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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cameron's a fool - but back him

I've summarised below why none of the military reasons offered by Cameron to justify a mini-air campaign hold water; even his 70,000 imaginary friends were trashed by readers of the Speccie when Cameron's Salafist-loving chum Charles Lister popped up there to bolster Cameron's spurious and improbable claims made on the floor of the House. 

However, despite the total lack of any military justification for air sorties into Syria, I think we ought to agree Cameron's proposal, for all the right reasons outlined by Fraser Nelson. As long as those directing the sorties resist any change of direction from Cameron towards the Syrian government - who together with the Kurds are the only reliable sources of 'boots on the ground'  - it won't hurt. Sure, it will put ordinary people in the UK at increased risk from ISIS, but since we're at 85deg anyway raising the heat to 90deg is a reasonable risk for us to take in return for our place on the allied team. 

One question now becoming increasingly relevent is Osborne's attitude to the primitive Salafist savages in Saudi Arabia and to Islamist mafia don Erdogan. Cameron's obtuseness and muddle-headedness on who his chums are will cease to be of relevance before the next election. The real question is what approach will Osborne take to Dave's Saudi chums?


Sackerson said...

"As long as those directing the sorties resist any change of direction from Cameron towards the Syrian government" - that's the point, the oops-my-bad grin-and-shoulder-shrug. I'd have thought that by now ISIS has learned the value of hiding, so who or what exactly are they going to bomb? Help the Russians keep the Turks' planes on the runway and let the Kurds sort it on the ground, themselves free for once from Turkey's bombing.

Even the Mail today says Cameron hasn't made his case, and as long as he continues to hold regular telephone conversations with the undead Blair I wouldn't trust Cam with anything.

Anonymous said...

I feel that Blair's warmongering has made some of us feel that it's a pretty normal thing to do. Bad guys over there ? Invade. Insurrection a long long way away ? Deliver democracy from 20,000 feet.

Going to war is a big deal, not a policy, and it's certainly nothing to do just because your unreliable mates ask you to. I would rather we focussed on the 5th column in our midst.

I often agree with you Radders, but in this instance you are plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

Bomb what?

With what?


We've got to stay away from this clusterfuck of a war.

First and foremost: it is a proxy confrontation between Shia and Sunni. Be advised, when your enemies are kicking chunks out of each other - it is best to step aside and keep the fuck well away.

There are no winning options here, thus allowing Iran and Bashar al Assad to gain supremacy is the best of a bad set of choices and that's what the Israelis think - remember: Putin talked to Tel Aviv before he sent his jets in.

Iraq maybe, not Syria.

Britain, if at all possible should focus on booting out Daesh from Mosul - which was a capitulation of epic surrender by Iraqi forces under the 'command' of Maliki - in fact it is hard to know what was going on there [in Maliki's mind].
Britain, could help to clear up the Daesh dregs in Iraq. After Bush/Bliar's fucking disastrous adventure the whole Sunni region of Northern Iraq was destabilized made worse by Obama withdrawing troops too early and by ignoring Maliki's Shia thugs bullying and murdering tribesmen in Anbar...
For God's sake, that's the genesis of the problem, people movements 100s of 1000s of Iraqi refugees poured into Syria it fomented and has then brought over the internecine conflict into Syria. Then Syria - which was also itself destabilized by the duplicitous western agitation for the downfall of Bashar al Assad - specious, mendacious idiocy of ocean going proportions - our leaders;Barry OBarmy, Cameron the bomber and Hollande/Merkel - are total fuqwits, who are absolutely complicit in this God awful mess and now Cameron wants to pour Kerosene on the fire and sheer insanity to make British forces involved.

Bombing Syria? you've got to be mad. Sit on Turkey, make the Saudis/Qataris/Kuwaitis to fuck off out of it and then...... Leave it to the Russians, at least they've got a plan.

Dave_G said...

Osborne's approach? To bend over and take it as deep as they care to give it.

Situation normal.

mikebravo said...

No point dropping ordnance on the goat shaggers over there when we have a million of them living among us with their apologists at the beeb.
Better to lean on that shite Erdogan and let the Kurds wipe the savages off the map.

PS I do like the Alahu Quackbar - 4tran campaign. Most amusing. I hope it catches on. Ridicule is a powerful weapon.

mikebbravo said...

sorry - 4chan

oldrightie said...

I'm with most of the other comments. Stay away other than helping to quell Erdogan's nastiness. Nastiness every bit as towards the West as anywhere else. That two faced bastard is doing a fine job of milking Barry's Islamic leanings and the EU's endless generous stupidity.

Anything Chubby Dave puts his mind to is an unmitigated disaster. Libya the greatest and the idiot seks to repeat that madness in Syria.

Anonymous said...

Tactical reason postulated: we have kit (Brimstone) that can target the baddies more accurately than anyone else. Ok so we take our quarter squadron, fly them over Syria and pop some Toyota 4x4's. That's about it as far as I can see.


Female suicide bomber > Oxford Street > mid-December evening > entrance to Selfridges. That's the scenario I'm getting from this and as the saying goes they only have to get lucky once.

Hope it never happens, but the multi culti politicians who want a new order out of the chaos they've created are more than willing to see it through to the end - or rather your end. It's a fait accomopli with both nations and nation states dismantled and dissolved as soon as possible. Thank you for watching.


Anonymous said...

Assad and the IS are allies. Assad gets his oil from the Syrian oilfields, which are now in IS territory. He pays the salaries of some of the workers there.

This is one of the reasons why he has tried to attack everyone in the opposition except Daesh. The other reason is that he wants them as proof that those who oppose him are all terorists.

Erdogan has also been buying oil from the IS.

The whole thing is a pit full of monsters.

Don Cox

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

A proxy war between Sunni and Shia ... overlaid with pragmatic secularism / greed / superpower games / opportunistic religious + ideological + power drunk zealots...

Damned business could head off in any direction.... and Dave wants a part of it.

This whole thing stinks whichever direction you approach it from.

20 years+ in the UK now with our public servants ignoring or pandering to vicious + homicidal religious extremism with little regard for the consequences.

This whole mess isn't really going anywhere - but it will consume anybody those that get too close...

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

There's a kind of "cosmopolitanism" that assumes all cultures are really just Modern Western culture with interesting folklore.

That Dave I suspect subscibes to ... This will be our undoing...

Fantana said...

Iran is the dark horse(man of the apocalypse) in this mess. This doc is well worth a read IMHO.

john cheshire said...

I wonder if it has crossed Mr Putin's mind to arm the Kurds with ground to air missiles, to shoot down the Turkish planes that are bombing them? Because that's what I'd do next.

G. Tingey said...

If he hasn't before, he will now!