated Islamist troops are the 'refugees' that Europe's idiots and bien pensants are eager to welcome into their homes and the beds of their pubescent daughters. 

The UN and the EU need to build more migrant camps, yes - but in Turkey, and to hold hundreds of thousands not tens of thousands. The UN in particular is aggravating the problem of Balkans migrants from Albania and Kosovo by providing them with a staging post on the way to Germany; any migrant camp north of Serbia is a mistake and will only exacerbate the problem.  

We must hope for two things - that the Russians along with the Kurds succeed in closing the Turkish / Syrian border and thus rob Turkey of its weapon against us, and that an early and harsh winter discourages sea crossings into Greece. And we must stop pretending that Turkey is an innocent victim in all this - and recognise her as a force that has fomented war in Syria, is waging war on the Kurds, is fomenting economic war on Europe, and which must pay the consequences. Turkey cannot escape unpunished.  


Ed P said...

turkey's punishment is to join the sinking ship that is the EU

john savage said...

The Turks have had their eye on the ball for since the kick-off in Syria. They must be 5-0 up by now.

Anonymous said...

The Turkish people are not our enemy.

A nutter, called Recep Erdogan and his Wahhabist Sunni regime and allies over in Medina and Riyadh plus Obama and those 'moderate allies' allowing the Saudis to send sophisticated weaponry ie - 500 TOW antitank missiles and stalling the Syrian army's advance against said 'moderates' - and as Peter Hitchens pointed out those moderates who we would call terrorists if they walked about the streets of Londonistan and as you say - they're gonna be here soon. Next, that egregious societal engineer nonpareil "let them all cometh" Angela Merkel allied with the idiot saps, those Kommissars in Brussels with their facilitators in Westminster are: the problem.

We need to actually define just who is our enemy - the Cultural Marxist progressives and Internationalists - of which Hollande, Merkel, Camoron and Obama all sup at that [Internationalist] OWG fount. The Polish nationalists won a victory, it is way past time for the German people to inform mad Mutti Merkel where to get off.

Here in the UK - we know who to blame.... it was Heath the original betrayer, even Thatcher signed up, then Major, Tony, MacRuin, Cameron, Clegg and now Cameron on his lonesome - the executive indeed the administration and Westminster are the enemies of this nation and of all Britons.

We need to and forthwith set our own house in order.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Turkey cannot escape unpunished.'

Ain't going to happen though, is it. Butch Dave, who's taken his face on holiday, wants Turkey in the EU, asap. We're in the grip of forces beyond the comprehension of 95 per cent of the population. It will end badly, which is factored in as they normally back both sides to avoid failure.


formertory said...

Sorry to go back to the Wahhabists, our "allies" in Saudi-la-la-land, but they've obviously decided to play Arab bully boy - a role which comes very naturally to them. Definitely time for them to be shown the door and told to piss off until they grow up a bit. Or a lot.

Perhaps some ridicule of their royal family and hangers-on would sting a little; surely somewhere within the remains of this country is someone sitting on some lovely, juicy scandalous tittle-tattle which would embarrass the shits beyond any possible comfort?

Cascadian said...

Austria's population will not sub-contract their safety to the cultural marxists: