Sunday, 1 November 2015

Cameron's deal is simply not enough

On the one hand we have a European Federal State, headed towards economic, financial and political union, with its own foreign ministry, embassies, armed forces, in which national parliaments will continue only as bodies as vital as the Minnesota State Legislature, which has its own House and Senate, passes Bills and runs a select committee 'commission' system. Every US state still has some sort of rump parliament, and they still exercise some sort of control over matters such as tax credits, child protection and the State Lottery. On the other hand we have the United Kingdom, with a people antipathetic to foreign control and with all the instincts towards secession of antebellum Baton Rouge. 

As Simon Heffer writes, back in his proper place at the Telegraph, open borders and freedom of movement without discrimination, let or hindrance are absolutely fundamental for the European Superstate whereas we want to allow in the young French professionals who are making London so attractive whilst excluding unemployable elderly Romanian peasants with chronic health conditions who drain our resources so deeply. Currently we can't choose. It's not an issue on which it's possible for the EU to compromise. Dave can't have it on his list.

The Fear campaign will portray the post-secession UK border controls with terror. In reality, with so many Brits in Europe and so many useful, welcome and life enhancing Europeans in the UK, changes will be slow and incremental. There will be no mass forced deportations of 600,000 Poles from England or 500,000 Brits from France. And I suspect that for many Brits who previously regarded the hard-working, Christian Poles with disfavour, dislike may turn to love at the prospect of half a million Afghans, Pakistanis, Kosovans, Albanians and Syrians, not one of whom knows how to use toilet paper, replacing them. 

For me, it's control of our borders, exclusive rights over our fish and implementation of the 200 mile exclusive economic zone limits, our own armed forces, foreign and defence policies, our own embassies across the world and a Parliament that is something more than an obscure State Legislature. And all of those things Dave cannot deliver - the EU cannot concede.

So we must leave, and continue to build our strong bonds of trade, travel, friendship and common interests with all our European partners outside of the Federal Superstate. And yes, of course we can do it.    


G. Tingey said...


A proper complete, signed-off audit for not just this year's accounts, but all the years past where they were not signed off.
And prosecutions of all the corrupt shits who've been bleeding us ( & the rest of Europe ) dry.

I think, if we really insist on that, we'll get "shown the door" - too embarrassing, you know.
Oops, as they say.

DeeDee99 said...

I want restoration of our Sovereignty. I do not want the EU to be able to impose ANY laws or Regulations on the British people.

We can co-operate when it's in our interests to do so; we can trade and be good neighbours.

But I want no part of political union whatsoever. A Trade Treaty is all that is required.

Robert said...

How do you consider that we should leave the EU but maintain a place in the single market on which a considerable number of jobs depend?

Cascadian said...

I believe you have come to the wrong conclusion "Dave cannot we must leave" should be "Dave cannot inevitably we stay"

Putting any faith in the camoron's ability to negotiate or work with democratic bodies should have been dispelled long ago, just this week another example was available for all to see.

While camoron is involved in the process, you lose, simple as.

Elby the Beserk said...

"As Simon Heffer writes, back in his proper place at the Telegraph"

at what's left of the Telegraph, dumbed down almost beyond recognition.

The obits are still the best. That's about it. Sadly. The sport coverage, once superb and comprehensive, is now appalling.

Dave_G said...

Robert - on what basis do you think EU countries WOULDN'T continue to want to trade with us? Trade is precisely what it means - a two-way thing.

After all, isn't this what the 'common market' (it's original guise) was created for?

mikebravo said...

Suggest you begin your education at Richard North has put a lot of effort into answering your question.

westcoast2 said...

Robert -
Are the EU and the single market the same thing?

Would initially EFTA/EEA then via the UNECE be a possibility?

Budgie said...

Raedwald said: "... the United Kingdom, with a people antipathetic to foreign control ...". Well, that's how it used to be. Unfortunately there are many, and not just the standard europhiles, who think that Jonny Foreigner can run the UK better than the British can.

Budgie said...

Robert, We do not need "a place in the single market" at all. What we need is a trade, preferably a free trade (ie zero tarrif), agreement with the EU. Most of the world does not belong to the EU but trades successfully with it. So could we.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'And I suspect that for many Brits who previously regarded the hard-working, Christian Poles with disfavour, dislike may turn to love at the prospect of half a million Afghans, Pakistanis, Kosovans, Albanians and Syrians..'

Why should we have to make such choices, which after all is being forced upon us by a political elite? It wasn't that long ago that we were all 'hard-working', however over the last forty years politically inspired welfarism and incompetance drove millions of the working class from the workplace. Stripped of dignity and life chances virtually eradicted we end up with the likes of Jeremy Kyle taking the piss out them on a daily basis.

When I started my apprentiship at age 15 the council estate where I lived would literally empty out at first light in the morning. If you went back at 11 o'clock all you'd see is a couple of dogs wondering the street and an old boy, going down the road to catch a bus to the local Legion for a lunchtime pint. The number of yougsters like me who were in training to become whatever trade you can imagine would simply stagger todays generation. We had the best training of youth in the world, the best technical colleges outside Germany and the best industries and commerce in the Northern hemisphere bar the US

The politicians import thousands everyday because they royally fucked up this amazing country. We are now a minority in the city where English women once built Supermarine Spifires. A city now with dozens of mosques for a religion that thinks women are chattle and unbelievers are pigs. Going backwards doesn't even define what went wrong in Birmingham. So Raedwald, I don't give a damn what Poles can do because we should be doing it ourselves. It's the easiest thing in the world to import people: no training costs!! It's just what they've always wanted, and got.

Three generations since the war ended and we're well on the way to becoming a minority in our own land. And the politicians want us to celebrate our demise - the one they organized - and if you don't they can make life very difficult for you, and your family. I've seen it happen and I know others who've experienced it. The British Establishment has some of the nastiest people you could ever meet. That's why I'll never identify as British, or 'Brit' again. It's the bullying I can't stand, and that superior "oh look, he's crossed out British and written English on the form, and we've told him the system won't recognise it but he still does it, ha ha".

Mass immigration is for corporations, politicians on the make, self-haters and grievance mongers. The indigenous poor get nothing but a slow decline into oblivion. Enjoy.


TrT said...

We manage to trade with china without a shared government