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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cameron's A330 - Only if we leave the EU

I really can't disagree that the United Kingdom should have a dedicated RAF aircraft for Royal and State / Ministers use - but only if we are an independent nation, outside the EU. As an EU member, we have no need of such a frippery; our Prime Minister is no more important than the Chairman of the local Parish Council, we have no seat at the WTO, no place at the UN and we are headed by an unknown and unelected foreign bureaucrat.

So yes to Cameron's proposed conversion of one of the RAF's A330 tankers (which can also seat 291 PAX) but only if the 'Leave' campaign succeeds. If we stay in, we don't need it. 

The arguments are becoming very clear that if we leave the EU we gain unarguably in status and global influence and the EU without us is diminished as a world player. Our WTO seat and our place on the UN Security Council, together with our nuclear capability and our place as the world's 5th largest economy, and as leading Commonwealth nation, mean we deserve a State aircraft. 

Now let's please just make sure it's repainted in that lovely dark Royal maroon ...


Curmudgeon said...

Didn't we use one of the RAF's VC10 tankers as a VIP transport sometimes? Is this really all that different?

Anonymous said...

Any such vehicle should be capable of taking off and landing on one of our aircraft carrie...


Anonymous said...

@Curmudgeon - These replaced the VC-10's, and Tristars; but yes it is exactly the same princiole. A VIP fit (probably a decent seat and table, bunk and some secure comms) into an existing airframe.

The Prangwizard said...

No, I think that's taking even 'bitter' a bit too far.

I would rather see him and others in the government having their own plane than having one on permanent charter. And by having his own it could well be argued that it helps him project his and the UKs identity better.

It's a pity though if he is adapting one of the RAF's existing planes; we should be buying another which in a time of trouble can be used as an addition to the fleet. After all nine planes isn't many, or enough.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'I really can't disagree that the United Kingdom should have a dedicated RAF aircraft for Royal and State / Ministers use..'

I'd make the fuckers walk, make them appreciate it was sheer hard work and the bloody sacrifice of tens of millions, over centuries, that built and sustained this country. And what do we get:

England is to be subsumed into European superstate - a demise authored by the Right.

The Englisc will become a minority in their own homeland by the end of this century - a demise authored by the Left.

Treason and abuse of power doesn't even begin to cover what they've done our people. We're toast thanks to these traitors and you think its ok they have their own airliner? Words fail.


anon 2 said...


Exactly as you say.

I assume they want to share whatever they award themselves with their vile masters.

The rest of the time, they think they're fooling somebody into believing that GB still exists; after all, one can't help observing that the very landscape rejects the images of their alien buddies ...

DeeDee99 said...

We all know Cameron only wants the trappings of power and a shiny new plane will help him feel important.

anon 2 said...

True, DeeDee99.

It'll also offer a handy way out when these carefully nurtured crises bloom sufficiently to warrant 'normalization' (NWO/military intervention).

He might even know enough to expect a culling of 'useful idiots' at that point - ---