Thursday, 5 November 2015

3m more EU migrants in 2016? Count the UK O U T

Even the BBC is finding it hard to spin this one; what the website is saying, in an item hidden well down the page under news of Burgess leaving Bath, is "EU expects 3m migrants by 2017" 

The news is sneaked out in a Commission Autumn economic forecast - which adds speciously that the increase in migrants is expected to boost GDP in the host nations by up to 0.5%

Of course high levels of migration will always increase national GDP in the short term - but as the UK has found, if the balance is towards unskilled economic migrants who are tax sponges rather than tax contributors, the net result is a decrease in per capita GDP. You won't find the EU commission warning Germans that overall they'll all be poorer in 2017, but that's the truth of it. 

Frankly, if there were one document more wounding to the UK 'stay' campaign, it is this. Eastern Europe has also had enough, and attempts by the EU commission to persuade Austria, Slovenia, Italy and Hungary to welcome 3m economic migrants next year is away in the realms of fantasy. It simply won't happen. It's enough to dethrone Merkel and cause chaos in the EU. 

And one thing is for sure; they can count the United Kingdom O U T. 


Anonymous said...

Net migration to the UK alone was 330 000 in the year to last March even according to pravda. 196 000 were from outside the EU.

All this before the current crisis.

So we can expect 2-3 times as many this year and some 6 times as many as that after?

Budgie said...

I am actually quite optimistic about us getting OUT of the EU. The recession in the EU closely followed on from their sneers about "anglo-saxon" economics. They have, since the start, handled it in an incompetent and vindictive way (orchestrated by the Germans?) which has rightly tarnished both the euro and the EU's claims to economic competence.

Then, as you have already explained Raedwald, there is the shambolic way the EU runs its borders, compounded by the pc attitudes of the EU's political leaders to the invasion by, at best, millions of economic migrants. Europe handled it rather better in 1683, though it was close.

However the notion that Dave is any of: competent; not pc; resolute; not part of the nwo gang; etc is unlikely. So Dave will let in a lot more migrants - millions more - until he or his successor is replaced by Corbyn, who will finish us off nicely. So I'm not that optimistic.

Cascadian said...

"And one thing is for sure; they can count the United Kingdom O U T".......with the camoron in charge of "negotiations", you can be assured the "negotiations" will be a shambles, I would therefore confidently predict that "When all is said and done, more will be said than done" and you will remain in the EU. As others have pointed out a quick perusal of EU Referendum blog will confirm why that is so.

Of course looking on the bright side the GDP will increase just like when Georgie magically included the drug money and hookers earnings. Too bad most of that money circulating will be confiscated tax money given to the "refugees" who will promptly export it to their travel arrangers and relatives so that they may follow them to the the UK and get their free-money. The very definition of a downward spiral.

The camoron's ineptitude might be humourous if it did not have so tragically dangerous consequences.

Anonymous said...

Events dear boy, events....

DeeDee99 said...

Not one BBC interviewer (or any other) has asked the Government what they will do when these illegal economic migrants are given an EU passport by their host countries, and many of them decide to decamp to the UK for access to our public services and welfare state.

They won't even admit that this is a possibility. But the British people have worked it out.

I don't predict that OUT will win - it's going to be a very close result. But the sheeple aren't quite as easily led as they were, so there is hope.

Anonymous said...

'Events dear boy, events..' I agree, somehow I can't see this crisis in the EU being solved anytime soon. Long before our so-called referendum there will be social upheaval of enormous magnitude on the continent, which could well bring down the EU. EU countries are waking up to the fact that when there is a crisis the EU is totally useless, in fact it makes matters worse. We are all better off looking after our own interests and giving Merkel the finger.

DizzyRingo said...

The reports coming in from Germany state: “ Diseases are also reappearing that have not been seen in Germany for years. German public health officials are now on the lookout for Crimean Congo haemorrhagic fever, diphtheria, Ebola, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, malaria, measles, meningitis, mumps, polio, scabies, tetanus, tuberculosis, typhus and whooping cough. As refugee shelters fill to overflowing, doctors are also on high alert for mass outbreaks of influenza and Norovirus"

The media have ignored this point so far but one good epidemic will perhaps wake them up.